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      Making, decorating and firing ceramic art.
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      Recipes, clay and glaze chemistry, glazing techniques.
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      All things related to mold making and slip casting ceramics.

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    • Min

      I put a huge bowl of water out at the edge of our driveway during the summer for dogs out for a walk. Went to change the water just now and somebody has stolen the bowl. Hmmm, back to using a bucket rather than one of my bowls. 
      · 4 replies
    • RLC

      If I put some Iron oxide wash on a bisqued pot without glazing over it, would it stick after cone 6 firing, or might it come off and leave marks on your hands?
      · 2 replies
    • ZAN Ceramics  »  Kelly in AK

      I just read your message on firing to avoid pinholes and bumps in cone 6 and you mentioned a drop and hold firing schedule and showed a beautiful mug. I’m holding for 20 minutes at the highest temp and it looks pretty good but wondering if you suggest dropping to ? temp and Then holding? Hold for how long? Thanks!!
      · 1 reply
    • DB1111  »  Jawpot

      Hi Jawpot,
      I am trying to decipher from the posts the end result of outcome of the legal aspects discussed in making your own lamp and selling it in a retail store.
      Long story short,  I have made some really cool lamps, handmade out of a resin base, with a e26 socket with cord I bought on Amazon and a Frosted lamp shade.  
      I local shop in my town wants to sell them.  I am trying to decide or figure out if I can do this or if it opens be to a lot of liability and law/code breaking issues.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated?!  
      Also, I noticed you mentioned you spoke to an attorney, would you be able to refer to this attorney if I need to get further legal advice?  Thank you in advance  for any response you can give.  
      · 1 reply
    • JohnnyK

      Got half the farm planted...hope to the rest planted by the end of this week with the cooler weather...then more time in the studio!
      · 4 replies
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