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  1. You can adjust the sitter as well along with witness cones-read up on dawson sitter adjustments. Also its not that critical for biquing to have some variation .
  2. make the models from wood on a wood lathe-seal them and then cast them in plaster.
  3. Every year I look back at kiln fires and compare to the previous year. My gas kiln glaze fires are as follows 2018 -23, 35 cubic foot glaze car kiln loads-downdraft 2019 -23, 35 cubic foot glaze car kiln loads-downdraft 2018 -27, 12 cubic foot glaze fires in updraft 2019-29, 12 cubic foot glaze fires in updraft looking at sales- Sales where up 30% for 2019 over 2018 All sales out of county are way up. I'm doing more wholesale these days less consignment and the same amount of retail myself. The reason consignment is down is the two outlets I have pots in (past 25 plus years) are local and the downturn in the local economy due to marijuana legalization in our state (humboldt county) hit this county hard and sales are off with all brick and mortar as well as grocery and eateries within our county this past year. Illegal Pot farming is one of the major money makers here the past 35 years and was hammered when pot became legal . I know a few other potters my age and experence and this more wholesale these days is true for them as well
  4. This is a opportunity -You could start a Clay DNA business where folks can send in thier fired clay and get the full history like the business model thats exploding right now with human DNA. Great time to get into the business-Just lket me know where to send in my bricks
  5. In a perfect world the answer is yes you are a business . If this was a one off you may view it as a like a yard sale but since it sounds like the Etsy gig will continue you should check with your state (you did not tell us what state you are in)-collect state sales taxes and report the income on your return .Getting legitimate is a good thing. If you sold this pottety for cash as the farmers market my advice would be different. Your sales venue is all above board so you should be as well.
  6. I have used quicken forever (early 90s) and tweaked it big time to fit my full time pottery and part time dive business.I bought a quickbooks mac version long time ago of Quickbooks to switch over just before Intuit they pulled the plug on Mac support. Years later after Macs took of with I pads etc they (intuit) came back to Mac versions but that left a bitter taste-I am still on a 2007 quicken version on my 27 inch large Mac desktop and just bought an old version (new disc) of quiken 2017 -no monthly fees when I have to upgrade that Mac past El Capitan operating system . Sometimes its best not to fix it if its not broke. You need to think ahead in this world of software. Crafty is something I am going to avoid -lets see if its around in 10 years Not going to the monthly pay plan-cheaper to keep my old Mac for accounting only if needed. Same thing has happened to Lightroom the best photo editing program there is for us underwater photo folks. I have the program licked as well so the learning curve is long behind me. I do not need any online services connected to the software as well so it really pretty simple for my accountant
  7. My kiln was next to a dry wooden redwood wall with a bunch of 1/4 inch glass and assorted metal sings for 40 plus years without a hint of toasted wood.It was about 8 inches from all with the rest of stuff behind it. The tile backer board especially held off an inch or or 2 or 4 makes for no fire and a very safe surround . The rest of the fire rated wall story is as I mentioned in my 1st post -for most garages attached to homes and that code is clear . Most put kilns in existing buildings where codes have already been meet so wrapping in tile backer just improves safety -adding to ceiling is also a good idea..Really this thing is all about common sense. I have only heard of one fire from an electric and they placed it a few inches from a plywood wall. The wood was smoking hot and caused the smoke detector to go off in a basement. That was all the fault of the owners. They got to it before flames started.-Again common sense. Kiln instructions give enough info for 99% of consumers to figure it out.
  8. This is why I suggested holding the sheets off the wall 4 inchs with a copper pipe shim. Most one hour wall products are in relation to the attached garage wall which needs to be a one hour fire wall in many localities. The hardi plack held off a surfave works well to abosrb heat and not reflect much thru the backside if enough air space is there.Four inchs is plenty .
  9. I would pursue the Alfreds as a 1st choice as that paper chase has the most clout still in my view if you want to teach at collage level ,remember all things equal in a job interview the place of your degree will stand above the others-second choice schools all depend on facilities and instructors. If the facilities are great but the instructor is just coasting in their career ( many get to that place in acadamia-sorry but it true) than thats no good for you. The best teachers have the passion and fire so talking to them is key point on checking out schools and talking to others. At one time Seattle had a great program but nowadays I have no idea. Most programs have shifted to sculptural away from functional-I feel you need both and many do only the making of art. You do not need to go to collage to learn how to open a jar of pre-made glaze and apply to low fire sculpture. Many an local art center can teach this. I at one time planned on going to Alfreds after I got my BA in art and was told to take a year or two out and, well making pots for a living got into my way of that-never looked back or wish I had gone that route. I also was not bent on teaching as my whole family were teachers at that time. I had no plan as you seem to have so do your research 1st before committing .
  10. Hardie backer board is really all you need around kiln in basement-heres mine in an outside covered area with a metal roof as i do not have a basement. You want the kiln on same level as work gets produced so if that in basement leave the kiln there. If its on ground level than the shed makes some sense. You can line the walls and floor and ceiling above with this backer board for fireproofing area around kiln. I hold it off the walls with some spacers so its really a cool surface behind board.I used cut pieces of copper pipe and long screws to hold it off 4 inches off back wood wall.
  11. As for powering your i phone or I pad for 3 show days of credit card use I use one of these.They are big enough to go the distance https://smile.amazon.com/Portable-Charger-Anker-PowerCore-20100mAh/dp/B00X5RV14Y/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=battery+pack+charger+anker+A1271&qid=1579287523&smid=A294P4X9EWVXLJ&sr=8-3 I also use a cash register and have a car jumper battery which I invert to 110V to power but most vendors just use a phone/ipad I like my register as it figures tax into sale and computes sales very quickly-You have seen my sales operation last summer when we traded mugs.
  12. I have the 1st 2 books whats the title of the third ?and where did you get a copy.Its a must have for us cone 10 folks
  13. I think the color tinmting would help you make it like water. Often I think of these as broken windsheid glazes that craze like crazy are completly non-functional but they do look interesting .
  14. What area of the country are you in?I have a few of those in my collection hers an old thread on them from 2013 Heres a modern link to them as well https://thinkhwi.com/products/kruzite-70/e
  15. Callie, I started with a full sized truck for many years then added a small covered trailer as I got into larger shows like Park City Utah. As I got older and did more shows the van made sense. That was 20 years ago this year for vans-I have had two.I put 20k on a year on van for about 12 years doing shows now its under 5k a year. I used to do 12 shows now its 6 and they are closer . The van really helped my back and knees -the truck was murder on both. Both vans where/are 1 ton extended-paylaod is 2 tons. Also I could afford the van and have never looked back. If I was doing this as a hobby I would not have a dedicated vehicle. When I was young I never gave my back and knees a second thought
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