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  1. I do understand that thinking. Why on earth would those materials not work well together???? But, I have discovered, that is not always the case. Sometimes even trying a different glaze on the clay body. or a different clay body or a different firing schedule or different application method or when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars......
  2. I agree with what @Min said about thickness. I also noticed you have some large crazing lines on the first cup. Maybe there is a fit issue along with everything else?
  3. @Salt.Forest this is probably a silly question, but have you simply used the L&L slow glaze program (love my L&L) The other question I had was have you tried other brands besides Spectrum for glazes? Roberta
  4. Mother of Pearl will give you a similar look. Duncan makes a MOP. It is a 3rd firing. Roberta
  5. And I have also found through the years that even when your clay body is rated for the same cone as your glaze, does not always mean they will fit. I have had to abandon different clay bodies over the years because they didn't fit with a lot of my glazes. I realize the glaze aficionados on this forum will have a different approach and recalculate their glazes. I did not have the skill set to do that at the time so I changed clay bodies. It is an option. But just like everyone is saying. Test test test. I love how @Hulk said the fog will lift after some testing. That is a true statement
  6. I just replaced elements and thermocouples. I keep thermocouples and relays on hand. I also have at least 2 extra elements on hand for things that happen. It takes at least a week (sometimes longer) for me to get new parts. So I just keep everything on hand. If my account is able to handle it, I actually keep a full set of elements. That way I do not have to wait for an order to arrive. Roberta
  7. Another source might be Kevin Caufield out of St. Paul. I know he does a lot of work for restaurants, etc. I believe he throws everything, doesn't slip cast. caufieldclayworks.com Yes, contact someone who has been doing this. Jane Herold is another person who comes to mind. I think she is in Connecticut. They will be able to give some advice! Roberta
  8. The local pet shop donates alllll their bubble wrap to me. They stuff it in a big box and I pick it up. They are delighted to not be sending it to the landfill. I bring it home and sort it and roll it up into rolls, ready for use (some of the sheets are quite long) and store it until I am ready to use it. I like your idea of putting a note in the box concerning the reused/recycled materials. I will borrow that idea if that is ok with you. Just that small recycling gesture saved me $$, saved space in the landfill, and hopefully someone else will reuse what I sent to them. I get enough bu
  9. I know my LA friends go to either Laguna in City of Commerce for clay or Aardvark in Santa Ana (I believe) for their clay supplies. Looks like it might be about an hour and a half for you??? Roberta
  10. @Lucy GReen I really does look to me like the amaco crystalline glazes. Perhaps the person just thought it had little pieces of glass in the glaze? I have messed a little with glass pieces in the past and they would simply run and also make your piece not food safe. I found this.... Amaco Crystaltex Glazes | BLICK Art Materials (dickblick.com) Roberta
  11. did you ask him?? He doesn't usually respond, but you could try.....
  12. When i first fired my L&L brand new kiln, I had a panic moment and fired off an email. The president of the company emailed me at 10 at night, and the next day they had assigned me a service person, who has held my hand virtually for 8 years now. L&L is amazing with their service. Roberta
  13. my speckled buff looks just like yours. The picture from the Laguna site may not be as accurate as what we get in reality. I bisque to 04 and glaze at 6. Roberta
  14. Just keep in mind you will have to find what works for you and your selling area and what you are willing to do to market your goods. We are all different!!
  15. Hi @rox54 Welcome to the forum. Mark is correct, there are a lot of posts considering the sales topic. I live in a rural somewhat remote area. I started small, at small craft shows. I have to keep it manageable for me, as in production, travel, set up so I have purposely been selective on the shows I apply for and attend. I did build a bit of a fan base through shows, so that will definitely be an issue for you right now unless your area is more open than mine... My business fb page is specifically geared towards locals, simply because that is how a lot of people here communicate, and t
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