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  2. Welcome to the world of Potter's Choice glazes, Lee! I am currently working on layering with C1, Obsidian as a base glaze with a variety of PC top coats on various pots as well as some jewelry pieces. Photos will follow soon...
  3. Alberta slip was designed to be a replacement for Albany (the Alberta is an amended clay), and probably most of those Alberta slip recipes originally had Albany in them instead. A good place to start would be to just substitute them straight across. I've never worked with Albany myself, but I had mentors that said the Albany gave preferable results. My understanding is that Albany was a tenmoku all by itself. Alberta is too in theory, but in practice it needs some amendments. I think I have a nice amber glaze that has some Alberta/Albany in it. It's a good liner glaze if you're interested.
  4. @Rockhopper It is lovely-the effects vary considerably of course based on clay/firing/texture etc. Their sample pic is consistent with the 'lighter' areas. I use the L&L Slow Glaze and Slow Cool program targeting cone 5. This is another casual pic-it's on a wall next to a regular wall lamp, hence the washout on the left.
  5. The screws on the lower right (pictured) are starting to fall out. So bummed. :/
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  7. Hmm... might have to try the Ancient Copper after all. I like your result a lot better than the sample image provided on Amaco's website.
  8. Have you looked at the layering images on Amaco's website ? Even if you only have a few of the PC glazes on your shelf, there's still a lot of variety that can be created by layering two or more different PC glazes.
  9. Thanks, Chilly. Such a good video. Sent me down the rabbit hole of Leach videos....
  10. no. ^6 reduction on ^6 Porcelain
  11. I do occasionally run into fuses that have blown for no apparent reason, but it's certainly not the norm. Keep an eye on the large relays in case they're running hot. If you've got a laser thermometer, check them during the firing to see if one is running hotter than the others. In my Davinci, I've had a couple of fuse holders totally melt down when the relay failed.
  12. I have always named that spray gun incorrectly.....
  13. It should be totally fine. Happy throwing!
  14. Hi. I have clay that has been sitting in my reclaim bucket for over a year. I have just reclaimed it on a plaster bat and it seems fine! Is it ok to use for throwing and selling work?
  15. Not able to work in my studio, hand doctor appointment Thursday. We also got some of the snow, broke a record from 1888, I hope this isn't a sign of the winter to come. The forecasters said it was going to be a mild dry winter. Denice
  16. Thanks Roberta, Critters and Crickets oh my, my slip up. I'll go back and edit my first post.
  17. mondgreen-ed as, aye https://crittersprayproducts.ca/index.html ...just used my nail gun last week! Was finally gettin' roun' to baseboarding the pantry. Said nail gun trigger assembly had failed, sigh (figures, after someone had said "...that compressor and nail gun have paid for themselves many times over; they could vaporize right now." Hmm.); however, replacement trigger assembly was less than ten bucks. Air is so great (protect your ears and eyes there lassies an' lads!)!
  18. I think it is called the Critter. I get it confused.......
  19. When we were moving my Grandfather into a smaller place, my Dad asked if I wanted the air compressor. Initially I thought, "What am I going to do with that?!" Less than a year later I was using it with a newly purchased nail gun to build decorative columns and finish a loft space in my garage. I have also used it with a paint sprayer. They are indeed a nice multipurpose tool!
  20. Who makes the Cricket? I can't seem to find it on the internet.
  21. Yeah, I entered my bisque program a decade ago. No one knows how to change them except me. Despite this I always check to make sure all the segments are correct. I don't worry too much about the student projects, because I take plenty of precautions with the drying and firing. If they fall apart or explode, there was generally little I could have realistically done. I recently had a batch of Middle School work, and a couple students made what could have been a "bomb". They were thick and barely hollowed out. Despite all this, they survived, and likely tossed, once they got home...
  22. A 3-$4000 machine to process a few buckets of clay scrap every once in a while may not pencil out but if you can get right in your mind that a potter dose not have to spend time and cause body wear and tear wedging then there's that. Also things change, about a year ago I started pressing a lot of tile and now it would be absurd to not mix/pug as I end up with a huge amount of scrap and it would add thousands a year in expenses to just toss. I went from using the pugger every once and a while to almost daily. I also think that as a new pro ya just have consider getting things like this
  23. Two bisque loads to be glazes today and two glaze kilns loaded. Fire on Tuesday.Holiday sales have started
  24. Thanks for the replies still learning and asking. Will fire them separately. Using Amaco PC I have a limited palette of glazes to choose from
  25. Fuses don’t really wear out, they fail because of a short circuit. Hopefully you found what caused them to blow.
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