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  1. And practice removing it from a cold kiln before you start.
  2. Pinch pot animals, cookie cutter xmas decorations, book ends (slabs and coil snakes), door plaques.....
  3. What @neilestricksaid, plus. If you do move it, make sure you plug it direct into a socket that is connected to your fuse board. NOT an extension lead. NOT a socket in the garage that is connected to a cable that is connected to ..............
  4. Possibly pictures are too big. Try e-mailing them to yourself first, choosing a smaller size.
  5. Not sure that I understand what you are trying to achieve. Can you post photos? Of what is not working, and what you are after.
  6. As @Mark C. says. they're different to load. For me, putting the shelves into the front loader is harder on my back than bending down to load the top-loader. The shelf is hanging from your fingertips as you put it all the way in, trying not to drop it on the shelf-load below. I own the top-loader, and use the front-loader at the community centre. I prefer the front-loader, just easier to add tiny extras to a lower shelf.
  7. Hi @Didiho Welcome to the forum. When you say it "bubbles", do you mean there are bubbles in the wet glaze? Or on the pot before firing? On on the fired piece?
  8. I drop-slam wedge. Drop the lump onto a concrete paving slab - covered in cloth or heavy duty plastic, then squat to pick it up. Cut in half, slap together, drop, repeat. Clay gets wedged, body gets toned. Proper squats, using legs not back.
  9. Cute, But I had to read @Mark C. explanation of who was who !
  10. I would think that if they have glaze on, you can't stack them. Or, at least I wouldn't, even at low temps.
  11. My kiln is in my greenhouse, and it too is far from a plug. I have it hard-wired into a long length of "arctic-quality" cable, with a caravan plug on the end. My electrician placed a caravan socket on the house wall, wired directly into the fuse board. This way I can roll-out the cable when I need to fire and put it away after. I only fire a few times a year.
  12. This is what I bought, also R type. I've put some pics in my gallery, you might find helpful. Don't seem to have a picture of the new one, but it arrived identical to the old, without the break!! We also, while we were in there, replaced the wire between the thermocouple and the control box. https://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/album/1530-kiln-stuff/
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