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  1. I'd like to jump into this thread to ask a question on elements. One person suggested holding my cone 6 firings for 10 minutes to even the glazes but another said that a 10 minute hold at high temp is really hard on elements. In my research, I found that a hold really just raises heatwork. I would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. I called Skutt regarding my kiln not firing to cone 6. I told them that as a new kiln owner, I called them early on to say it was firing a little hot. They had me press buttons to control that; in hindsight, I suppose a thermocouple reset. So yesterday I asked if I should put it back to factory settings. Instead they told me that after 55 bisque and cone 6 firings, my thermocouple could be bad even tho it looks great. They said I should replace that first and test it with mostly furniture inside for both bisque and glaze. I've heard that Skutt has great customer service so I guess its best to
  3. Thanks Callie. I'll check the rates. I did take the time to work on my mobile site tonight. On my android, it looks better.
  4. Having a degree in nursing, retiring to start a new career, then teaching myself pottery, only to find i need to learn social media and building a website... whew! But thanks for this discussion because I just discovered that Wix has a separate area to tweak the mobile view, so that should improve shortly.
  5. How does one find the COE of a glaze? In my case, with using commercial glazes, I would call the manufacturer, but what if you make your own?
  6. My cone 6 cones only bent to 1:00. When I first got the kiln, I spoke to Skutt because it was firing hot and they coached me through a program change. I was too new at it to fully understand what they did. The mug that crazed, I put a glossy clear glaze on the inside before putting a matte on the outside. I think the inside may have gotten thicker because I was trying to control the pour. The company that makes the glaze states on their website that if its too thick, it can craze. It is rated cone5/6. The clay is cone 6. I think my plan of action will be to call Skutt to guide me in
  7. I do use cones which, as I said, don't bend enough to reach full cone 6, so I either need to pack lighter or increase my hold time. I only have 50 firings on my elements/kiln. I'm obviously self-taught, so I have a lot to learn! Thank you for taking the time to offer guidance.
  8. Wow, there is a lot of helpful info there! My clay and glaze are both cone 6 and probably since I really pack my kiln tight, I dont fully bend the cones. (I hold for 10 minutes)This is a commercial glaze so I'm not sure it's worth trying to adjust it. Perhaps it's time to make my own glaze! Thank you for the knowledge.
  9. I made a set of cone 6 stoneware mugs using a clear glaze inside and out. Over time, only the inside crazed. I'm not sure why that would be. Another question, can crazing happen if the glaze is too thick or is it purely a matter of fit?
  10. Plus, with Pirate Ship the mailman will pick up if it's Priority or First Class. Priority can sometimes be cheaper by weight and the boxes are free. I know i'm stating the obvious for most folks here, but worth mentioning.
  11. I did a 3 year plan with wix which saved a chunk of change. I'm not too shy to negotiate either but tire of having to do it everywhere; phone company, propane dealer etc etc...I'm happy with wix and can't imagine having to learn a new website host! Maybe the learning curve is shorter with each one? I gave a pair of coffee mugs to an an acquaintance for a question/answer session which helped a lot!
  12. Thank you for seeing that page error! I have asked a couple people to look thru it but you caught what was previously missed. I truly appreciate all of the compliments on my work. That keeps my head up! I will definitely work on getting the free Square online platform and other tips I got here. I feel like I made some good friends!
  13. Ugh! My instagram was hacked! The content is still there and friends I asked to check it, can still access it. I know an exceptional artist who completely lost her content and followers. I changed my PW. People can be awful! Thank you for calling that to my attention and for the tips on my website!
  14. I use Wix and they do offer stats with my plan. My bounce rate was high the last time I checked, 73%, ugh! I just checked and upgrading to e-commerce would just be a small price increase. I do send a business card with every purchase altho a bio is a nice touch. I can see how it would help them see me as an individual, as a maker. I'm seeing it better now. As you said, "fewer things in repetition" would probably help me evolve my aesthetic and become more cohesive, as Mea said.
  15. Yes it is time consuming, but necessary, especially since it all works together. You meet potential customers at a show and hopefully they go to your website. Thats a concept I was struggling with; how to get people to go to my website ( in addition to SEO). I'm am going to use all of your tips and increase my exposure through shows and shops and hopefully report back with success, covid willing!
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