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  1. Soft woods such as Pine releases btu's faster than hardwoods and has a longer flame but for what youre doing any dry wood will do. What types of wood are available to you in Oaxaca?
  2. Plainsman says they have ulexite for sale to potters.. that being said gerstly borate has ulexite in it. Maybe a boron frit?
  3. Hi Sabrina, Sure.. Hobby Lobby, Amazon, JoAnns and many others have bisque fired ceramics ready to paint and plenty of acrylic paints too. Sounts like youve hit a "creative" nerve with your little one!
  4. I would classify this as a cross draft kiln. Using Fred Olsons principals I built a crossdraft. After firing this wood eating behemoth for 20 years ive come to learn one immutable thing. ..this type of kiln requires the WARES be stacked loose at the bottom (allowing more flame to flow thru) and tightly at the top (restricting flame path). this method works better than bagwalls or baffles
  5. Maybe try a sealer first to seal the pores and then apply wax? A good water based grout sealer from Home depot or Lowes might work...
  6. Also Ive found if you apply slip to both pieces and then score youll have a far better success rate . The scoring with the slip incorporates it into the clay body better than scoring one side and then adding the piece with slip.
  7. Hey neighbor! Like Liam said dont put more wax resist over the glaze that sits on top of the first layer. Youll seal it in and thats not good...youll want to remove it which can be quite tedious with such small lines.
  8. The mercury should fume off at a relatively low temp. THAT would be a problem as the old time miners who used mercury to catch their fine gold found out when they put it in a fire to get rid of the mercury and breathed the fumes. They had a host of health problems and had shortened lives. Vent, vent vent. I believe agate is a silicate, am I right? Ive put other silicates in my cone 10 kiln and they partially melted about as much as the feldspar rocks I tried. I have found that if I crush Andesite and add a bit of bentonite it will form a beautiful orange/gold glaze.
  9. The tech I have: electric wheel, giffin grip, pugmill, clay mixer. No no no no. I mix my own clay and glazes and i fire in a large wood fired kiln. That offsets the tech I have.
  10. I talked with our fire chief when he showed up during a reduction phase of the firing . . he said no problem . the kiln was an enclosed fire similar to a fireplace or woodstove and to have at it! envited him to stay and help but.....
  11. So have you fired it at night? When I fire mine Ill get a few embers several seconds after stoking but they burn out after a few feet and thats only during the earliest stage of firing. When the temps rise above red heat there are none.... they burn up completely in the trip thru the kiln and chimney. I actually put a spark arrester made out of metal lath back during a drought. It clogged up very fast with soot and choked the kiln horribly.
  12. https://insight-live.com/insight/share.php?z=K5hHzDs2Kr Ive started using this last year. Its a zircon based wash. I dont think ill ever go back to the alumina hydrate/epk wash
  13. From the new mexico clay website. Brant Palley owner, did several tests on g200eu vs. Custer. Very noticeable difference.
  14. The G 200eu is the substitute for Custer. 1 to1... very close to being the same and g200eu has less impurities than custer
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