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  1. The toime saved, body saved and ware made in time not reclaimng would be part of equation I guess.
  2. Esp with fiiring your students work! I also recheck everything, also flick thro' the chosen prog.to ensure I didnt tweak it for whatever reason. Murphy with me day and night.
  3. Maybe really compress lips as Pres suggested. Looks like you have two sharp ridges to your rims...are the rims chipping on the pots with this design of rim? If so maybe focus n compressing to a rounded top to rim. Worth a try.
  4. Thicker won't do it.. Test tiles only way to go
  5. This is a problematic glaze for most people. Why it is included in tried and true is beyond me. Hates being applied thickly. It has been reworked on this forum and on Glazy Top end C 6 it blisters, Clean damp wiped smooth pots, thin glaze app. I added silica, some have added zirco. There are other clear turquoises with less problems for sure. No room for tissying with glaze. Leave any drips alone as where thicker app. It flakes. I move glazedlazed pots by putting my hand into them and opening hand to get leverage. Don't touch rims etc. Sprayinga little
  6. May be that awful time of testing a few. Have you pottery folk around who use other clays willing to give you a ball of different clays. Horrible to have to stop producing but worth it. It may be just that specific glaze...or the combo on the lip???? Test a few tiles or mini cylinders. Change one thing at a time. Sorry to read re your prob. Lovely work.
  7. Poster says glazed on 04 bisqueware to C 06 @Tsculpt Need photos . Glaze only or clay chipping too. Dont be afraid of folk cvopying, we aste too busy. Wondering here if clay is a high firing body and so fragile.
  8. As old lady said but to paraphrase: Firing rate as for bisque temp then proceed on up to your Cone 5 at glaze firing rates . Won't hurt other pieces which are glazed to be in same firing, just make sure piggies are totally. dry..low oven with door open overnight because if not dry can explode and be deposited all over your glazed pieces. Solid heads on piggies, long slow drying. Sounds like everyone enjoying your ceramic work!
  9. So you are going for a black stain to get grey. There are grey glazes oug there... I guess you are using one glaze and many stains for uniformity Only posted your initial post as others may take time to write same thoughts on what you already have.
  10. The straw and camel are flickering past my vision......pristine Arctic ,well you know, compared backstreet suburbia. Can we do better? Scythes and scissors...no need for gym membershop.... Kilns radiant heat channeled into better uses????? Oh well, back to making compost. Nothing like shovelling s.... to bring on the philosophical thought trains
  11. https://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/22652-production-kiln/?do=findComment&comment=183829
  12. @MindyKay I am remembering a thread on this topic earlier, tile business, tiles turning blue...same business?
  13. Have you tried searching on glazy.org? Or blue rutile glazes. What temp do you fire to? Gas or electric kiln?
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