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  1. Thanks for asking the question, Judith and Chris for clarifying! I was asked this question by some beginners recently and wasn't quite sure how to explain the difference
  2. Mysteria

    RV gallery

    Pieces I've made over the last few years
  3. Are those flowers decals or carved designs?
  4. Is that the celedon glaze settling in the areas that you've carved the design on? I admire your patience and attention to detail!
  5. That's such a beautiful teapot! I just made my second teapot...and have my fingers crossed that it survives the whole process!
  6. I really like the look of that! I was going to do something similar on a large bowl the other day...but decided against it. I'm now regretting that I didn't! Ah well...there's always another bowl that I can experiment with that on
  7. I really like the colors on these tumblers!
  8. That looks super cute! Great work
  9. Mysteria

    storage jar

    Thanks It's still one of my favorite pieces!
  10. That's such a special present!
  11. Thank you for all the suggestions! I'm off to do some research on English slipware and then head to the studio to try the other stamp and pasta letter ideas Test tiles...here I come! Isculpt, your work is amazing. I especially like the first picture; the bust with the tree branches & the woodland spirit (in your gallery). With the woodland spirit, she seems so mystical & ethereal yet so real at the same time! Her expression looks like she seems amused by something I've said/thought. I will try out the stamps available at the community studio first, but have already added the Chip
  12. I think this is my favorite one!
  13. I have a cousin getting married next year and as their wedding gift I thought I would give her and her husband-to-be some pottery with their names on it (and maybe the wedding date). I've avoided putting names on pottery pieces in the past..so I'm a little out of my comfort zone here. My question is: how do I get the stamped letters to stand out on glazed pieces? Some of the options I have thought of so far are - * Stamp letters when the clay is still wet, paint underglaze on the letters at the bisque stage and then scrape/wipe away the excess on the raised area when the underglaze has drie
  14. Wow...those feet look really interesting!
  15. So beautiful! Very tempted to try this out
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