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  1. All states seem to have their own spin on things. In Colorado it is a misdemeanor to sell any sort of retail without a sales tax or special event license. So do get on your state Dept. of Revenue site and find out the rules for you. Mea and I aren't talking about forming an LLC, although you can if you wish, but just registering under your name and Soc.#. If you are selling through Etsy (Congrats by the way) I would think there will be a paper trail of some sort. Might as well be on the up and up. Roberta
  2. I have a bucket system where I throw and handbuild. I carry the slurry/sludge out and water the trees with it. Our area is quite arid so I really don't want to waste water. In the shop where I glaze and fire, I again have a bucket system, so I carry it out and water the trees again. Even in the winter, I will pour it all on the trees. In warmer weather I have a 2 tub utility sink outside with a hose and buckets under the drains. Yes, the trees benefit from that. It's not perfect, but I have made it work! Roberta
  3. I was wondering if those were mason stains. Victoria Green is a mason stain color.
  4. @Kristen Kieffer Thank you for a great article. I have admired your work, listened to you at NCECA, and hope one day to meet you in person. Roberta
  5. https://johnbrittpottery.com/3-day-hands-on-glaze-testing-cone-6-denver-colorado/ Also in Denver, August 14-16
  6. On shelves. So I can see what is what. I have gotten into a making cycle, bisque cycle, glaze cycle, so I do store bisque ware in tubs until I move into the glazing cycle, simply to keep it clean. But once it is made, it is on shelves. Because I share that part of the shop with my husband (woodworking, etc) I cover those shelves with sheets. Roberta
  7. In my experience, both as being a teacher and being a student, it varies widely. For a few of the small local gigs I have had, I set the fee, paid rent for the space and collected the money. My fee depended upon what I had to do and provide. Provide pieces for the student to work on, or glaze or build from scratch. I have taken a number of workshops and they have been at art camps, private galleries, art centers. Most of the instructors I have had are compensated for travel, had housing and meals provided as well as a salary. Some are able to bring their families for a mini vacation. Check out Arrowmont, Plinth Gallery, Penland, ARAC, Idlywylld, MISSA. Maybe that will give you an idea of fees and salary. Roberta
  8. I have a Brent and the splash pans line up and attach together. Like this one. I do not have water leaking out. I wonder if you could order a new splash guard?
  9. No. It would be on the decal paper. All you would have to do is apply it to your project and fire. Following directions of course.
  10. If you have Milestone decals print your verses on the decal paper, it fires to 017 or so, which you could probably do in your little kiln. You can also have Mayco burn silk screens for you with your verses, then use underglaze to put on your pieces. Milestone isn't as expensive as a person would think. They are very helpful and you could at least get an idea of what it would cost to print what you need.
  11. Check Instagram and clay share, many people are using the Gelli plates. Takes some practice but worth it!
  12. I do not since I mix most of my glazes from scratch. But it did quite well with underglazes and then clear over it. The people at Stoneleaf are very knowledgeable. They should be able to answer questions. I mostly use Laguna #16 which is a porcelain and Laguna Speckled Buff which is a brown speckly stoneware and Laguna RSMC which is a milk choc brown stoneware. Stoneleaf has a proprietary white stoneware called Whitestone. Sometimes it is too groggy for my projects, but it is a very well functioning clay. All of the clays I mentioned are midfire. I fire to cone 6. Message me if you have other Stoneleaf Pottery questons. Roberta
  13. I get my clay from Stoneleaf Pottery in Denver. Arvada actually. West side of Denver. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. I love the people at Continental clay but they have a lot of clay bodies that have a wide range for temp firing. I have tried to dial it in more closely. I use a lot of Laguna clay and I have tried some Rocky Mountain clay, most recently Ash. It's a nice, easy to throw, off white stoneware. You can get that from Stoneleaf Clay in Denver. But not sure if that is close to you or not! Roberta
  14. Love this Callie. Next time we meet for coffee we can continue this thread. I have not been making pots nearly as long as some on this forum, but I fall in that "5 years or more" group. I truly feel, at least in my selling area, that handmade is still rockin' it. If you have a style and you know who your fanbase it, and you are willing to market to that fanbase, (whatever their age may be) you sell. I see younger potters stepping into the market, but as Callie pointed out, the model will look different from what Mark has. I hope there will be potters that make dinner sets in the future, as that is what I see falling away.
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