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  1. 7celsius...ambient temp? Button not fully pressed?? Short power outage, program stops? Possible reasons?? Better make a kiln god for your new kiln then you can blame it, or Murphy
  2. +1 With Rockhopper. Unknown...don't touch them. You made them...darker shade...going to higher temp, poss more shrinkage, bloating...
  3. How about a professional potter? " Production" pottery not Art??? Well Art and Design are key to great selling"production " pieces imo. Makes one want to pick it up, interact with its shape , texture and balance. Professional in that we evaluate our pots anddiscard ruthlessly the ones whicvh don't make the mark. Hobby...just that, not sleeping, eating drinking , absorbing ceramics, time to natter and shoot the breeze with other Dabblers. Gets you bad? Get professional, quit the hours on the phone etc etc You'll know when it hits you for sure, as will you
  4. Hi Babs, did you ever find an Aussie substitute for Ferro Frit 3195? I have been searching, searching online, and your enquiries keep on coming up, so wondered if you had found a solution?  I really don't want to have to import it from the USA... Many thanks

    1. Babs


      No. Though Frit 3134 which was unavailable came up on Walkers list rexently.

      I chose to use another recipe provided by Dick White.

      Frits are becoming so expensive.

      Ask the Forum, post your recipe and someone will rejig it for you, they are very helplful.

    2. GillianH
  5. Is that a wooden bveamm just above the stack?
  6. Did you fire a piece just to see.....new technique perhaps?
  7. And straws that break camels backs. Better to have a durable safe liner flaze and lip with fancy glazes on outside.
  8. The pinholes are throughout your glaze surface, not just the stain so the advice will sort the problem
  9. Yes indeed but my large slab platters didn't like the two clays I had, obviously different shrinkage so that is a key fact to the success
  10. I did this Min i.e. a red clay and a white clay and the difference in shrinkage of the white and red clays made the clays split away from each other, esp. Slab work on bisquing , even being pretty careful with drying. Thrown stuff fared better. So I added rio to the white clay
  11. Just do a test piece. It will colour it but not the exact hue probably. Do you remember the quantity added? Would pay to do a few test coils of increasing amounts of RIO. Then you knmow what is best for you
  12. That vesssel is glazed on upper half of outside. Same glaze inside and out. Just saying.
  13. Can burn them off. Kiln away from amoke detectors, sprinkling system:-) Better to peel off as you can see if there has been any bleeding occurred under stencil and so can clean up.
  14. Check out Greg Daly, Linda Arbuckle, John Britt and a few others. Majolica work. On glaze decorators. The glaze itself can alter greatly your results. Initially put your washes on top third of your vertical surfaces..runming glazes not much fun on shelves of kiln. Lots of fun ahead!!
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