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  1. Yup, UPS is not even a thought in my head...it will all have to be flat rate boxes. And thank heavens for flat rate shipping...beyond ceramics it is a life saver out here.
  2. No problem! I ended up going with the smaller L&L equad pro-2327. Of coarse now that I have been stewing on it I wish I had gone with the middle size but it just seemed a too big for my needs and probably is.
  3. I will echo those comments regarding @neilestrick. I recently bought a kiln and while ended up going with a different vendor I just want to empathize how amazing and helpful Neil’s advice, expertise, time etc were invaluable. If I lived on the mainland I would not hesitate to contact him for a new kiln!
  4. GEP I agree to your first point, but that said (as you follow-up with) you can make an effort. The irony is not lost on me about where I live, being depended upon oil on the islands, cost of fuel for everything coming here, packing supplies aside et cetera. That said, when I buy something personally, and it is clear the person went out of there way to make such an effort, it means a lot to me, in fact in many cases it has made me a repeat buyer or I do not mind paying more. I know many people who run their own businesses and actually became even more successful and were/are able to char
  5. Thanks for the responses so far! and ya I did not mean buying new packaging per se but more along the lines of what some have suggested so thank you!
  6. Sorry about that, updated. My situation is compounded by the fact that I am in HI. Thanks for the response.
  7. Hi all, I am a long way off from shipping but just trying to research as much as possible in the interim. can anyone suggest some places that offer great packaging that is eco friendly/biodegradable etc? And is clearly sturdy enough to ensure wares arrive in one piece. I realize this is something that will be costlier most likely but for me it is worth the difference and would love any suggestions or what anyone does in this regard. thanks!
  8. Aloha and mahalo for the feedback on shipping. I agree with you freight is the only way to go really. I am on Kauai and the uni here will also sell clay and I am sure I could get in on an order with them. high fire on the big island does not even ship anymore inter island which is a bummer. Anyway, I am still in a testing clay body mode and thank god for flat rate shipping. Wild that I can pay very little to get 50# sent over the pacific...anyway the local post office probably runs when I walk up bulk glaze materials seems like it’s going to be the same issue but at least that
  9. As someone who has taken a 20 year sabbatical from throwing and just getting back into it (story for another time) I have been testing out pretty much every mid range porcelain I can get my hands on and will give you my advice. I have tried and tested the following frost, hagi, 365, Helios, #17 for me so far the clear winner is 365 but Helios is darn close. That said it is a “cone 7-10) clay so that may take it out of the running for me long term but it is a fantastic clay to work with (super firm but comes alive ). End results of frost are wonderful but it just does not do well
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