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  1. Okay, THIS one is my fave. I love the blue float glaze with the soft pink of the roses!
  2. Those roses look beautiful. They add a real variety to the rest of the flower series. Plus, red is my favorite color! Win! <3
  3. Wow, Rakukuku, one piece?? I've used sooo many clay pieces to make the Cap'n. His head and body are both a "sphere" that was made with two pinched "bowls" I scored and slipped together (newspaper keeps the forms from collapsing), then kinda beat into shape with my hands. All the other parts (ears, hat, limbs, boots, coat, etc) were separate pieces of clay. I wonder if I'm overkilling him, lol... I get really wrapped up in details. Guessing that's the illustrator in me... That pajama piece sounds awesome, heehee! Clothes are freakin' hard to sculpt, ugh. I guess I'm just gonna have to keep practicing... *sigh*
  4. Well, it's not so much the shape (I have visual references), but the actual sculpting of a dramatic coat. I can't get the wrinkles and folds right, without making it look bulky....
  5. Thanks, Oldlady! ♥ I'm gonna add a bunch more things to him, and will post more progress soon. He's gonna get some underglazing as well, just like the fox head I made around Christmas. I'd really love some feedback/tips from fellow handbuilders. His coat tail was really hard...the crackling is fine, since I want to give it the appearance of old leather, but I'm having a hard time with the shape of it. I'd love the help! ♥ I know my sculptures aren't nearly as pretty or good as my pottery, but I'm still very much a beginner at this handbuilding thing, and I'm getting pretty frustrated at my limitations... I miss throwing a lot. :'(
  6. Soooo, it's been a while. Poor Cap'n Cavy was stuck under moist paper towels and plastic for weeks, but I got reinspired to work on him again these past couple of days. I'd say he's undergone quite a transformation since the last time I posted a progress shot--he was a head, a round body, and two legs with one boot. I still have a ways to go, but am liking this direction. ♥ He stands about 7.5" tall. I'm having a real hard time with this clay body. Clay Art Center of Tacoma's redart with mica is pretty, but lousy for handbuilding, when compared to their seward terracotta. Lesson learned... So, here he is! Remember, he's still not finished! (Hnngh...my poor hands.)
  7. I'm a sad guinea today...I just found out the founder of The Art Spirit gallery, my favorite place, passed away on Dec. 31st from ALS. Guys, he was so awesome. He really liked my work & encouraged me to submit it... I'm really sad...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Roberta12


      So sorry to hear this...sounds like you and the artworld have lost an important light.

    3. Denice


      You can be sad but also thankful that he is no longer trapped in his body. I have had nine relative die of ALS and we are always grateful when they have been set free.

    4. GiselleNo5


      Denice ... nine? Ohhhh. :*( It's a prison at the end. I can't imagine. My grandmother had dementia and my mom basically lost her ten years before she died. But at least my grandma had no idea.

  8. UHHHHH... Dang, son! You`re a cutie-patootie!
  9. Whewie, my paws are SOOORE today. So worth it, though; I made some adorable progress on Cap'n Cavy. His left leg is just about finished! Check out his SWEET lil' boot on my thread! Very proud. ♥

    1. Denice


      I know how you feel I finished glazing a seed pot today that has a butterfly design on it. I started having trouble with my eyes the other day. I am hoping that this bout of optic neuritis doesn't last long.

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Oh, great. You take care of those eyes, lady; they are most precious. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed out about my hands... I guess I had better stick to smaller scale pieces. 7" is too tall for Guinea's busted paws... :'(

  10. Awww, thanks for the kind words. Well, I made the head and body separately. The head is a pinch pot with air holes in the nostrils, mouth, and neck, and the body was pinched, piece by piece, with a hole on top to match the hole under the head. I made the legs separately, too, putting them on with a wad of clay under the body to keep it stable. As for burnishing, nah. My hands are too shot for that kinda work (I have psoriatic arthritis); I just kinda smooth it with my fingers and a small rib. The mica is also still there, but will appear as white flecks once the piece has been glazed. I finished one of his wee little boots last night; OMG ITZ SO KYOOOOOT!! Sorry for the crap quality pic, lol...
  11. Thanks, everyone! @Sheryl: Guinea pigs are ALL my muses! I love them so much! ♥ @Marcia: Sweet; Clay Art Center has lowfire paperclay, so I'll have to get some! More WIPs to come. Avast ye!
  12. Hee. I couldn't wait to go any further before I posted a pic! My hands are fried today, so he probably won't get worked on again until tomorrow, buuuut... Here he is! Cap'n Cavy, the guinea pig pirate! Bear in mind that he is still in a really primitive stage. He'll get a royal pirate treatment by the time I'm done fixing him up! ♥ I think this is the last time I'm gonna build with Clay Art Center's redart with mica. It throws really nicely, but it takes a lot of effort to blend smoothly and isn't as plastic as the Xtra White stuff. Their Seward Terracotta is also more friendly for handbuilding. I've been thinking about trying paperclay, but I'm not sure how well it takes underglaze...I've never used it before, but I hear it's heaven for sculpture. :3 Welp, there you are!
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