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  1. Glaze day-or should I say one of two glaze days-the beat goes on.

  2. A diver friend gave us some fresh live Dungeness crab yesterday-From a safe 20 feet away. I backed it and steamed it with fresh baguette and hot butter with salad and milk. Yum- we may be isolated but are eating well sorry image is flipped
  3. I would add that know one knows how long this will affect us and how it will all turn out. I'm on a board that puts on a local art show in later Sept. We sent out a notice with application on the 1st that we have no idea whats ahead and basically play it as it goes-show could get canceled at any time .The world is on hold and that pause button is on for a unknown amount of time. That all said its very likely that 2020 is a no show year as Neil said above. The other thought is say its now open to go out to a show (whenever that happens)-who will want to? Will it be risk free? As an artist do I want to travel to a distant show and have a low turn out with all the effort . So thats now also a consideration for us artists. The future is sketchy for sure . No matter how this goes down we are in a recession for sure just how deep and how long. Time to make small stuff as I have said before in down times.
  4. I'm on medicare but am not yet drawing Soc security but I do get that it funds theses services.
  5. All your eggs are in one basket as they say. I would try to spread iour sales into several markets so when one falters you are some fall back ones. One show outlet is way to narrow. I like a mix of three myself -my own retail (art shows) web or e-mail sales ,wholesale and consignment. With this shut down the wholesale at the organic supermarkets has been a blessing as all art shows are toast now as well as gallery sales are all closed down.I do have a gallery that is doing web sales of my stuff now.
  6. Build a wood platform with rolling castors-get two of the 4 castors that lock. Done deal.
  7. Wow I have been paying in with self employment tax yearly most of my life (45 years) and I can get some back-now thats news.
  8. Some work is better than none-You should contest that ruling as its a mistake.Our state has a covid deal with unemployment I heard
  9. Ok not on my workbench yet -but really the do not fit on any workbench. Todays greenware load-just loaded at 7pm and candling a few hours. This is one and a 1/3 glaze load-stacked to the moon with most forms full of other forms.Some tumbled stacked large platters and rectangle footed sushi dishes on top .I still have one more bisque like this one to do in a week as well. Most is a future wholesale deal-no matter what the world is doing I make pottery -its what I do.
  10. One thing that has popped up this week is more than usual one off small orders mostly mailed out a few UPS .They are coming thru e-mail or phone calls. Like today a call came in and I shipped out a garlic keeper to San Diego via usps all thru texting today as that was her prefered way to comunicate . Some like e-mail some want to talk. Two huge mugs (36-42 onces) this week as well to far away places. Yesterday my local gallery called (they are closed) with a customer wanting a 8 square plate set and was wondering if I stocked that? She also said the gallery was closed but my pots where the only thing still selling mail order from them-I felt good about that news. Folks still want stuff and they are finding ways to find it. Since travel is out they are calling and texting and e-mailing. I try to never use my personal cell phone # for business as I need a firewall from customers is some areas of my life. My cell phone is one of those walls My wife hates business on the weekends when customers call I the am. On the land line.Slowling this is dissipating over time.It still happens-They call at all hours (I have said many times customers are clueless). For example I got a call a few days ago asking if I sell cones . Because the local ceramic shop is closed (they still have a pick up service) but you have to leave a message.I often get calls on clay or lessons or can you fire out stuff.
  11. My thought is the gun get clogged as Neil said above-big mess-but water based wax and boiling water will clean it up.
  12. I have had tons of greenware moving experience -I get a small delivery twice a month from about 6 miles away of greenware. Sometimes I make the run. Been at this for many decades now- I used to move 500 slipware lamps a week in the 90s for a decade as well-again about 7 miles Here is a how to-1st we use ware boards to put the pots on Small thin wood boards or square pressboard bats and move them in my pickup truck bed or van or a mini van-all with flat surfaces-use towels to lever the seats out or the floorboards. Most of the surfaces in thes vehicles are flat. You can stackmplates two high (no more) but pad the plates inbetween with plastic bags (like those from food stores). Mugs are best put with wider lip down depeding where the handle is . The idea is kep center of gravity lower.If yoiur cups or mug has a small foot flip them upside down if the foot is larger than set them upright. The key point is next-put the board in car fill them with pots then drape a heave towel -like say a bath or beach towel over the entire board or board if sitting next to one another. I have usewed sheets in a pinch All pots are draped (covered) with heavy towel-this is a KEY POINT. Next drive slow-I may need to say this again DRIVE SLOW-take corners like your newborn in on back windowsill. slow for any rough spots like you have old unstable nitro glycerin in trunk . Think fragile during whole trip-take it slow-avoid speed bumps-jackrabbit starts and MOST important is do not watch any film called fast and furious the night before (I have never seen any of these myself) avoid traffic circles and if you cannot take at slow speed -also stop slowly and start slowly-remember nitro in the trunk Only broke a few items in 30 years of this madness. since you only have a few pots(30) this should be a piece of cake
  13. I have a few of these IR thermometers myself -mainly for trailer bearings on the boat axles while towing-good for spot checks but as Neil said a fixed gauge is so easy to read just using your eyes . no need to hold up or put away anything.
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