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  1. That seems odd to me. 2 and 7 look to have more belly - is it the height of the slender ones, do you think?
  2. @liambesawmade a video of himself throwing and bravely posted it so we could critique his technique. If you're not shy.....
  3. @tomhumf, will the sealing ring add £5 (at least double your expense) of value to the piece? Might be worth it for something unique.
  4. If you like the look of small bits of different colors, as in the photo of the unfired piece, you could color various "pebbles" with underglaze colors or wedge some Mason stain into the bmix. Nice work!
  5. You could break up a representative piece or two, identify bits with RIOx, and fire them at ascending temps (on a waster slab). Just judging by bisque color is deceptive, positioning in the kiln will affect color, sometimes looking pinker than white.
  6. Kind of peripheral, but: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/proof/id1438546054?i=1000471626832 Has yeast been harvested from Egyptian artifacts? Beer and bread vessels at the Museum of Fine Arts are sampled.
  7. Whatta great idea for those small bits! More details on grid material and longevity???
  8. To avoid any possibility of copyright infringement???
  9. @Babs, in olden days, sheets of mica were employed as small windowpanes. Probably not as expensive as sheet glass, considering it's a found resource, ready to split into thin panes. Also lampshades, as recently as the 1920's and '30's, a mellow amber tone (Frank Lloyd Wright?). Not sure how readily it was available, but it was commercial. I think it has been used for oven peep holes, since it could withstand more heat than glass.
  10. Would you want to fire to ^6 or ^10? Many white earthenwares can fire to higher temps without distortion, although a thinly slipcast piece might distort due to structural imbalances. Mix up a small batch and make some test pieces. It will behave more like porcelain in some ways, but how your high fire glazes react when on earthenware will be interesting. Let us know what happens?
  11. That's great for those kinds of lids, but twisting threaded lids open and closed enough times to smooth gives me carpal tunnel just thinking about
  12. W.H.O. Recipe for hand sanitizer: Mix in well-ventilated area. 8.5 liters ethanol, 417 ml hydrogen peroxide, 145 ml glycerol and enough distilled or boiled water to make 10 liters. Mix by gently rocking the lidded glass or plastic container. Pour into smaller units. Let sit 72 hrs to kill microorganisms. Use within a few days. Says mixture won't smell pretty. A little essential oil?
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