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  1. Can you post more information about the kiln Thx Graybeard
  2. IT WORKED!!! To all that sent suggestions about mug rims many thanks. I was tending to curl the lips in instead of out so again THANKS Graybeard
  3. Ever stab your hand feeling around in your bucket for a needle tool? I put pipe insulation around the edge of my splash pan and stick my needle tools into the foam. I haven't stabbed my hand since. Graybeard
  4. Callie, Dick. thank you very much! You have answered all my questions. You should teach a class on decals. Thank you thank you. Dick White, no worries my wife is a really great baker, ill send you a cake with a file in it. Many thanks Graybeard
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Min; I dont even know enough about this process to give you an intelligent answer. Graybeard
  6. Damn Mark that is beautiful! So you need a special printer paper and ink cartridges to do this? Sounds like its out my league. Thanks for your help. Graybeard
  7. Hi, I unplug my kiln controller when not in use to protect it from power surges, lightning strikes, and such. Over kill?? I don't know but I sleep better. Stay safe Graybeard
  8. if someone would explain how to use decal paper in ceramics I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time Graybeard
  9. Hey! Wow thanks to all! I think I see where I went wrong, gonna go out to the garage and throw some clay. I will report back in about 12 days. (Depending on the relative humidity of course) Thanks again Graybeard
  10. Wish I could post a pic, I don't how too. All i have is the internet from my phone.
  11. never thought about this very much before but I am doing something wrong with the lips/rims, of my mugs. They just don't feel right, I've tried thick, thin, tilted in, out and straight in line with the side of the mug. All I have left is to use a straw. Help please!! Graybeard
  12. SO sorry to hear how it went fer you LeeU, Had the same thing happen to me my first time out. Still haven't tried since, and its' been what 4 years now. just took all the wind outa my sails. I don't think anyone understands how hard of a hit that can be. Good luck on your next show graybeard
  13. If it works for you, and it roles out a decent slab and the price wasn't crazy (you didn't say what he wanted for it) I'd go for it. It looks way better than my mop ringer slab roller, but I would make sure it does the job. gbeard
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