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  1. melbrandle

    storage jar

    That jar looks way too pretty to actually be storage for anything! It looks more set to be displayed on a pedestal somewhere and I seriously think you wouldn't have found it out of place in some historical setting for collecting water or something. Gorgeous!
  2. I would love to see pictures of the moulds if you didn't mind, not for replication of course, but for interest. It's not every day that you get to see someone get good quality DISNEY moulds to keep in storage!
  3. If you want to play extra safe, just black out the preserve jars with black paint while keeping them properly labelled. I reckon that that way you don't have to spend too much on other storage containers but still get some bit of [rotection from external light
  4. Really interesting storage ideas here! I think damp towels might work the best, or even a humidifier? You might need to create a little "room" rather than just a shelf if you're thinking of using that idea though. But generally as long as you have a bit of moisture going around the area of where your pots are in storage, I should think that things will be able to hold out for a week.
  5. Hey Denise, good to know that you're thiking well ahead for proper storage for chemicals and the like. In my honest opinion, layering is the best bet! Besides ziplocks and storage containers, you can always organize all the little tupperware containers inside a bigger cold storage unit or a colman. It might just make it easier to bring all your supplies out at once too!
  6. Hmmm, will you have the chance to check on your clay in storage during the periods at all? Best to ensure that there's enough moisture once in a while no matter how long you're intending to keep things aside. Things can change if you're not using a reputable provider or source for your materials...
  7. I have always used really secure and airtight storage containers for clay. So far it has been fine but I do not usually store them for a really long time. Hence, it is quite difficult to say if you are storing them for a lengthened period of time because the dusts grow in time. An alternative is to store the clay in an airtight plastic bag first before storing the clay inside another container, preferably airtight as well. This way, you can use almost any other type of storage containers.
  8. So far the storage containers that I have used before varied from large plastic ones to those stainless steel ones. It really depends on what you really need in terms of size and volume. The main feature that you have to take into consideration is the durability of the containers and whether or not they are waterproof. Without those characteristics then the contents might just be ruined way before their shelf life.
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