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  1. I hand built one out of buff stoneware many years ago. I used a wash on it instead of glaze. I would recommend glazing the inside of the bowl, which would make it much easier to clean than the rougher surface that I have with the wash. Also, unless you can keep the water heated in the winter, take the bowl off in the winter. The ice will split it. If your bowl is separate from the stand make sure that it can't be tipped off by critters (racoons and others) which might place their paws and weight on the rim. Mine has a very long (deep?) foot rim to keep it on the stand. So think c
  2. One of the reasons that you are being discouraged from buying clay is that if you don't know where or how the clay will be fired, then you don't know whether to buy low fire clay, medium fire clay or high fire clay. So best go with the above advice and get a gift certificate.
  3. Ouch! My method was to place 3 posts in a row. On top of that was a 1 inch post with a hole in the middle on its side.. The wire went through the 3 holes. The middle post kept the wire from sagging. I don't think you can have much distance between supports of the wire if you have much weight at all on the wire. This method used the kiln furniture that I already had. Lin
  4. I have done something similar but with a post in the middle of the wire to prevent sagging. Lin
  5. How did I miss this discussion originally? Just ordered the drill brush. Maybe it will help these old hands currently being treated for tenosynovitis. Can't wait to try it out. Lin
  6. So sorry B.P. Adept. That is way beyond my technical ability. Lin
  7. I have a coil built bowl that I made specifically for whipping cream and serving it. I made it 48 years ago. I'd say yes, a ceramic bowl can stand up to a hand held electric beater. Lin
  8. I'm with Min on the tongue test. Rather like licking the iron railing in winter but not so painful. Lin
  9. My kiln also gapes when hot. I can't figure out how to loosen the hinge, so I have started placing bricks along the front edge of the lid making sure they are right over the top edge of the kiln wall. That seems to work. Lin
  10. Re raku firing. The first one I was involved with was in my teacher's basement. A 10 cu ft electric kiln with pulley that lifted the lid. The shelves were built up so that only the top layer was used. Once the pots reached the required temp the lid was lifted (I don't know if the kiln was turned off) and the pots were tonged into garbage cans through the basement window. How many rules does that break? It never happened again and the house didn't burn down (miracle) and no one was hurt (another miracle. Lin
  11. You might want to make the extra long foot even longer. My first one was short like you suggested and the local raccoons would put their paws on the edge and their weight would tip the bowl right off. Also glaze the inside of the bowl. I didn't. Really hard to clean thoroughly. Lin
  12. Denice, While you are deciding what to do with your hand, Here is something that can make your hand less sore in the morning. We tend to curl our fingers while we sleep.To avoid this make a little cloth bag and stuff it with soft foam or other filler so that it is just the size where your fingers feel like they are in a neutral position. Put this soft ball in your hand when you are about to go to sleep and pull a sock over it. Your hand won't go into that clenched fist over night. The sock keeps the ball in place. Cheap trick. It might work for you . Lin
  13. If it's Canadian it could be Estrin. Out of business for many years now. Lin
  14. The group that I work with have found that B mix 5 really doesn't like to be fired to cone 6. Lin
  15. Just an item on CBC (Canada) today that the post office is having almost as much business right now as it usually has at Xmas. L
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