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  1. Thank you everyone! I haven't heard about the dishwasher tablet. I heard about the lemon test. I will look that up. Thanks!
  2. yes, mine was turned on. I will pass it on. Thx again!
  3. I don't claim to be a very knowledgeable potter, but I would probably try to level them using a diamond disk on my pottery wheel, if you have one. That has helped me in the past.
  4. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to share this! Is this posted on Facebook's Clay Buddies group page? If not, I will pass it on to them.
  5. Is gertsley more important when putting the colorant on top of a glaze? I've used it alone as a wash on greenware, bisqued, then clear glazed and that seems ok so far. In the video, he is putting the colourants on plates, so I assume he would have to test for food safety.
  6. what would result from using the oxides mixed with water, but without gertsley borate?
  7. Wow, I can't thank you enough for the time you put into this! I was getting frustrated in my search, probably because of how I went about it. I was looking at "ceramics/safety" and not having much success. You wouldn't think it would be so hard!
  8. Thanks for asking! I slip-trailed then did an oxide wash. Easy and fun to do. ETA It is a loosely designed bamboo leaf btw! I stamped it before slip-trailing.
  9. Ah, thank you! I think I can mind those rules! I experimented with it on one coffee mug and would like to move forward, but was also concerned with food safety since its on the rim. I fired it to cone 6 with a clear glaze over top.
  10. I am interested in using a cobalt oxide wash on leather hard clay but am concerned for my safety as well as food safety. I can't find information on this site, but found enough elsewhere to suggest that I should use it with caution. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thank you for the replies. Just to be clear, with an Envirovent, I should keep the peeps in, but if you are not using a downdraft vent, keep the peep out til 1000 degrees?
  12. Just curious, why the first 1000 degrees? Moisture leaves long before that. Just looking to learn here. TY
  13. that was my question too. Which one to buy. As always, "test, test, test"!
  14. Very nice bowls and helpful advice. Thank you!
  15. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. I'm looking forward to testing your suggestions!
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