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  1. has anyone tried the Katz-burke formula in reduction? I'm just wondering
  2. ok thanks. I will go with the Katz-burke formula. I know Chrome, Nickle, and rutile as colorants will not add gloss. Well, thanks again.
  3. I've found that photos on glazy or other websites sometimes are not the actual result. Also, will the Katz-Burke formula work well on stoneware? I usually use a buff to gray/brown stoneware
  4. oh wow, thank you so much! I will try this and also I'm looking at Rat City Studio glaze formulas. What do you think of this formula? Dragon + 2% Nickel Carbonate Recipe: Minspar 44 Cornwall Stone 22 Whiting 18 EPK 5 Zinc 7 Titanium Dioxide 4 Bentonite 2 +2% Nickel Carbonate
  5. do I increase the flux the same percentage as I reduce the silica/alumina?
  6. this is embarrassing, but I really do not understand glaze calc. I think you are saying that I should try reducing the alumina, (epk, om4), and reduce silica.. I'm thinking silica is from the custer feldspar. Then, after that, should I increase the flux? The Cornwall sub is from Mid South Ceramics, but I don't have the formula.
  7. This is on brown stoneware. Brooklyn Red, I think
  8. Shucks. Im really having issues submitting pics. I'll keep trying
  9. https://www.facebook.com/1634468103/posts/10223056971406083/I have a glaze formula that I made myself. I have tried it in reduction, cone 7. It is a beautiful stony look, but has a very velvety feel. Does not seem to like my other glazes, as they pinhole over my new glaze. My new stoney velvet glaze crawls slightly where it settles in low places and gets thick. My question is, if I add some silica, say 3%-5%, will that stop the crawling? Here is the formula: Custer feldspar 40%, om4 ball clay 20%, epk10%, calcined epk 10%, Cornwall sub 13%, strontium 7%, ultrapax 5%, zinc 3%. Also added about 1/2% rutile and 1/2% manganese ox. I'm thinking maybe some silica will stop the crawling. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Im having trouble posting a pic, but I'll keep trying
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10222891159700894&id=1634468103https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4440959362600664&id=100000599325935 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4440956075934326&id=100000599325935
  11. oh, yes that is a wooden beam. I have cut it away. I do realize that the chimney is kinda close to the ceiling., I keep a fan on it and I monitor it with a infrared heat gun. It does not get hotter than 130*f
  12. Its been a long haul, but I feel like I'm on the good side of a long and well paid for workshop - and I didn't even have to leave home! Thanks all !
  13. no not any more. i have cut it away
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