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  1. Yep that's the one ... thanks I messaged PDwhite to see what he's up to
  2. If I remember correctly, there was a thread on how to do reduction in an electric kiln by introducing a little propane. I thought I was subscribed to it. I haven't heard from it in a long time and I can't find that thread. If I'm not delusional, can someone point me to that discussion. By the way, I discussed this with Skutt technical support. They thought it was a good strategy to build a bomb
  3. I just dug out a quart of paper clay from the back of my refrigerator. I made it a couple of years ago with wood fiber and a few drops of chlorine bleach. There is not one black spot in it. It smells sweet and is perfectly smooth.
  4. I am the captain of the "Ship of Fools".
  5. Bar's stuff is truly strange. Also being an art welder makes fabrication of gizmos easier.
  6. Thanks for researching that out for me. I looked at some of her other videos and they were so vacuous I didn't pursue it further, though apparently I should have. I was hoping for some more mechanized approach rather than just manually poking holes.I will have to give that some thought since I'm the gizmo guy
  7. Does anyone know how this texture is made? https://wh25pg4ymc-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/j-tavill05.jpg
  8. Travill's work is very interesting. Do you know how she makes that texture with a lot of little different size holes?
  9. Preeta What do you mean by "Personally until the science changes i stay away from glass"?
  10. Thanks for the link. That looks good. I will mix some up and give it a shot. Tony Hansen's pretty amazing guy
  11. All of the cone 6, Supposedly clear glazes, that I've mixed up are a milky white when they get very thick. The best I have found is Laguna WC 520 commercial glaze. Does anyone know of a truly clear glaze?
  12. The pots that I posted pictures of in my cracking platters post were destined to have fused glass decoration. I have tried glass by putting a little colored glass in the bottom of a bowl and firing it in a cone six glaze firing. I've gotten some interesting results. I thought it was time to start using a separate cooler glass fusing firing after the glaze firing. Has anyone experimented with this?
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