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  1. If the pots centers and throws well staright on wheelhead with NO BATS USED then its a bat issue. Try that first then you will know.
  2. I have never leveled a wheel in my 45 plus years. I do make sure its not rocking -my old studio floor was way out of leverl and I made 35 years worth of production on that floor with an unlevel wheel. Not sure whats all the level fuzz is about?
  3. In all regards Pacifica wheels are a lesser product-so yes to that question
  4. What cone do you fire to o8?Have to belive it makes it thru a glaze fire.What is the clay body?? you could switch to boat plywood -there are a few choices but most haane mahogany as a skin outerside which will not be prone to mold or wetness issues.Ash and birch are not good wet choices.
  5. It needs to be mugs not tiles for sure. Tiles will not dunt the same as your mugs. The form is the part of the issue in dunting. you should not sell any pots until you fix this issue selling defective pottery will kill you in the long run
  6. yes just rebisque and all will be well again
  7. 90% of dunting in high fire is body issues-cone 6 issues often are glaze issues-testing is needed before you sell your products as dunting is really bad news for any customer.
  8. Thick multiple liner glazes may be stressing out your clay body. you have two choices the way I see it -0usually dunting is a body fault and you need to change bodies but maybe in your case your to thick and to many interior glazes may be the issue You need to test a thinner single applacation liner abnd see if this dunts if it does you need to change clay bodies
  9. Looks like a cone 10 glaze outside and inside glazes separately .
  10. You have ann old controller the one photo does not show me anything? The cover photo shows me its very old by the switch on the front.Not a;ll brent contollers have transformers so do not sweat that-I would call Brent for any detaols you may need.
  11. My guess is the outside glaze is a high manganese content glaze-looks like one i use.Tom Coleman published the recipes in glaze I use.
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