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  1. I only use this type of lids on teapots. At trim stage you can always get a fit with care. I then dry both pieces together , lid upside down in pot.
  2. Would reinserting the cutout until pot totlaay dry help? Just asking
  3. Some sort of resist applied on blue slip prir to the glaze...or dripped onto glaze peior to firing. The image where the drip extends to the white foot of pot is interesting....no colour....no blue slip?
  4. Peephole Bung?? Or peephole plug prob. Have you positioned your thermocouple there in the past? Realise the therm. is in a protective shield etc but unless you have a total seal as Neil sugg.the hot air from kiln will melt the wires leading to pyrometer. A therm. there won't be indicative of kiln temp .If only one thermocouple I'd be placing it in middle of one of the kiln sides. Either in that peephole or drill a hole for it as that peephole good to see colour and cones through A therm. in lid of top loading kiln a pain . Could put money on porcelain sheath being broken.... Anyway Now that was a lot of noise Cement the broken one and use as side peep plug if determined to have a top placed therm. Other plug..keep away from wife and use as top:-))) Good luck.
  5. Very hard always s pollution...esp from under wheel head when you think you have it all. Suggest a long run of one then with separate boards buckets sponges bats and scrupulous wheel head and splash pan clean...even then. Or do a middle run of pots where you dont cate.......until you get the "pure". Mark's way the only way for sure.
  6. If you unbutton the back of your head it's in there. Should be obvious to others.... Coming from the saying when s.one asks you to do so.ething silly or expects you to believe s.thing silly "Do I look like I have buttons down the back of my head" in a thick scottish accent. Think we better start a silly topic to brighten the day. Pres??
  7. Neil if this is a plug from the top of kiln vent hole and the OP plans to put the thermocouple down it I can vouch for some...melting of wires or wire coatings which if kiln is electric can be interesting on elements if close by...just saying. Teacher at school I taught in once put the new thermocouple down top vent hole of new kiln. Didnt see a small thermocouple designated hole in side of kiln and melted the wiring covers and wire. The result was a ruined element, new bricks and some kids' glazed pots.. Not a good site for a thermocouple. Can make own spyhole plug. Some folk got artistic about this on these forums
  8. I was speaking of life in general:-))
  9. Now I am going to use that philosophy from now on
  10. Area being starved of oxygen because closely packed or in your case, foot ring stopping air flow..maybe
  11. Apply when clay is at trimming dryness. Moisten all surfaces with a spray of water. Your slip would worm better if deflocculated esp if diffetent body from your piece. Make uour slip. Add a couple of drops of deflocc . Sodium silixate or Darvan. This will make it runny ,add more clay till thickens to brushable consistency. Stir well between brushfuls Otherwise your slip may crack off as dries or on bisquing.
  12. Some stains are a bit refractory ,could test. Many would not pluck or stick. Good kiln wash. Why is it necessary to cover the base? Stilts are usually to prevent glaze sticking. Can get ceramic stilts used in high fired crystal glazes, no metal just finely pointed ceramic. The stain is mixed with the clay right? Or just place on a waster biscuit of clay to protect shelf would do the trick.
  13. https://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/20339-need-help-identifying-glaze-materials/?tab=comments#comment-162697
  14. Testing . There was a detailed pot in forums on just this prob and many replies
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