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  1. But Don't Take Orders get them on your mailing list
  2. Does anyone know anything about the huge pair of vases flanking George Washington's portrait before the Senate Chambers? (Where Impeachment presentation is.)
  3. I have a fiberglass stationary tub sitting just outside my studio door (southern California) where the wall is plumbed for a cold water bathtub spout, at stationary tub height , and a hand-held shower head. No drainage plumbed, just a bucket beneath the drain, so I am careful with water usage. Since the tub is not plumbed, but freestanding, I can move it out of the way if necessary.
  4. An interesting throwing or hand building challenge! I'd make a couple of those and price them high!
  5. Also, your chimney stack can be lengthened by going horizontal on the ground a couple of feet before rising. That would get it further from the house. I think Olson or Rhodes has an example. It's what we did on my large catenary so the stack didn't need to be so tall.
  6. Damp at flue exit. Sounds like you're blowing heat out as fast as you're making it, maybe even using too much gas to maintain an even climb.
  7. The fine particles at the bottom of your throwing bucket have been removed from the clay. If you recycle previously thrown clay, replacing those fine particles, from your bucket or with ball clay, restores plasticity.
  8. @Liam V test test test - take notes variables include clay body, glaze application, kiln, firing schedule and/or lab tech, propitiation of appropriate kiln gods
  9. It doesn't sound like you're repairing a broken pot. If you just want to re-do the surface decoration and the piece won't be used for food or drink, there are non-fired as well as oven fired paints for ceramic and glass that you could use, finished, perhaps, with a clear acrylic spray. I would not recommend putting an older piece back into a kiln unless you know for certain what the original clay, glazes and firing temperature were.
  10. If you think the crock pot is the best solution, check yard sales and thrift stores. I used a small tray-style warmer, covered in foil, beneath a s/s bowl*, but the buildup of silt at the bottom of the bowl would soon absorb most of the heat. Crock pots distribute heat more evenly, because ceramic, and elements better sealed. Still, emptying at day's end is recommended, and a full clay pot not as easy to handle as plastic. My new electric kettle heats a cup or two of water in a trice. *on a GCFI circuit
  11. I wonder if the glazes she was using were actually ^06, since she says they're mature. Also she does not seem to have used cones, as @oldladywas asking about.
  12. That's what my daughter suggested I do, too. Makes sense to me. In the big Laguna fires years ago, the potter with an unopened finished glaze load lost about everything but those pots!
  13. You could try packing a layer of firm clay into the talc-dusted mold or mold parts , unmolding as soon as possible to join and dry, if you just want a one-off piece. The rubber will not allow the clay to dry, but might be flexible enough to peel from the clay. Expect distortion which might be repairable because the clay is still damp.
  14. My used Brent C only had the front half of the splash pan when I got it 50 years ago. I've made do with a plastic dish pan cut to sit slightly around and under the front pan. The squared off dishpan gives me a bit more room to reach in and pick up scrap than the close fitting original, so I'm just as glad that I didn't try to find an authentic part. The less water you put onto the pot while throwing, the less time you'll spend drying/undoing the wet. You'll have more control of the clay, too. Slow motions when putting your hands on and off the clay, match the speed of your motions to the rotation of the wheel.
  15. So it goes. Can't blame the pot, but it does become an unfortunate artifact
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