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  1. Check out Gep's system or the bag system. Really not onerous...like cleaning your teeth..essential part of of life from now on!
  2. Clay deposited on surface does indeed harm that environment. It seals the ground so water does not penetrate. It changes the ph of the ground and so as plants tolerate a certain ph the plants growing happily prior to clay dump may not thrive if they can actually tolerate the dense air deprived layer smothering their roots and stems. From your recent post I think you are after posts which reinforce a decision you have already made. Streams and rivers around mining areas die as the naturally occurring substances are released into the water courses at a rapidly increased rate, and different ratios. Oh well humans rule, right? Planet in a great state at the mo. Right? With the devastating downpours in various parts of the planet there is indeed devastation caused by downslides of naturally occurring clay. Humans most often have a finger or 10 in that pie too. Clay pans devoid of veg do occur naturally. That would surely allow you to dump your "waste" no worries mate. GEP has pics on these forums whereby little space is used as she stacks her "waste clay between plaster slabs Uses very little space. A little of her time. Apologies to forum members. Cannot understand some humans and their actions. Dump it at your doorstep . Hopefully you wont get stuck there. Anyone witnessing animals struggling to free themselves from human induced mud pans would tread more carefully on our planet.
  3. Wondering now how old is the oldest handmade mug lasts in the " normal" household with daily use..
  4. Piece of wet carpet or stiff sponge in cat litter tray or smaller. Wax, glaze, swipe across wet carpet/ spongr in tray or rotate a bit on wet carpet in tray.
  5. Sorry for a not feel good reply but Is there an infinite supply of suitable clay into the future. It's not all about the $ all the time is it? Take a visit to where your clay is sourced. Surely as individuals we can get rid of the throw away buy new because we can mentality. Go look at your footprint. Think of your kids and their kids and so on. No apologies just my thoughts. Try to source another employee with the skills you are losing. The fact you are asking the question on a forum can reinforce flawed concepts sometime.
  6. Thanks Hulk and indeed an observation worth noting... Respect for self, respect for object ,respect for maker ,respec for clay, respect for the environment from which it came and so on.
  7. Lhs 2nd and 3rd elements down look a bit vulnerable. See what you mean by hard brick channels. How do you manage to chisel them clean....dont get them contaminated in first place I guess.
  8. Place, white triangular ceramic pins into brick above the element. Tried to post pic but not small emough.... The elements will expand and if not contained will spew out again. Experience talking here. I'll get to my comp. And shrink photo
  9. Nephysy 50 Calcite 50 Ball clay 50 Red iron oxide10 Best cone 8 ish dull at c10
  10. Way too cryptic Hulk:-) can you expand this for old woman here.
  11. I'd be putting pins/ posts dont know right term on any area where they are not sitting down into the channels. A couple where they hit the beginning of the channels on coming through the wall of kiln. Also where they are looping upward away from bed of channels. And in the corners. Don't give them a chance to slip out and stretch or they will.
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