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  1. Magical stuff indeed if it accommodates such a wide temp range, glaze also!!. The fact that the glaze is pinging at the low firing indicates it is not happy with the body it is sitting on.. A big broad sweeping statement from the Company!!!! Better to decide on a body and glaze wich fall withingb a narrow band imo. Cone 5_6 will give you a great choice of glaze and claybody .
  2. Sounds like you are nIt comfortable in that place of learnIng. There are usually good reasons that teachers have certain practices which govern their studios. Get the techniques etc from your teacher, and knowledge of claywork by which time you may be ready to invest in a small kiln etc of your own. Imagine a class of 10 to 20 students all wanting to pursue different paths in ceramics. I wouldn't want to a. Be in that class or b. teach it.
  3. Indeed. Teaching! Makes one anlyse what is done intuitively and isolate the key points. Tennis pro had us play with left hand if right handed to emphasise what faced a complete beginner. Not quite the same but certainly was effective re wat was resllh impIrtant for success
  4. I need to read it to retain it. My way of learning. Videos interesting, may pick up a couple of things, but I don't retain it the same. Canread at certain speed, reread a sentence, refer back or forward easily, But being in remote area, I use whatever I canatthe time.
  5. A photo of pinholes would help a lot. Could help to slow down last segment of firing and add a 10 minute soak at end. If not pinholes but blisters..could be an overfiring so photos definitely would assist best diagnosis.
  6. Same potter, same shapes , different glaze combos, no cracks. Near elements, top middle bottom of kiln , go on , suck us in!
  7. Why are you saying deflocced? Is it hard panning?
  8. Could fill it with gold! Been done before :-)) But Spooze does work , see if you can find posts from Marcia Selsor on this. She did huge installations and has used spooze if I remember correctly
  9. Thickbfoot, thin walled adde d to it... Shaped bowl coming from corner too. Glad you only did 4 I'll bet
  10. Wow that is dramatic!! Did thry ping clearly after bisque I wonder.
  11. If I cant get it painterly yes, but use cmc, cooked , if clogging. Sometimes I use a bit of the underlying glaze instead of the frit. With a matt glaze you may not get the "melt" Test with your glaze A satin or shiny glaze. Are your stains body or glaze stains. I found some blues are not as melty..very scientific. The stains are powerful. I do the same with oxides.
  12. Mayb more frit required. Bubbly bit , the coloured stuff too thick .i think you could dilute with water without losing the intensity. I s.times use a little bentonite as well as the frit to keep everything suspended but still need to stir between brushfuls. A lot more watery than you imagine I think
  13. So you are applying oxides to unfired glaze surface which is mixing with your ixide and weakening the colour? You have to lay the oxide on instead of painting. You need a brush which holds a lot of liquid. The CMC will make it painterly if cooked and mixture is the right thickness. Some folk spray starch onto glaze surface, some folk sinter the glaze before decorating. i.e. fire to temp which just hardens the glaze. I think just practise applying no pressure with brush wIth a laden brush will help. Practise on newspaper. Read up on Majolica technique And Linda Arbuckle.
  14. Shivering can occur long time layer. Better bury your bowls when they bury your boots! Have fun! Don't suck the hard bits in the soup
  15. Is it xompletelyvdry. Could carve out inside of sculpture from bottom Or get a long drill bit and hand "drill"lots of holes up into sculpture , can be easier to carve out with these holes or just drill holes, and keep in warm room, air circulating every surface for some time Should be able to dry it out. But unless you have control of the firing...very slow bisque with candling overnight etc then it would be unpredictable. Why is your school going from greenware to cone 6 in firing schedule? Got a pic so we can seecwhat is doable? Guess there is a time line. Burnish and wax?
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