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  1. I do have an old creative industries wheel-I found the perfect use for it next to my Brent wheel CXC throwing wheel I was cleaning my shop after xmas in my year end shop cleanup and here it is well some of it-turns out a potter i knew moved away and gave me this table-no motor or controller or wheel head but a really solid table top and stand. I usually have it 1/2 loaded with bats and its where I put my clay to throw for the session next to me. The thing about the CR wheel and its really an old 1st generation wheel is its been trouble free the whole time no adjustment needed a
  2. Why Dick That a BIG wide open Rumor. Everything is bigger in Texas, all kidding side I had a good talk a few years ago with Laguna clays (now retired)clay guy and old friend John Puccini He at that time said large chemical companies where buying up small ones and closing them down if the products competed -it its the classic condition in this country where its all consolidated and the price goes up with zero competition. Heck Laguna started this trend in our field 20 years ago buying up competitors . Like Axner and Stuart materials as well as the stilt post company(I forgot their name j
  3. I would have offered 300$ and driven right over to test or gone to test then make the off as anything pottery sells in mere moments especially wheels and kilns in working order. In our area no pottery equipment now as its the same across the country with covid raging That wheel looks to be very late 70s or early 80s-if it all works and has not been left outside 300 is fair Be ready to roll next one you see.
  4. he sells them-call him and he will tell you what size you need as well. On the kiln id plate is the info he will need so have it handy http://www.wardburner.com You just need the screw in brass orfice at ned of gas flow. You can also drill yours out with a ltter drill size ig ward tells you thats as well.
  5. I have used the slit and the non slit chinese shevels and they have never held up. They warp and carck at cone 10. I consider them a waste of money except as top covers in the salt kiln. There they die a honered death
  6. Oh come on private ship charges nothing for this if they can get some treasure out of the trip. He matey whats in it for us. Just explain the nice wether out west now compared to the east?How many weeks to sail around the horn on that shipment? Its blowing 40 here now with snow down to 1,500-power is out (not for us) but about 2,000 around us. Big wind storm and when the rain hits it will be snow very low.
  7. The two suppliers are Bailey (they sell the German models with more rounded corners) or Advancers sold by Kilnshelve.com They are extreemly similar products so price may be the only thing that drives you to choose one over the other.
  8. Her zip location is in New Jersey looks like the pup mills are made in Ohio
  9. This is your easy out answer (but I was using a porcelain previously with some of these glazes and had significantly fewer problems )
  10. Yes brown clay will make any rutile glaze have even more issues with outgassing bubbles-good call Min
  11. I also use an electric hot water kettle for hot water.Works fast and is plent volume wise for throwing
  12. ( I think around 1400f, I'll have to check) Yes about dull red heat. I use a long stainless metal 1/4 cup in a piece of rebar to fume the salt kiln.
  13. The glaze is looking to thick especially in bottoms which will worsen the issue. Rutile gazes never are easy or that dependable . The best you can do is make sure you hit all the points .
  14. Just finishing tax prep for the tax account and waiting for a few 199s from investments I still have a few large 4th quarter payments that are owed me from a few stores-and I'm thankful, they count in 2021 income as everything in past January is next years income. Looks like sales believe it or not where near the same as last year-maybe about 5% lower overall(if I counted the 4th quarter payments owed still I'm up in sales about 10%). Thats with only one show (my xmas private show I do outside in town past 40 years) All my other shows where cancelled. What saved me was a hu
  15. Tom (a blister with a raised rim) I call them innies and outies the innies sometimes you can live with as they fall back on themselves-the outies never as they are sharp Since I use about 400-500#s a year of rutile dry glaze I see my share of this stuff
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