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  1. I'm not talking about installing a dust collection system, I wasn't that prolific even when I was a lot younger. But my "studio" is basically the third bedroom in my house which has a typical hollow core door with about an inch gap under it and its RIGHT off the kitchen. So. I want to corral the dust. Is there a way to do that with the existing door? And if so how... or should I just get a cheap exterior door installed there with the sweep? I had hoped to be out of here by this time but between pandemics and exploding bathrooms I am stuck where I am for the nonce and must mak
  2. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm learning all sorts of new stuff LOL! Such as why mineral spirits (as a cleaning agent) is better than turpentine, say, so as not to esplode. At least I have some idea of what questions to ask the actual equipment people. I now feel confident to spray paint my house, maybe even the exterior (we'll see) PLUS to finally get a glaze sprayer setup. I guess I'm not too disappointed to realize the two tasks require different equipment, as long as I can get both tasks done, I'm happy. Thanks again.
  3. Which (the fisheye thing) explains what happened to the finish of my current car, LOL!
  4. OK so let's see if I've got it. The airless sprayer is like a mechanical version of a roller. The HPLV type sprayer is like a mechanical version of a brush. If I want to do glazing the airless sprayer will not work well in that application, and likewise the HPLV sprayer will not work well for painting a large expanse of a wall. So I can't really make one type of sprayer do double duty. So looks like I'll go ahead and get the airless sprayer for painting and leave the glaze setup until AFTER I move. Why did I worry about oil in the airstream? Because I was TOLD to, a cou
  5. I'm in the market for a sprayer for glaze AND paint. I've been struggling to paint the interior of my house (I'm old and decrepit and everything takes me FOR EVER) and was not considering a sprayer because why buy a compressor JUST TO PAINT ONE HOUSE. Except ... and I have no idea why it took so long for this to occur to me ... perhaps the aforementioned decrepitude ... I DO have another use for a compressor, eg - GLAZING. So I'm comfortable with the Harbor Freight spray gun (which btw is currently on sale with a coupon for $10) But not so comfortable picking out a compressor.
  6. My plumber objects to that and I think the reason is that it is a 2" drain and should only have one thing at a time draining through there. I think that is what he said - I will have to check. So obviously when the washing machine is draining you are not going to be trying to use the sink (when its a single bowl). But I'll check with him. I didn't think this would be such a big deal. I've been trying for almost 10 years now to get things set up to where I can work. Much longer and I'll be UNDER the clay instead of working with it, LOL!
  7. Well here's the problem - I live in the desert. Leaving things hanging out makes them dirtier with all the sand blowing around all the time. And there is no rain to speak of. So that won't help me here. But its certainly a good idea anywhere you get rain, LOL! The other issue is that I need to bring the washing machine in from the garage as it freezes out there all winter meaning I have to run a heater constantly to keep the water in the pump from freezing. Also I tend to put off going out there to actually do laundry because its freakin' COLD. I find as I age I am much less willin
  8. Well sadly not being able to drain the washing machine through the clay trap means I can only have one or the other. I am not physically capable of schlepping 5 gallon buckets of water around for clay waste, I need to be able to rinse at the sink. Garbage cans would be even worse and in order to "pre-rinse" at least some clay tools I would need something a lot bigger than a 5 gallon paint bucket. I could manage a wringer bucket on wheels (without the wringer) for some pre-rinse, but still need the utility sink with the clay trap. Is there TRULY no solution? I thought the idea was that
  9. I am (FINALLY) getting ready to set up a home studio. I've had the plumber over for a variety of issues in this near-60 year old home that seems to still have nearly all the original plumbing (except the bathroom sink). I have shutoffs that won't budge, etc. But the BIG thing for me is that the former owner moved the washer/dryer/water heater out into the garage. The water heater is not so much a problem - but the washing machine is because I have to run a heater out there to keep it from freezing pretty much all winter. And - they took out the utility sink altogether. I sort of un
  10. I know this was posted months ago but I hope you're still around. When I click the link provided, it takes me to a page that shows 7 different products. I can't tell which one you are referring to. Can you give us the name of the actual filter? Sorry, I can't seem to tell which one would be appropriate. Probably not the "basic" or the one for the room air conditioner, I'm guessing, LOL! Is it the Filtrete Health? That one seems to have the highest Microparticle Performance Rating, which I think means it filters out smaller particles...
  11. Mark - Is this it? http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/12921-clay-sink-drain-solutions-for-mild-climates-my-setup/?hl=%2Bsink+%2Bmark
  12. I use this for lots of stuff. However the manager of a local co-op refused to allow me to bring my hardiboard to use there. He insists that the edges break down and you get junk in your clay. I'm sure this could happen given enough time, but its never happened to me. If I DID see the edges starting to break down and stuff was getting in my clay, I'd throw the board out and get a new one. The stuff is not expensive. Is this a reasonable concern? Honestly it sounds more like what happens to wallboard when people try to use that for drying boards and what not.
  13. I'm no longer young and hale but I STILL don't wedge sitting down - even given the difficulty I have standing. I don't "wedge" the way most people do either. I wire wedge, also known as "stack and slam" http://ceramicartsdaily.org/community/topic/4801-wrist-brace-when-wedgingthrowing/?p=43358 There are videos and more explanation of wire wedging in that thread.
  14. It probably depends on the raku, but we used a white raku and glaze fired to cone 6 (I forget what the normal bisque fire was) - you should probably check with the manufacturer.
  15. I wonder if it's related to the site issues? Try contacting the administrators, maybe this is a new clue for them ...
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