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  1. We officially canceled our holiday show. Sad but necessary. I talked to an organizer in a city 3 hours away just to get a feel for what they were doing. They are going forth with their show in November. It is at a private school, and I didn't realize it was a fundraising opportunity for the school. They are going to do a ticketed, timed entry ticket in order to manage their crowds. Because it is a fundraiser she was very unconcerned about the vendors, their safety, and providing a good sales venue for them. I finished the conversation with her rather disappointed. Her job is to make money for the school. And that was her focus. But I would not want to be a vendor at that show. Oh wait....at any show....until the vaccine!!! I really had not thought about a non profit, for profit, or not for profit event until now......Thanks all for the info. Roberta
  2. @LeeU speaking for myself, I did not take your comments as controversial whatsoever. My husband and I were talking about this thread last night over dinner. And maybe it's because a number of us are in the over 60 demographic and have learned through many events, that caution and science will help us make another trip around the sun. The requirements and thinking seem to vary a great deal all over this nation of ours. I think this is a healthy discussion to have. Thanks for your comments, @LeeU Roberta
  3. When I set up my studio, I had not yet discovered surface design. All I knew was that I liked bright colors. The community studio had commercial glazes, but a friend taught me to mix my own. I went through years and years of mixing up all sorts of samples trying to find the perfect glazes. I am now in the process of using up some of those older glazes and getting things narrowed down more. I use lots of clear. I have bugged @Min and @Callie Beller Diesel about that very glaze. I love underglaze and the potential it has!!! However, nothing can replace a lovely temmoku or licorice. So, yes, I have really shifted as far as what glazes I mix, and what I am using. Roberta
  4. If I were to get push back on the mask wearing at my personal retail space, I would no longer be having a retail space. There has been nothing my husband or I have been able to say that will change people's minds. I am saddened and heartsick about choices some are making, but I have to take care of me and mine. Selling my pots in public, is not important enough to me to risk my health. Trying to fine tune the online experience. I have been able to hang on to some small wholesale accounts, some online sales, some custom work. I am fine. I did find out this morning that people were respectful of my request and were appreciative of the 10% discount, I saw a friend in the early morning shopping hours at the market this morning and she commented on how she never wears a mask. But she did at my sale last week. I guess I have to take that as a win. Roberta
  5. @Smokey2 I did not. They were all wearing the masks properly. As I said earlier, in this county, there is a large contingent that feels that mask wearing is not necessary. I cannot change their mind on that. I just stood way far away from the 2 or 3 unmasked. And I also wore gloves to take cash (this is also a cash area) I wore gloves and sanitized everything while making up my deposit. I used Neon Green. you are absolutely correct @Mark C. It popped. That is an excellent idea @LeeU I will do that at the next sale. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Unfortunately, this is happening everywhere. Thoughts going to her.
  6. I live a mile off Highway 40, but I am 7 miles from our little burg. While I do not spend a lot of time on social media, most of my local shoppers check in on FB ( I have a page just for my business). That is my most successful marketing for locals. I also posted an ad on the local board for sales. Truly @liambesaw I think people are ready for some safe, normal, activity. If they came in groups, they were family groups or friends who had been in each other's bubble for the last few months. Maybe find the ways that people access local information and go that direction? Not only did I move some older inventory, there was no booth fee, my sales tax is lower here at my house than in town, advertising was free, I was able to safely visit with customers, and I made some $$.
  7. I usually participate in 3 or 4 local (ish) shows during the holiday season. And I try to find a new one out of the area, when I can. This year everything is cancelled (as is for most) . I am part of an organizing group that hosts a very successful holiday show locally. We have not publicly cancelled our market, but as a group, we have decided to not host our event this year. When we started reading through the rules and regulations and restrictions, and considering the liability for the event organizers, we knew it would be more risk than we were willing to take. With that in mind, and with the comments about virtual markets (not very successful) running through my brain, I am thinking of alternative ways to sell pots. I have a few things in a local gift shop. I brainstormed with the owner this week, and I think I will load her up with my work, and since local markets have been canceled, she is going to seek out some local artisans for her shop rather than purchase manufactured gift items from other places. Depending on the virus case load come November/December, I may do a studio sale at my house (actually in our workshop). But if numbers are way up, no, I will not. Are there any other great thoughts running around out there? Roberta
  8. I had to report in on my Socially Distant Driveway Pottery Sale. It was terrific! My goal was to move a large number of random pieces in order to clear shelf space for new work. I achieved that goal with great success. I posted the sale on my business FB page, sent out some emails, and made signs for the highway, and our rural county roads, set up my canopy (yes with weights...I live in a very windy part of Colorado) and went for it. I might have 10 small pieces left!! I could not believe the turnout! I offered 10% discount for mask wearers (I live in an area where that is not enforced or encouraged) And of all the many shoppers yesterday, only 2 did not wear masks. It was great!! I had the hand sanitizer on 2 tables, and I wiped down pots with wipes after each group left. This sale was successful enough that I may try it with new work in September or October if the weather is nice. @gep has inspired me to think outside the ol' craft show box! Roberta
  9. Oooooo not enough time, it's on a deadline. I had to just go for it. RSMC seems to be pretty good. The kiln is cooling now, I will let you know. Oh yeah, and one of the relays pooped out on me yesterday too. Delayed things a bit while I replaced that. Thank goodness for spare parts.
  10. It is a brown stoneware. Laguna RSMC 6. And Murphy's Law, yes, there is a custom piece in there. Geez Louise, I cannot believe I did that.....
  11. Apparently I programed my L&L to run a 04 slow glaze load rather than a 04 slow bisque load. I did run a 3 hour preheat just to make certain some larger pieces (stoneware) were all the way dry. I went out to check on the kiln just now and realized my mistake since the load is completed! Will this have any ill effects? 04 is 04, right??? Roberta
  12. I have made my stencils out of vinyl that is sticky on the back. It sticks to bisqueware in most cases. If I am working on greenware, I use paper stencils. Put the paper against the pot and lightly spritz with water to make it stick or dab with a sponge. That will give you an clean crisp line. Roberta
  13. I had a similar problem @Amelia Just the lack of consistency. I rented a video from Good Elephant pottery which helped immensely and another video from Deb Schwartzkophf. Good Elephant stressed the measure measure measure technique and making sure your foot ring is in the right place. Deb backed that up. It has helped my plates quite a bit. Roberta
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