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    • JohnnyK

      I think the new format of the "Recent Posts" section leaves a lot to be desired. In some instances, the subject of the post can take up the entire section where we might get 5 answers to a question rather than 5 questions as it was before.  Many times, we are told that the changes are supposed to "make things EASIER for us". I don't think that is the case here...
      · 2 replies
    • oldlady

      just looked up and there is SNOW racing down on my beautiful daffodils!  time to light a fire for the evening.
      · 0 replies
    • Hulk

      We made it all the way to our new town* ok this last Sunday.
      Most all our stuff is in storage whilst we stay with our Son and look for a new house. The movers left my wheel and a box of clay near the front, so I might set up to start making greenware** if I get bored, heh. ...no idea where my ribs, sponges, stick, chamois an' all are. However, this town has what appears to be a fully appointed Ceramic Supply store! !! It's open on Tuesday and Saturday, I want to go to there...
      This was a nice space to work in.
      That big window supplies a lot of light.
      Lots of shelving, just enough counter space.
      The next space, I'll need some heating/cooling, for it gets both hotter and colder here than Los Osos...

      The back yard was coming along.
      Just about everything needs a pruning.
      I hope the new owners keep it up and, And, keep the bird feeder full...
      There are many of the same small/songbirds here in Chico. Interesting that the House Finch here has a slightly different song than those in Los Osos.

      *Chico, California
      Where IMCO is just over a hundred miles away; I'll be able to make a clay run on little more than a whim!
      **I'd smashed a hundred fifty plus hours of work into buckets for reclaiming later on.
      · 6 replies
    • Denice  »  High Bridge Pottery

      We had our computer bite the dust on our trip to Galveston TX,  we paid the computer tech  $100 to unload our old files to the new one.   I had all of my glaze formulas printed out and in a binder in my studio,  my husband hadn't saved anything.    Denice
      · 1 reply
    • High Bridge Pottery

      Back up your files! Woke up this morning and my whole computer had gone! Luckily I had a backup, not sure why it decided to delete itself.  Seemed to be an error in reading the NVMe drive but still got my heart going.
      · 0 replies
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