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  1. Have others explored borax in your slip for application to greenware? I would like to use for texture to work. Is there a recommended percentage to start?
  2. I would like to find a solution to applying dry ash to the surface of glazed and unglazed vertical surfaces of say a cup/mug. They will be placed in a wood fired kiln. I thought maybe spraying a sticky mixture to the cup first and then dusting with the ash. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Anyone who is a wood firing potter out here today? I need to buy a pair that can withstand intense heat. So far we have pretty totalled a couple of fairly expensive gloves. Does anyone have a recommendation for and where I might find a more durable pair?
  4. You guys are awesome I bought some of the Mobilcer wax. Thanks for all your help.
  5. This is a sacrifice glaze for naked Raku. But I also made a high alumina Shino glaze from John Britt's Highfire book Mino Shino using Alumina Oxide.
  6. Thank you all for your insights and sharing of info. These forums are super. I found the wax I used before through your suggestions. Thanks a million all you fellow potter's.
  7. Wondering what people are using for a good wax resist, brushwork on glaze surface. We used to be able to Crystal Cera but can't find more. If you know of a good wax resist and where to buy it could you post the info. Thanks
  8. I have alumina oxide but recipe calls for alumina hydrate. Can I use this to substitute?
  9. I need to make some more Hines Shino which calls for Custer Feldspar. I only have G200 also a potash feldspar. Can I use as a substitute?
  10. I am going to try variations on all these conditions. So far it has been not fresh but a little stiff. I just need to keep up the efforts to get somewhere with this. Lisa's pot seemed to be a little on the stiff side but that might have been because of the tool she was using.
  11. That is so interesting. I follow both Lisa and Florian also but didn't see that particular post. And thank you for your suggestions so very helpful.
  12. I just really love faceted pots when done with definition and control. It isn't easy to master the skill for sure.
  13. Thanks Neil. I am really pleased to get these responses.
  14. Good points. I need to practice with various tools until I get some proficiency.
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