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  1. Neither. . Im a dinosaur . Cone 10-12 wood fired reduction. Dont leave us high fire folks out!.... for me its the joy of firing with wood and the friends and family and food involved... Plus (I know Ill get lambasted here) there a big difference between low/mid fired ox and high fired wood reduction in both the body and glaze. For me its hands down high fire!
  2. I used it inside my brand new hardbrick kiln so I really dont know if there is a substantial amount of savings in time versus a non sprayed kiln. I assume its negligible as ive fired other untreated wood kilns and they fire about the same except for the forced air kilns which are way faster. I have been using the zircon based kilnwash HOPING it will speed up the process and last firing I THINK it it seemed to help... a bit, but with a hand fed man powered kiln there are so many factors that it would be impossible to tell. So I guess I could sum this up by saying "It makes me FEEL better th
  3. Thats way too much scientific like for this hillbilly! Sorry Bill... The only way one could possibly tell would be two identical kilns fired side by side and i would assume the time factor would tell the differences. i started using it because Fritz told me it would keep the ash from sticking to the walls. Well.... that didnt work.
  4. Ive used itc 100 and i see absolutely no difference between it and the plainsman kiln wash formula. Both are basically zircon. I can make lots of the plainsman for a fraction of the cost of itc. My 2cents...
  5. Unfortunately im one of those cone 10 reduction guys as this is a 6 ox glaze. If i had the time to figure out an appropriate glaze i would but I use the cold process because it is the look im after and I DONT CARE WHAT PURIST CERAMIC DINGALINGS THINK!
  6. Actually i got the inspiration from a steam locomotive thats in a park here in Santa Fe. Quite an industrial revolution look with lots of screws and plates and straps... sorta like an oboe!
  7. Its a paint with ground up copper then sprayed with an acid that gives it a patina. I dont know of a similar process thatll handle cone 10. This is a lamp base that i sprayed with iron oxide and fired. Here is the process from left to right.. fired with iron oxide, copper paint then sprayed.
  8. How about this? We ARE the ceramic community. Ill throw up one of my cold finished pieces. Either you say yep its ok or you say no not cool. What say ye ceramic community?
  9. Yes you can. I use a Hamada white on top of a temmoku and it resembles a runny oilspot BUT its fired in reduction c10.
  10. They sell a couple of mica clay bodies at New Mexico Clay along with other mica products. https://nmclay.com/search/?q=mica
  11. Soft woods such as Pine releases btu's faster than hardwoods and has a longer flame but for what youre doing any dry wood will do. What types of wood are available to you in Oaxaca?
  12. Plainsman says they have ulexite for sale to potters.. that being said gerstly borate has ulexite in it. Maybe a boron frit?
  13. Hi Sabrina, Sure.. Hobby Lobby, Amazon, JoAnns and many others have bisque fired ceramics ready to paint and plenty of acrylic paints too. Sounts like youve hit a "creative" nerve with your little one!
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