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  1. Thanks I found that too. I did not know what that meant for low end. I want to use it at around 1400 with some glass.
  2. What is the lowest firing temperature for Bisque Fix. I tried calling Amaco. I got an answering machine to leave a message. After two weeks there has been no return call. I think they're closed.
  3. I have mine on order from Amazon. I will put this thing together this weekend. thanks for the idea and all the information
  4. I like your idea. However, I am unclear what this thin cloth matt is. Can you describe it in more detail and possibly send a picture?
  5. I assume this technique generates a lot of dust. How do you deal with the dust?
  6. I have always used a wet sponge to clean off bits of glaze on bisqueware that were unwanted. This is often tricky to get exactly what I wanted off and not get smears of the removed glaze. I just found a much easier and faster way to do it. Those rectangular green scouring pads provide more precise control and do not leave any smears. The removed glaze is just powder that can be easily blown off.
  7. This is not a recipe that I came up with. I have doctored it a little trying to reduce the shrinkage that can cause dashed lines versus a smooth continuous line. What I like about it is that you can put texture in the lines you draw and its stays.... it is quite stiff. I will have to dig out a picture of something that I've tried it on.
  8. Here is the recipe for the majolica that I added about 5% Elmers glue to. Recipe: Percent Batch FF 3134 3.80 242 Nepheline Sye. 30.09 1504 EPK 4.20 210 calcinated Dolomite 2.07 103 Whiting 8.49 424 Flint 41.09 2054 I Substitute here Zircopax 9.21 460 Totals: 100.00 % 5000 Gm Also add: alumina Hydrate 20.0 Bentonite 3.00 150 Epsom salts 0.50 25 none ------ I read the Alfred link that you posted. Very interesting. I will have to think about how to use it.
  9. if you don't call majolica glaze,, what's the proper term for the stuff you squirt through cake icing tools to make decorative lines. Thanks for the link to the very interesting article on slime. Can this slime/majolica still be used as majolica decoration. What will happen when I fire it?
  10. my majolica clay was not sticking well to bisque so I added some Elmers glue. Then things got weird. As soon as I mixed it in the majolica became very lumpy grainy and dry. What's going on .Have destroyed my majolica clay or can I thin it out and go ahead and use it with the Elmers. I must say it does take a lot better to the bisque after adding the Elmers.
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