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  1. At last I can report some success here with my cantankerous converted kiln. After many alterations and dismal test fires, I can finally say I'm enjoying smooth sailing with even temps right now. Initially, during my test fire today, the bottom level just lagged behind the top level. No matter WHAT I did with the damper. So. , I VERY carefully added more height to my stack during mid-fire, and it worked! I know the new addition looks like crap, but I'm so happy right now and looking forward to making the extra height look as pretty as the rest of it!
  2. Thanks again, Bill. So I'll play it safe and make it a two day Op
  3. I am re doing my chimney to my converted kiln. The chimney will be around 9ft high. My question is "can brickwork on a structure like this be completed in a day or does it require doing it in sections to allow for the mortar to set up?"
  4. Yes mine is a downdraft. If I can remember... Im pretty sure the quick cool episode happened the first time I fired it. Originally I had the burner ports on the side, and I did not close them off with bricks or something when I shut the kiln off. but now the burners are on bottom about an inch from the burner ports and I slide a kiln shelf over the burner ports when I shut the kiln off. There was a pretty significant hunk of brick missing on the lower level where the kiln was losing heat, so I repaired it. I measure the outside temp with an infrared heat gun while its firing, and I could
  5. Thank you, Callie I thought zinc was a flux in glazes, I actually omitted it, because I thought it would make it glossy. I'm going to maybe make a small batch and re-test it thanks so much
  6. its an electric conversion 27"x28". I sealed up some places where there were some brick damage, so I think this will help me in evening out the top & bottom temps. Thanks, Neil
  7. Well Min, you make my issues sound as much fun as they truly are! So, here is more info on my process: - I do not shut down my kiln after a cone 6-7 reduction fire. I wish I could.., but I know it would cool WAAAY too fast. - yes, my kiln cools quickly. The first time I fired it I did just close the damper, off with the burners...and within less than 4 hours it was about 300*F . Thats quick! - I do have a difference between top and middle. I am getting better at firing to an even temp, lately. I just had to learn the ropes with it. For now, I just want to be safe and use glazes
  8. Thanks Bill I will try this out also
  9. Thank you, M. M Research.... I like your idea, my issue is I really do not have a clear that works. I've always used matte even when I was firing with electric. I did this suggestion of yours with Hal's Pale Apple... I chose Pale Apple because of its wide firing range. I added 4% u-pax. I like the color and I can tell if I add a bit more u- pax it will matte it up a little more...its just that my (converted) kiln cools off so quick and I havent mastered the slow cool and targeting the temps to do holds...so pale apple crackles if it is cooled off too quick. Honestly, I would just like to ni
  10. My kiln fires sometimes one cone difference from top to bottom so this is why I just want to play it safe and use a wide firing range glaze, preferrably
  11. Yes. A 6-8 good functional matte. I use a stoneware claybody that is mostly goldart with some hawthorne, ball clay and neph sy
  12. You are right. I thought maybe I could add 3% or so of a frit. Maybe that would bring it down to cone 6-8 level.
  13. Ok thanks Bill. I thought it would be matte also. I will make up a batch and give it a test in my kiln. I did pitch ALL the pin-holey mystery glaze I had.
  14. I have a question on Copper Salt / Yellow Salt glaze formulas on Glazy - Here is the formula for Copper Salt Amount Neph Sye A270 71.5 Dolomite 23.5 Kentucky OM #4 Ball Clay 5 Total base recipe 100 Zircopax 16 Bentonite 2 Copper Carbonate 1 Total 123 Her
  15. Yes I love matte glazes. Currently I've been using a glaze mix...well lets call it Mystery White" its a combination of a few different matte whites...don't ask for an explanation, lol. I have a lot of it and I hate to waste it, but I'm getting these tiny broken blisters with every firing. Im assuming its because I'm not cooling slowly enough.
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