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  1. I love chattering. I love the noise it makes and the patterns. I just wish I could find a glaze that does it justice. Lin
  2. If you're looking to clean up narrow waxed areas a wet Qtip works. Lin
  3. Well this heat we're enduring on the wet coast certainly interferes with getting anything done.I can barely get the necessities of the day done. Lin
  4. Thrift stores are a great place to find shapes for moulds. Lin
  5. Use disposable gloves for glazing to keep the oil off the bisque, unless you are allergic to the synthetic gloves. Lin
  6. I have poured off (and saved to return to the mix) the liquid from the top of the glaze (yes, I am losing some dissolved chemicals) then dipped heated pots into the thick glaze. It works to some extent. Lin
  7. Glazed or unglazed? I have found that for glazed pots a good coat of hair spray then wrapped in soft plastic (veg bags or dry cleaner plastic) then wrap in bubble wrap or what have you. If it for a bisque firing transport them when they are leather hard. Lin
  8. On second thought I don't know that you could glaze over the hair spray but you could rebisque to get rid of the spray. Lin
  9. Spraying the drawing with hair spray, then wrapping with soft thin plastic before wrapping for shipping should work. Lin
  10. I dry work outside too. I try to keep it in dappled sunlight if possible. If the sun is direct I make sure I turn it so that one side doesn't get more sun than another. Lin
  11. Question; is that recipe 2 parts oxide to 1 part gerstly borate by volume or by weight? Lin
  12. If someone comes along and falls in love with the pot and buys it that's great. But if it is an order or a gift it should be as good as you can make it. I think I see glaze runs on the dish and a little crawling on the side of the bowl. I'm wondering if your glaze is a bit too thick? Lin
  13. First job will be to raise the vent panel on the roof of the kiln shed. Almost did it last week but put it off. On the weekend we had a doozy of a storm with heavy rain, hail and 90 k/hr winds which would have blown the panel off despite the dozen or so bricks weighing it down. I guess I'll procrastinate a bit longer. Lin
  14. I agree that when using a chuck put a soft clay coil around the top of the chuck. I use 'chucks' which are anything in the house that will fit the neck of the pot. I don't have room to store bisqued chucks. Lin
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