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  1. Same house for 47 years -same job- no kids. Wife (1st) for 26 of those years. staying home all day-been working on boat-firing an electric bisque-gas bisque was yesterday -Big glaze clay week staring Monday.Going to be in garden today as well-corn is 6 feet tall now.
  2. Usually that means an electric (I call them trash can kilns as they are round like trash cans)
  3. The inchs per pound are 7 inches =1/4 pound-so you can work that up if needed.1/4 pound is what house natural gas pressure is =7 inch water column . The home appiances step it down from their like water heater or gas range. Those burners are one of a kind homemade-they do have a pilot burner which is great they also had a pilot lite (the small tube is missing) valve. Sounds like you are repairing them. I would try the burners-how big was the kiln they came from (that I sent you the info on )that you took down(I forgot that info as it was to long ago) You have zero to loose trying them except a few $ and some time. I would try them and see what they do.
  4. I'm working in clay every other week-I thought about full time when the tourist flooded our county two weeks ago and orders spiked but then I though I really like the exrtra time off. So I'm sticking to the downsized schedule.I can always say no to any new business which I have been saying for some time.
  5. Since 1973 I have done a 4th of July show. I started as a young pup on the street (20 years old) with a few boxes and a batik cover(no table).hawking my wares. This year no shows so I wll have leisurely morning with coffee then work on the boat bottom paint job. A friend caught a Halibit today and is dropping some fish by in am and I'll BBQ it along with the rest of the country .I get to experience a 4th without selling pottery-its been a good 47 year run. I also realized this may be my last 4th of July show.I'm getting burned out on that 1 day show. The best thing about the show is it tells me what inventory is in the van and what I need to make for my best show of my year in a month from then in early August.I could unload the van skip the show and do the same thing or unload make some $ and know and do the show and see whats needed. I'm on the fence right now for next year.I have some time to think it thru.Meanwhile its quarantine whileas other have said.
  6. Cut out at bottom is fine as long as you have a chimney -You do not give us enough info to help much If the chimney is tall enough it will draw fine. I think what maters more is the flow needs to go up then down no matter where the flue is. That means the flue is in bottom -wether the chimmney is inside kiln or outside.Often turning gas down is best as many think blasting more gas makes for more heat.
  7. Jed my small 12 cubic updraft runs on six small venturi burners-the final pipe size is 1/2 inch-I think your two burners will work fine for 13 cubic foot. Thats a small kiln. I would try those 1st as you own them-do you some height with a chimney to make for some draw? I'm now confused -you own power burners or venture natural draft burners? can you send me photo of yoiur burners?
  8. I was a partner in a slip cast business for a decade. We had the master mold made professionally they made the working molds ourselves as needed. We made 5 inch aroma therapy diffuser lamps-about 1,000 plus a month. We had a few employees as well.The molds where 3 piece.Wew produced them for national company in the herb business Frontier Naturals- Aura cacia. We shipped out more lamp than I could ever recall-made with in porcelain to cone 10. You learn a lot about slip casting in a short time texture is no big deal as lomng as it not to rough or has undercuts. Laimsaw said anything can be cast but the molds get very complex with lots of undercuts-thats my point-the less undercuts and tapered holes the easier the molds are. working with a 4-8 piece mold ios way harder and slower than a two or 3 piece mold. The more pieces the more lines to clean up and that takes time 500 in not a huge run and you may get all 500 before the molds wear out (yes they have a limited life)
  9. You can deck over the load with top shelve on the topo empty up high until this flaking stops-it will keep the stuff off the pots.
  10. I thought that you where getting higher presume-thats what the less than 2 inch pipe run was about? I'm confused As to the hole size-Do you have spare orfices/ I would drill the smaller and work up if needed. Hpw long ios that pipe run and what size pipes is it?
  11. Fire with cones pyrometers are just a guide as Neil says-Where you doing reduction firing-if so maybe to much reduction which can cause bubbles .How long was the fire in hours?Cone 6 gas firing you say?I recall your space age kiln.
  12. Your form looks fine except for the undercut lip-undercuts are problematic with slip casting. Our to there is no way to get the mold out of that undercut.You could attach the lip as a separate unit after the main form is cast. That is slip cast the lip and the form and attach them after they come out of molds. Molds work best with zero undercuts a redesign may also be easier-if you can have tapered walls instead of straight that will help as well on those botton holes. tapered walls release so much easier than straight walls. This will be a many piece mold There are a few mold companies out there to make your master molds-thay can guide you thru this.No sure where on the planet you are located-welcome to the forum .
  13. I pulled down Phils book from the shelve and took a look at his kiln design. I strongly suggest biuld a gas kiln or a wood kiln-not a hybrid. Pick your fuel and go with that. The book shows the build very well I have a few questions -do you have enough bricks on site? and are you going to mortar the bricks or just lay them up dry (most of my kilns are made that way to reuse bricks) do you have the right arch bricks? Do you have the steel for kiln supports? I could talk to you about this and look at your photos-I do no want $ but should add I'm really busy right now with projects if its just a little guidance no problem
  14. My guess is everything about those China wheels is lack of quality. More toy than wheel.
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