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  1. The cracks wouldnt cause the explosive noise. Are the edgges of those cracks smoothed or sharp with clear cut of glaze?
  2. @glazenerd may help. What properties guide you to bone china?
  3. Prob both i.e. could have invisible or tiny cracks pre bisque which become obvious and widen during bisque and even more elaborate after glazing. Test it to find out how your clay body reacts to this. Or Could fire it in situ unjoined if certain was correct size initially then join post firing
  4. I dont think possible to join the top piece now without piece cracking as the top dries. It pays to cover cut out pieces with plastic or slightly damp towel when assembling pieces in warm weather. I'd leave the box topless, possibly using magic water or spooze, attach a coil on underside of " top" to make it a lid instead....
  5. Unfortunately yes! Very realistic! Ausiefarm dogs really intelligent. No anthropomophic content at all Not mine!
  6. Bluey!!! My grandchildren speak of Bluey as if part of the family and disgusted with Granny Babs who doesn't know the names or relationships involved. "She'll be right mate".. We all hope.
  7. Ben and Pres have given me my giggles for the day. Good therapy.
  8. No worries indeed! Good aussie phrase! Keep potting!
  9. I've seen potters torching outside f lower pot to stiffen enough to support the additional clay but well away from joining area.
  10. There may be a market for that out there, and stop cleaning your paint brushes in your mouth!
  11. You may be bug free at the mo but as soon as you walk out the door, who knows. Who knows what your students will bring in the door. You get sick and your possibly needy students are without your positive presence in their lives. Lead by example, wear a mask, it has been proven to help stop the spread.
  12. Are you possibly incorporating slurry from throwing into wall of pot as you throw? Base trimmed and so thinner than walls. Area from base to wall thicker can cause trouble. Thicker pots, gradual longer drying required. Moisture trap Not sure of your technique but looks like the joining may be trapping wetter area which is causing the "inside wall" cracking evident up entire wall. Horizontal crack...anywhere near your joining. I've centred half clay required, dented top of that and added a further ball to that and centred again...just saying. Opening clay..heel of hand, arm firmly braced, moving slowly away from me to 12 o clock and thenback to normal opening works for me. Pres here opens with his elbow.
  13. Even looking spherical you really need to work the throat and spout to channel the content into spout as with any jug. The lip of the spout is key to stopping drips. Work on that on normal pots. I run my finger from belly of pot up to spout area to further channel the contents.
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