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  1. Thanks @Callie Beller Diesel I didn't know about selecting a small portion and the pop-up box. That will save a lot of selecting and deleting the unwanted bits.
  2. We use whatever The Range/B'n'Q has for sale. Spray, semi-matte I think, unless you want a really glossy finish. Goes onto ^4 bisque that has been painted with acrylics or stains.
  3. It needs as many pieces as will allow you to remove all the pieces from around the finished item. So, an orange or a banana, for example needs 2 pieces. An apple might need 2 or 3, A mug with a foot ring needs 3 or 4. The more undercuts, the more pieces. The only mouldmaker I know of is in Stoke-onTrent, England!
  4. I know I really should know the answer to this question, but........... How do brick makers manage to fire bricks that are 200mm x 100mm by 80mm or bigger? It must be the nature of the clay? But I can see why @Nicky asked the original question.
  5. Ahh, yes, I can see it now. Definitely viscosity issue. Keep trying, you will get this .
  6. I think they're like the lines the tide leaves on a sandy beach. You need to pour so the slip hits the same spot all the way through. I can't get my head round your mould. Is the mould wavy and the smaller lines are the problem? The red circled area?
  7. Test, test, test. And put cookies/catchers under your test pots, on case you find a combination that runs off the pot.
  8. I use Outlook for e-mail. If I email photos to myself (without actually needing to click send) Outlook asks if I want to reduce the file size. I'm sure other mail programmes are capable of the same.
  9. Here are the three pots I made, glazed using every glaze (^04 commercial) that I could find in my house/studio. They are in alphabetic order until I ran out, then went searching for more. They are slab-built, around 200 mm/8 inches tall. Biggest things I've made, and all three in one week. All fired separately, couldn't get more than one in the kiln at a time. Had some cookie catchers/saucers hanging around so glazed them and put them on the bottom shelf.
  10. Most shops in the UK barely stock jam pot covers, let alone a whole canning aisle. Two nations divided by a common language - lol
  11. As everyone above has said. The other option, with sculptures, is to make it thick (very thick is better), then make a plaster cast of it, and slip-cast a thin version, and fire that.
  12. I always, always measure. "Islands" method is too hit'n'miss for me.
  13. Drill a hole in the point end and suspend like this Thanks to @kswan for the photo/idea.
  14. "Slip" has two meanings: 1) decorating slip 2) casting slip. When you say "use it as a body", are you thinking of throwing with it? Not sure it will be plastic enough.
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