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  1. You can get a small air compressor for not much money. Right now a 3 gallon is $40 at Harbor Freight. I use the Harbor Freight gravity feed spray gun as well. My first one lasted 5 years. I don't have problems with clogging but I do sieve all my glazes before putting them in the hopper. As Min said, the Cricket is definitely an option. Not terribly expensive either. And because pint jars fit that spray gun, you can quickly switch out colors. Roberta
  2. Thanks @liambesaw I was waiting for a more knowledgeable person to respond. When I was trying to get crimson I discovered the inclusion (Cerdec) stains, Rita, you might want to look at those. The oranges and yellows and reds stay more true. Roberta
  3. I guess the only things I don't sign are really small things, like buttons or jewelry. They are far from soulless, just small. I do have a small stamp with my call letters that I can put on really small things. Customers do seem appreciate the attention to detail even on small pieces that I can make quickly. Ornaments, buttons, etc. I work on ways to give those things some special character. Roberta
  4. I used this glaze in the past. It crazed badly on any clay I used it on. I do not remember having the extreme flaking as I was glazing, but I do remember it was a very problematic glaze after firing. What temp was your bisque fired to?
  5. I had the same experience. I was surprised when I filed 3rd quarter numbers. I knew it was good, but it was the best 3rd quarter I have ever had. And yes, Mark, I totally agreed with you. We have to get our pots out there now. People are looking!! And buying. One of the local shops told me this week that people are coming in looking for my work. I took a sizeable inventory in 2 weeks ago and it's almost gone. Pandemic Proof. I like that! Roberta
  6. The speckled buff I use is WC403. I was just on the Laguna site and it seems that we might have more choices of clay in the western US now. I am going to call my supplier in Denver and see if they can get the #65. I would love to have a smooth white stoneware. And I would be interested in the #50 as well. Thanks for the info. Roberta
  7. Fairly certain I have been next to your soap woman at a couple of shows. hahahahahaha
  8. I just love the texture you have on the first platter. That is such a visual draw! I love your flowers on the 2nd platter!! Did you wax over the flowers and then glaze?? Or is your glaze translucent enough to let them show through? What @Sorcery said is the best advice. Test. I use Laguna speckled buff about half the time. And porcelain the other half. I have a handful of glazes that work on both, but not everything. Make some testers and just start experimenting. Make certain the person loading the kiln puts cookies under your test tiles in case of running. I love the look of t
  9. I think you are looking for glazes and not stains. A friend of mine who uses commercial glazes gets a lot of layering information from Pinterest. She has achieved some beautiful combinations. Perhaps put amaco glazes in the search bar of Pinterest. Good luck! Roberta
  10. Love that color!!! Nice shape as well!!
  11. @Sile and you have been given some great information in this thread, which you can use if you find a good bargain on a used kiln. single phase or 3 phase? Digital controller or manual? Vent or no vent? stand or no stand? Shelves and posts or none? How many thermocouples? What condition are the elements? I researched for a year before I bought my kiln. And just like you, I had to figure out what would best work for me in my situation. And yes, we had to upgrade our service in order to have a kiln. And that involved inspections. And an electrician. And changes. and more inspections.
  12. Hi Old Lady! It sounds like you have most of the details. If the store owner doesn't want to lock you in for a certain amount of time, it could be a situation where you try it and see what happens. If you find it is not working for you, you can change your mind. After having muddled my way through a few consignment situations, the best advice I can give you is, get a contract in writing. Just get all the details in writing. Do they put tags/barcodes on your work and enter it into their system? Or are you expected to price and tag your work? Are you pricing your work in order to refle
  13. Mark, why do I need to get them off the concrete? I always figured that was safer?
  14. I had to google the touchless tool!! Holy cow! I didn't know such a thing existed! Clever!!! I think I might need one of those!!!
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