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  1. I read, somewhere, some time ago, that it was ok to add 30% reclaim to new slip, and it wouldn't affect it.
  2. I have a magnification app, that lets me magnify, them take a photo. It's very good.
  3. I love slam wedging. Saves the wrists and back. But gives the thighs a good work out, as I drop slam onto a concrete paving slab.
  4. You just have to try them on. Different head and face size, different mask needed. I have a small head and tried lots. Bought a 3M small size half face respirator. I can wear it all day when needed. https://www.screwfix.com/p/3m-6000-series-half-mask-without-filter/8952G?tc=HT3&ds_kid=92700048793290415&ds_rl=1244069&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5auGBhDEARIsAFyNm9GOKDYMAGYT8CTNrxzj7rQhxr7E_eRLF1TwDuiaYaAYa-8hQH2e3gIaAjhMEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. 1. Greenhouse where the pottery started to take over. 2. Electronic controller for third-hand manual kiln.
  6. Ask 10 different people to design a mould for the same object, you'll get 12 different suggestions.
  7. I had the same with an owl mould. Tried water, soap, air. Nothing shifted it. In the end we sawed the foot off, and then put it back together with dowels. It worked fine as a slip-casting mould. We never determined the problem. The master was cast-Iron, and had several coats of sealer and copious amounts of release. Maybe it just likes it's new plaster coat.
  8. Any and every book you can get from a public library. They may be old and use out of date equipment, but you will still learn lots.
  9. I don't throw. I stand for 99% of the time, moving around from this bench to that, finding a tool, stamping my feet to warm them in the winter. Moving in or out of the shade in summer. I sometimes sit when glazing, but not in my studio, only at the centre. I did sit last summer, but only because I put a low table under a gazebo to create shade when it was really bright.
  10. And you could put your clay stilts on top of a kiln shelf post to raise it higher, rather than making a really talk stilt.
  11. How many items are you planning to make? That answer could help with mould decisions. Also, just re-looked at that bowl. Could you make a hump or slump mould and use slabs of clay?
  12. To decide how many pieces a mould needs....... Look at an object, say an apple, orange or banana. The orange, if no dimple only needs 2 pieces. The apple, with a dimple both ends could look like it needs more pieces, but if you turn the apple sideways, and each half of the mould contains a dimple, then it too might only need 2 pieces. Same for the banana. A blackberry, bunch of grapes, or a pineapple - each need many pieces, as the undercuts will get stuck. I find this is the hardest part of mould-making. I've heard that if you shine a torch on one side of
  13. I have a mitre box, the sort used by woodworkers, that I use for cutting. I use it with a very sharp, very thin bladed carving knife.
  14. In my early days, I read whatever I could get from the local library, or was available in the pottery room at the local community centre. Now, I'm more choosy, but most of my reading is this forum, and the rabbit holes (links) provided by everyone here.
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