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    Now retired from 30+ years in behavioral health services, I am back to enjoying and making art. I hold a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I have set up a small, functional, in-home studio, with an L&L Easy-Fire on the back porch. In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing.

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  1. Holy cannoli---quite a project-quite a view-clearly gonna be a fantastic & gorgeous studio! Thanks for the tour!
  2. Recently I mailed out six boxes (about 12" x 7" best guess) and actually got 2 complements on how well the ceramics were packed & protected. All the packing was done with materials I reused, got for free, or created from something else. When I got my Thermal Light shelves, I got a massive supply of Styrofoam and tons of bubble wrap! I use clean former food containers as small plastic boxes for catchalls etc., with packing inside & outside the containers. Great repurposing for all that Chinese take-out I so frequently enjoy! The large Hot & Sour soup containers are terrific for hol
  3. I use the glazes you listed, but I have a fairly new programmable L&L. I do slow glaze and slow cool for cone 5. I single fire greenware (not bisque) on which I have brushed on 3 decent coats of the PC. Not too thin but also not too thick. The controlled cool takes forever, but the slow glaze fire only about 7-8 hours. Never any problems, so far. This is a detail of a wall piece/a fish...Sapphire Float & a touch of Ancient Copper.
  4. Yep--paint scraper! Isn't this a lovely sight. So EZ-this type of shelf is worth every penny.
  5. Just FYI, WIX is $11 a month for me w/the e-commerce features (loyalty price after some negotiation) and Square as the payment processor. With a lot of these website generators that do stores, the pricing is all over the place, but I am good at reverting to my "assertive" Brooklyn persona and tend to get what I need if I am willing to go a couple of rounds with the reps. The offer started out at $63 a month (dang, I'm good!).
  6. She might get jazzed about using a good air dry/self-hardening clay. Sculpy/Primo, polymer clay (none of these are actually clay) are some of the products that can be used easily at home & painted on. Do some online search first to evaluate the limits and possibilities of the different types & what might suit her creative style. Something that some kids like to do is to create a Pinterest account and then they can upload pics of their own work to it, and can find other things on the site that they like, to pin to their boards. Lots of fun.
  7. Hi- On your Instagram thing I got a large pop-up in my face right quick-blocking the page essentially-and honestly it drove me away. On your website, I clicked on Collections and was greeted with a blank page. Even tho you have the subpages for the individual categories, I wouldn't leave a blank space sitting out there. Now, I have no business being critical 'cuz I make every mistake in the book, but, that said, I agree with much of the previous observations about cohesion among the different styles/glaze treatments. That extends to product lighting and photo backgrounds. I am terrible at that
  8. The bathing dish should slope from about .5-1" to no more than 2" in the middle-birds don't like deep water. When I made one for my dad, I joined a cone shaped piece to the underside of the basin (about 10-12") to set into the throat of the column, so critters could not tip the pan off so easily. I did not glaze the pan-I didn't like the slime that coats glaze under water. Cleaning it was no biggie. I glazed the outside of the birdbath with a clear glaze, to show off the clay & the carving I'd done-fancy grooves going about 3/4 up the stand and a few leaves extending out from the undersi
  9. Our New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA-reference John Baymore, and the anagama kiln standing unused (hoping to be moved-that is still a possibility) at the now-defunct Sharon Arts Center) has been swallowed up by New England College (NEC-top heavy on education & business) and is called the Institute of Art and Design at NEC. Ceramics was listed as a minor for a short period after the takeover but the page is now archived and there is no link to anything. NEC abruptly (no notice) spat out Maureen Mills, the extraordinary director of the ceramics program, after she built it up to some
  10. I decided to commit to revamping my head space to produce reasonably refined retail-friendly smalls for the local gift shop market. It is so "not me" it has put me into a tizzy, but I'm coming down from getting dizzy, and am beginning to enjoy the fizzy of checks coming in from tourists buying my stuff, even on a very modest scale. So for 2021, while still low volume, I will be doing sets of herb/plant markers and soap dishes & other serviceable items as well as targeting decor for seasons/holidays. To the extent that I can curb my rough & tumble free-form style & harness the wi
  11. LeeU


    The simple kinda Zen-like form w/the flared shape & the coloration( !)-the ebony wood black w/the eggplant purple w/some speckle is gorgeous,. Mostly the overall "vibe", which is like a refreshing frozen scraped ice treat on a hot day. Since you asked.
  12. LeeU


    lordy that's lush!
  13. I use Ancient Copper a lot and it is gorgeous at cone 5/6; I single fire and slow cool. I did the cone 10 experiment in a wood fire once and it was just plain ugly-not even a decent looking brown. I only did the one piece tho, so it is still worth experimenting with. This wall piece is electric cone 5.
  14. Thx-that's what I was hoping to hear.
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