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  1. Yes thats where I find mine-I like plastic or metal forms-the mirror is waiting to break Use a large pan lid (remove the top handle) for that large curve
  2. I was before covid hit and sales went thru the roof. I have not done an art show in 18 months and still, have a best year of my life sales wise. slowing down got kicked out the studio door with orders thru the moon. I have said no to some lately. The kiln buy has been in the brain works for 3 years now and I still am on the fence-a smaller kiln sounds good at times
  3. I have had a fair amount of Requests for older info on Brent wheels-all from the 70s mainly thru PM's and E-mails. I'll cover all the questions I have answered in the past years here. This is my original Brochure from 1969-1970-I bought a model C then from Robert Brent himself. At that time the model C and CXC where the only two models he made. The CXC was a direct drive transmission and could spin a 3/4 ton truck . The model C had two separate belts. Both had flat heavy duty decks with flat formica on top. The foot pedals where like in photos not like todays models. You can replace
  4. (and they are not very responsive. They loosely say what they want and then disappear and don't respond to emails...then when I follow up, they apologize for not responding, respond to 2-3 of my questions. And disappear again... I will learn a lot from experiences like this, I guess. Thank you for sharing your advice and your experience. I can learn a lot from that as well. And learning that one can say no and that somethings are not worth the time and stress is a super important lesson! Thanks again!) This is all a bad sign for any business deal-I would just say no at this point
  5. Thats rust seems very small-how about stopping it with Ospho rust remover for 24 hours (you can get it at Ace hardware stores) and a little flat black paint over those few spots. The rest looks great.
  6. If the wheel is aluminum maybe thats just a coating which is made to be removed? Is that rust? if so its steel
  7. I fire curved rectangle serving dishes with a small foot added-they like to slump so I put a bigger curve on them. I think a bigger curve will help-also maybe a looser body will help-I have not done this myself but have that other clay body for other larger forms. I'm working with Porcelain
  8. Albany alone at cone 10 is pretty sweet -Making it a Tenmoku is a bit of a waste (adding iron) If its cone 6 Roberta pegged it above -just do a few small sample tests to dial it in.
  9. Well maybe just maybe a used Giel 18 cubic downdraft front loader kiln. I always like these kilns. I have a 12 cubic footer and a 35 car kiln -the best size for me is a 24 to fill that gap. The other issue is shelve size its 14x28 so I would just leave the back of shelve up as its a ways back to them. Its a bit late in my life but a friend died and got this kiln for him. I may buy it from his wife (I cleaned out his studio last year for her) He only fired it twice.I can close to getting myself but at the last I let him have it. The moving it is a huge issue (I have to take his studi
  10. My manual kiln is always full on for at least-5 6 hours.48 amp draw on a skutt 1227. I toasted a few 50 amp breakers in the 70's and 80s before swapping up to 60 breakers My fire right controller switched it on and off (switches are on full) for say2-3 hours until its on full. Kilns are outside most electricians experience I have found and they are not well understood. You can use that 50 amp breaker but it will fail in time.
  11. (or would a 50A breaker and 6ga wire be acceptable?) The 50 amp breaker will fail over time (from personal real world experience) the 60 will not The #6 copper wire is the right choice for 48 amps.
  12. The use of tile mastic on wood or thinset on hardie board is a key point-wood needs mastic cement board thinnest . Mastic is lighter
  13. Need some photos In terms of commissions -the loss rate is always high with th an order-should you double the fee-well its up to the customer what is fair. I gave up on special orders long ago myself.
  14. I fire bone dry Porcelain in 8 hours with no issues-the forms are functional-You may gettin smaller suff down to 7 hours
  15. 3/4 plywood will stay flatter than 1/2 so I would not even think about using it. The better alternative is better plywood-meaning hydrotec plywood-or boat building plywood You know about plywwod grades right?/. CDX for sheating homes and roofs-AC for exterior use like soffit trims etc It is many layers of solid wood no voids and stays flat and is made for exterior use. I use it whenever flat needs to stay flat-it comes in thinner (usually metric measurements )and 1/2 is fine as it stays flat-of couse its heaver than regualr junk AC plywood what is what you should be using not cdx ply
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