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    2. Studio Operations and Making Work

      Making, decorating and firing ceramic art.
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      Recipes, clay and glaze chemistry, glazing techniques.
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      Use and maintenance of kilns, wheels, pug mills, slab rollers, etc. 
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      Marketing, selling, accounting, website development.
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      Discussions for students and educators in the ceramic arts.

    7. Aesthetic Approaches and Philosophy

      Critical theory and commentary on contemporary ceramics

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      Discussions of Potters Council related events and activities

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      Exhibitions, workshops, and other ceramic-related events.

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    • yappystudent

      Bisque firing waiting to emerge, with any luck a mid fire in the next day or three. 
      · 0 replies
    • Mark C.

      I packed up my small truck with every thing one needs to demonstrate pottery throwing .I am doing a live demo (11am -1pm at one of my organic market outlets in Mckinleville,Ca as its local products demo day . This is the 1st year my schedule has allowed this to happen.I have. not done this in 40 years or more
      · 3 replies
    • vivk

      Morning all. This is probably a basic question to many of you , but my Chemistry knowledge is not great and I would appreciate some help. Is it possible to change an earthenware clear gloss glaze (firing to 1100 centigrade) to a higher firing stoneware glaze (firing to 1200 centigrade) without knowing the formula of the original glaze. I am sure this question is answered in Digital Fire or somewhere on this forum, but I am feeling a bit lazy to search through- got too much playing in the studio to do!
      · 2 replies
    • Denice  »  High Bridge Pottery

      I hope you find a good job,  I have looked at two different pottery jobs in the past.  One paid by the piece,  it was mostly slab work.   The other was a job to make slip mold originals.  Neither of them paid a living wage  and required a lot of driving.   We don't have very many pottery factories in Kansas.  I am sure with all of the potteries in Stoke-on Trent you will find the perfect job.    Good luck.    Denice
      · 0 replies
    • High Bridge Pottery

      After 1.5~ years working as a receptionist and saving money I have moved to Stoke-on-Trent to find a job in a pottery factory 
      · 5 replies
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