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  2. Hello, I was wondering if I have a kiln that goes up to cone 6 as the max then would it be fine if I use cone5-6 clay? I'm pretty new to all this so maybe it's a simple answer but I don't want to overwork my kiln ( i don't know if that's the correct term for it). 


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  4. @shawnhar Toothbrush eh! Held between the teeth? SOft, medium or hard bristle?
  5. Too much risk for the average potter. Anything can be done on certain materials but why risk it. For me, 350 max, prop lid one inch, 200 unload (if I am desperate) but not on concrete or metal so the bottom of the ware gets the heat sucked out of it and cracko! A nice wooden area is fine. But that’s as fast as I would push it. Too much work to potentially ruin as well as the wear on everything.
  6. Try and see where you might be trapping air along the way. We often find when folks finish and round out their wedged clay they can trap som air easily at that point without really thinking about it. Wedging is opposite folding something over on itself so a different action to mix but not trap new air.
  7. It can be done, but the design MUST limit the temperature of the air going through the fan. Here is a simple design that picks up as much air as the original and also draws air from above the kiln, virtually no noise, same draw from the kiln and the blower runs super cool but a lot of care was taken to dilute the kiln air with room air,, plus a goof proof vent above the kiln which ensures there is plenty of “cooler” dilution air. Most of these fans purchased run a bit on the “starved” side meaning if allowed to they would pump more air, just the pickup side is rather small so they often run
  8. If you get an inline fan, get one rated for the same draw, around 140CFM.
  9. yeah, it's much more invasive than I would have thought! it's already in the unattached garage, so it's as separate as can be expected. Nobody's working in the building, so the benefit was purely for the ware, not people breathing. If I can't replace the fan, I probably just won't use it. I was thinking it'd be good for evening out the temperature in the kiln and providing a better oxidation atmosphere, but there's no way I'd ask neighbors to put up with that noise for hours on end, not to mention that I'd never be able to fire early in the morning or late at night. I (stupidly) hadn't
  10. I'm getting even more happy about my old manuel kiln outside with no vent for bisque only, after hearing your video. That noise for 8 hours would cut into my music brain. Any way to move the blowere outside?
  11. These look like fun-post a pic when glazed! Are they spoon rests, ornaments, catchalls, or whatever people want them to be? I rarely wedge these days. It has made no difference in my pieces. Not for wheelwork, nor for hand building. When I think that I should wedge, if the clay is not quite moist/fresh enough to just be put to work, I cut & slam, and sometimes spiral wedge it. I hate wedging reclaim so I am piling up the dried scraps until I can find someone to either give it to, or who I can bribe to wedge it for me.
  12. I always drop the pug on the 4 long sides to even it out mositure wise. This trick works very well. Hard clay softens on the drop-at least porcelain does. As my plaster table is 5-6 inches thick it not an issue to drop it on the wedging table. I cut the pugs on that table to size as well with a cut off wire with one end handle free works great
  13. Normal, huh? Shoot, I was afraid of that. Curious if anyone who has and uses one of these has had complaints from neighbors about noise - it doesn't seem workable in a residential neighborhood with 50 foot wide lots. It's hard to believe they sell these things without a noise rating! Having that thing going for 8+ hours.... I'm considering replacing the fan with a quieter inline fan - anyone done this? Have recommended products or warnings?
  14. That sounds normal to me. It's just a simple squirrel cage blower, so not the most advanced blower technology. When they go bad the bearings wear out and they make a lot more noise than that. I couldn't hear it in the video, but if you're getting any additional noise from vibrations in the wall, you could put it on the floor on a piece of foam to isolate it more.
  15. shoot - how's this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/onoAUcoQXLjxw8RYA
  16. Yep! https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNYcVxob74xJp7OsingXLQPDQQU0DAcHckrS38a
  17. It definitely makes some sound, but you should still be able to have a conversation while next to it. It's possible you got a bad one. Can you post a short video so we can hear it?
  18. Just installed a new envirovent, seems to be working properly but it's really loud. Like vacuum cleaner loud. A freebie noise measuring app on my phone put it between 76-82 decibels, and I can't imagine this thing running for the length of a firing, for me and for neighbors. A few questions for the collective: Is noise a known issue for the envirovent II system, or is it possible I have a defective unit? If it is just the way it is, how do you handle the noise? Do you keep it running for the entire time? Has the noise discouraged you from using it? Thanks, all!
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  20. @Hulk Or had a rock source out of which the roasting of produced the co oxide
  21. You won't get all the elements glowing unless it's on high. Get yourself an inexpensive digital pyrometer and a heavy duty (8 gauge) type K thermocouple from Amazon and stick it in the spy hole to track temperature rise.
  22. Have you been firing this as an electric kiln? Have you measured/calculated the amperage draw to know what size breaker to have it on? My guess is it's a Paragon, but I'm not super confident in that guess. Send the pics to them and see what they say. It may be a Vulcan or one of those other brands that are no longer made. If you need elements and bricks and whatnot, I'd contact Euclids. They should be able make elements based on measurements.
  23. Looks like a good design to me. Easy to change die holder, and notched back bar.
  24. Its made in the UK so many here do not have access to them
  25. My modified Scott Creek has a fixed pivot point and a Brent cap so its the best of both worlds. I had to weld the pins on the barrel for the cap change and make a new handle as well. Twist on cap that takes about 1 inch of twist to get on and off so its fast. I also have a straight unmodified Brent (we use a lot of extruded handles here every week). In a community studio situation I can see the sliding yoke be an issue just like in retail with the general public where just about everything is an issue. But in a private studio we never pinch out fingers or get bonked so that why I recommend t
  26. i love my round extruder, so easy to clean. just let it dry and the bits fall off into a small trash can below the extruder. if you do need to wipe it out, a thick terrycloth towel does it in one pass, usually.
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