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  1. What exact clay are you using?? My red clay always turns brown after glazing firing. I have been using Laguna RSMC cone 6 Roberta
  2. I used to transport as well. After many methods, I finally came to just leaving everything on the wareboards and folding the seat flat (Subaru) and driving really really carefully. Invariably I would lose a handle off a mug, so the plastic bag idea would be great to help prevent that. A friend fires at my house a few times a year and she uses the plastic bag method. So far, she has not had problems. Roberta
  3. Can you name the videos you have been watching? Perhaps that will give us a clue.
  4. Thanks for that Callie. You are absolutely right. Everyone's situation is totally different with the way of the world right now. Yeah, things to think about and just do what we do!!
  5. Strange days indeed. I will unload a glaze load tomorrow morning. Some of the pots in that load were for a local event that has been canceled. They contacted me and said they still want the items, as the event will go on at some point, but I am just at a loss as to what to do with the rest of the load. Save it for holiday sales?? Market it on FB and IG? Set up an Etsy account? Are people who have been out of work for weeks going to have disposable income to purchase handmade items? Or should I make smaller things? Stick with mugs and bowls that speak of comfort?? Yep, all of those thoughts have been rolling through my head for the last few days (weeks). I had just picked up 2 nice wholesale accounts, one in Denver and one in Park City. Welp, that is at a halt right now. I guess we will just have to see how this all shakes out. Roberta
  6. I checked. The small hooks are 14 gauge. The large bar is probably 10 and I misspoke on the small wire that I poke into the earrings. It is 24 gauge.
  7. @oldlady sent me printer's blankets 3 years ago and I absolutely love them for the slab roller. I still use canvas for brown clay if people are wanting the texture of the canvas. I have a large printer blanket that I used for wedging clay, one for white and one for brown. They are easy to clean. Depending on where you get them, they can be wide. I love the smooth texture of the blanket. They are a favorite tool! Thanks Alice @oldlady
  8. @CFlowers It's snowing and I am going to have to shovel my way out to the shop to check on the gauge size. I will get back to you on that. r.
  9. @CFlowersCan you see in this picture the long green dangly earrings?? I am putting 17 gauge nichrome wire directly in the clay as I am making them. That is another way to hang the earring on a rack. You can make that loop as long as you want. Then you can dip them in the glaze and hang.
  10. I have had the Wonderbat system for 12 years. They went out of business but I just discovered on Georgie's website, they carry something called Studio Pro. It says it is compatible with Wonderbat (good news for the Wonderbat users) and it looks to be a good system. https://www.georgies.com/gcc-shop-wheel-bat.shtml
  11. I do not, but I will go out to my kiln shop in a bit and check. I learned very good trick from Jen Allen. If you have slip trailers tips that have the gauge on them, use those to make the holes in your earrings/buttons and then you will have a consistent size ( also you can use the slip trailer tips to measure wire) And maybe think about making your holes larger than 24 gauge (after firing) it will be easier to attach jump rings or whatever you might be doing.
  12. @CFlowers here is an example of some small wire that is used for beads/jewelry https://www.theceramicshop.com/store/category/9/31/bead-racks-and-trees/
  13. I fire my earrings, buttons and ornaments 04 for bisque and cone 6 for glaze. I use a clear glaze on almost everything I have. I have used the wire from the elements when I cut them off to create little hooks. Yes, kanthal or higher temp nichrome wire will be just fine. But, I am wondering why you think you need to low fire?? If it's all designed to be fired at cone 5/6 it's been good for me. I use a cone 6 porcelain, amaco underglaze as well as some transfers and everything comes out hunky dorey! Yes, you will have to get creative as far as how you place them in the kiln. Some of my pieces do not get glazed on the back and I put them directly on the shelf. I have a bead rack similar to the one you borrowed and I have one that has small wire hooks, but it only holds 6 pieces. So your idea of hanging the loop earrings on the bead rack is a good one. Just don't glaze the interior wall, like you mentioned. Roberta
  14. Pumpkin bread was yesterday. I am going to try and Irish Soda bread today. The pumpkin bread recipe was from my mother in law. I use it as a base for banana bread or whatever. It's almost fool proof and reminds me of winter and holidays and family. And thanks @neilestrick for a great thread. I am definitely going to try Mea's shoo fly pie. I don't have starter for sour dough, but I love your photos! Pumpkin Bread 1 cup raisins, 1 cup water, 4 eggs,3 cups sugar, 1 cup veg oil, 1 tsp cloves, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp cinnamon,1 tsp baking powder, 2 tsps. salt,2 tsp baking soda,1 cup chopped nuts,3 1/2 cups flour, 1 small can pumpkin (1.5 cups) Combine all, and mix well, bake in 2 greased loaf pans at 350 for 1 hr. The platter was a gift and it was made by Catie Miller. Perfect for Bread! Roberta
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