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  1. SO sorry to hear how it went fer you LeeU, Had the same thing happen to me my first time out. Still haven't tried since, and its' been what 4 years now. just took all the wind outa my sails. I don't think anyone understands how hard of a hit that can be. Good luck on your next show graybeard
  2. If it works for you, and it roles out a decent slab and the price wasn't crazy (you didn't say what he wanted for it) I'd go for it. It looks way better than my mop ringer slab roller, but I would make sure it does the job. gbeard
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don't mess with it the fact that is so imperfect makes it more valuable, more rare, you have the one and ONLY one like it. I cant believe you could destroy this thing.
  4. Never happened to me, I use STANDARD CLAY ^6. (can't remember the number) Take care Graybeard
  5. Am I the only one here that is getting a strong feeling that we may be costing someone their job???
  6. FRED, That's cool. I have a OHAUS balance and a pretty old 4 beam Ohaus. On the 4 beam the magnets are on the right end by the pointer, and the balance there are two, 1 on each end just below the stages. I don't use the four beam too often, but it look really cool on the table where I do lapidary. stay safe graybeard
  7. RAE REICH The magnets on a scale help to dampen the movement of the beam (slow the rocking) stay safe graybeard
  8. Hmm, I thought they were made to explode. all the ones I used did. Looks great though! nice job! graybeard
  9. I use a immersion heater I picked up at a feed store, its intended purpose was to keep water troughs for barnyard animals from freezing. they also sell smaller ones for bird baths and outdoor pet dishes. graybeard
  10. OK!!!! thanks everyone I appreciate all the responses, Stay safe Graybeard
  11. Hi all, I was reading hershey8 post about cracks in cup handles, and some folks recommend MAGIC WATER. My question is, What the #*&!$ IS MAGIC WATER???? humbly, Graybeard
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