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  1. Yeh and nothing drowns out new ideas like a poor technique which limits your creating in clay your new idea:-))) Catch 22 ,so just go get it and then you can choose to ignore it......
  2. If cylinders are icing at 600 deg C your rate of climb will be really affected negatively. With adjustments suggested you may be able to reduce the draw on the cylinders but it is a long way to C10....
  3. Didnt leavemy shed, well in one piece that is:-)
  4. WellbI have put more glaze onto an already glazed platter..all over and got shiverinf
  5. A benefit of the wide span of knowledge required to "play with clay". Another horrific day for fires in Aus.
  6. Have you been firing in electric kiln before? If so try to acheive that temp rise if successful with your ware. Photos of your set up, your flues , burner port, up or downdaft ,and regulators etc will help folk give you the answers which will help. Cones all over your shelves would help indicate hotand cold spots.
  7. Yes . Thanks for posting that link. A kiln maker as well as serious potter. His knowledge well applied. Says something re investing in a big kiln! Foilcladding wooden part of house.
  8. Devastating to see his lifetime pottery razed. One kiln standing. Huge pots on plyths in garden cracked:-// Dunting??
  9. Recent catastrophic fires in Australia annialated Balmoral township. Well known potter Stephen Harrison survived the fire which wiped out his pottery and property by taking refuge in a ' ceramic board "coffin he'd erected the day before from an old kiln..ceramic board structure nestled against a garden retaining wall. Just saying...do not try this at home. He just couldnt get out fire descended quickly...roads closed
  10. Only way would be a test one and see.. This has been discussed here before. Folk buying stuff from secondhand stores. Place on biscuit of waste clay. Vitreous china jug here melted into a puddle.....low temp stuff ...who would have thought...obv not me...silliness of youth:-)))
  11. When making hanging planters with flat to the wall backs I had a bit of similar cracking happening. Throwing the flat back and attaching front instead of slab work really helped with that problem. Check the bisque is uncracked. Flick the pot and listen for a pinging sound. Your clay slab has been under pressure of manipulation to get from flat to that shape. Fire on bisqued thin sausage coils of clay placed like an asterisk.
  12. The bottom of this dish seems much thicker than the walls. How is this form made? Does it ping after the bisque fire? Qhite a lot of manipulation after throwing. I have always found forms which rise abruptly from the flat base more troublesome. I would try to trim bottom leaving a central nub to the same thickness as wall.
  13. Have used syringes but still have to make the holes afterwards
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