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  1. The make and model and side on pic of kuln would be helpoful for folk with the knowlege to help you
  2. Think memgee Marcia Selsor coukd help. Pm her. Benzine also has experience in thisfield
  3. Kiln wash on post ends and the cone holder end of kiln sitter, inside of kiln, helps too. Check out how to place kilnsitter cone correctly. Great about the thermocouple and pyrometer purchase. All the best.
  4. Log everything you do and see how you go. Each kiln Different. Not sure why you want to glaze fire fast. Learn to use colour through peep hole to gauge temp. Fired manually for decades. Fancy gear makes it easier but Not foolproof by anymeans. The obvious answer would be to turn the dials up minimally till 600degC (about 6hours.) Increase heat till about 80degC below target temp then slow it down again . Witness cones on each shelfand infront of peepholes. Thermocouple and pyrometer relatively inexpensive and well worth the cost. I fired 100degC/hr to
  5. Hamer also! I greab that book all the time. Alwayz nr my favourite chair. Latest dive was to read up on Plasticity. Purchased tonne of clay onlyto find it a whole lot shorter than evr before. Waiting for supplier to open up from annual break. Really not wanting to deal with bag after bag of short clay. Cracking on wedging for goodness sake. Hands cramping tonight, Excellent book.
  6. Well you could try dropping tobacco juice onto slip...is that called Mocga diffusion???
  7. Think I merely suggested good floor mats, commercial kitchen type! Glad you're enjoying your space. Worth the forethought!
  8. The metalic crisper would be the culprit. Big ask frozen and the metal. Doubt restaurants woul be doing that with your ware. If you have got satisfied customers so far , MarkC and numerous others have worked for ytears with success. Go for it. Replacement pieces come to mind.... Wondered what happened with your new studio. Any photos?
  9. The manganese may be giving the beige but clay body with manganese ĺooks pretty brown but fires beige so test additions of that. Safety hazard . can get body stains The speckle would be granular Mn Beiges colour MnO2
  10. Try bisquing Cone 04. Slow bisque . I think overfired and glazes too thick. What state was the sitter cone in? Is the rod in sitter cone in good nick or does it looked tapered? Check you are positioning cone properly Would be worth checking out sitter mechanism ,it may need adjusting. Can you post a pic of sitter cone after firing? Start recording a log of all firings and results of firings. Invest in a thermocouple and pyrometer. Install a timer to shut off kiln about 1/2 hr after estimated time of firing. Never rely on sitter to turn kiln o
  11. I had a top of kiln vent flap like that on a very very old kiln. I once put a piece of ceramic fibre blanket on top to try to get top of kiln hotter, and ,yes, the flap melted and ran into my kiln and top shelf platter...silly in many ways .
  12. Now where was your tongue when writing this post,? In your left ear or firmly in your right cheek???? Should have used my filter paper whwn reading...
  13. With@Min on yhis. What colour is your clay body? When fired without slip does it scum? I had a batch of clay which did not scum anf then next batch scummed...producer wary of Barium talk? Not belittling Barium talk here!
  14. Thanks for your time LT, but you are talking to a "non recipe following" geriatric here who lives remotely and thus my "proper "chem days, 1967 a long way off, I do still have glimmers and stuff pops up.....amazingly correct sometimes. I have lime, have boric acid, sodium borate, hm, common name??right quantities, hmmm, collect off filter paper, not my style. Filter paper best used for filtering coffee and germinating vegie seeds:-)) Will read up on ulexite..natural deposits of ...as the geology of the area is interesting. We have a largel land locked lake on property, gypsum
  15. Slips and resists and scraping back? Applying slip to pot then finishing throwing shaping with inside hand only.
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