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  1. I just keep the slop from splash pan for my porcelain handy at mixing time and add a tad per mix. Bag and let sit a short while.
  2. Mondern Tec for ceramics beside faster easier could also mean things like catalitic converters and thermo proof ceramics Need more time to think about that statement. -its xmas production time-will revisit later
  3. Neil is the expert here. If its a all in one jacket you need to pull the whole jacket off to get at the bricks.
  4. You can tell by the photos that this kiln has been shifted or mishandled. It looks off plane a bit at the joints. I would use some kiln cement thinned (keep off elements)you can slip some paper or foil under/around very carefully ,use a ear syringe or hypodermic syringe to spot the cement onto the loose lower bricks. Lighly spray with water from a mister 1st to wet bricks. Cement the loose ones pin the elements and let it dry out before test firing.Has this kiln been dropped or rough handled?
  5. One of my galleries carries my pottery online . Lately I send them any of the business I'm to busy to deal with. and that all mail order now that my ship date has passed. She is working out all the headaches of selling 20 different colors in 35 forms -These headaches are why I never want to do that in the 1st place. When the lockdown hit mid march she took the lead and shifted to putting loys of stuff online and for awhile 1/2 the sales where my pottery (Her shop is my best single outlet) not counting organic markets. The downside is all the work that e shop entails . The bigest downside is s
  6. Back in the day pots where made all by handbuilding/coiling etc or a kick wheel driven with a foot or a stick or a treadle (later invention) or by someone else handles where rolled or pulled or slabbed Indoor plumbing came along as well Since those days and much of this has been in my lifetime its all changed.(not the indoor plumbing) Power wheels extruders slab rollers pug mill and clay mixer and combo machines-they even come all with electric power now Pres story on extruder dies sums up how far this has come-I cut my pulled clay handle in 1/2 traced it on the a
  7. Its a great time to get your stuff marketed other ways.Web based or other ways its worth it in the long run. For me its been wholesale and consighnment keeping the income coming in. The 4 organic markets are selling like crazy as folks are food shopping no matter what and when they see gifts like pie plates they cart them up with the food.One Market has got my meduim large forms in it for xmas like small baking dishes and smaller oval platters.Candle holders have been popular as well.The markets are a lot of work as you deliver every week or whenever they need stock.I have one market that
  8. Most fairs out west are cancelled the few that do operate are booths spread out and lots of must wear mask signs and a folks running down the non maskers. That was at a AZ show a friend did two weeks ago. I know of NO Califonia shows . all mine in Wa state and Nev where cancelled for 2020. Its really up to us to decide our own risk if you are going to do a show at thais time. How hungry are you and where do you live would pay a big part in this . Since much of the country is not wearing masks still (we lead the world in this pandemic and we do know why) I think a show can be saf
  9. I have a funny story on our last visit to friends in Homer about 6 -7 years ago. Our friends are friends with Paul Dungan so he thought I should meet him and we dropped by several times with no luck as they live nearby . On the third trip with nobody home I said let go into studio were I found some clay and threw a bowl and left it on wheel head with a note -hope you can us this . Anyway days later he called as asked who made that bowl-we went over for lunch and met. :Later he said he sold that bowl at a fair.
  10. Send her a PM and she may get an e-mail of that notification .
  11. The 15 amps is for those really big big miniature pots.
  12. Darvon 7 for slip casting is what we always used-that was cone 10 slip casting porcealin body
  13. Capatain Kirk sid it best More HEAT Scotty more HEAT
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