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  1. That video makes me think I got a bad batch or something because it looks like it has much more integrity…the black ice I used in no way could even support itself at those heights…and I throw basically dry after centering.
  2. Try and throw black ice porcelain higher than a few inches. incredible end results with glazes but I literally laughed out loud at how obnoxiously hard this clay is to throw. The fact that it is labeled as an “excellent throwing body” makes it all the more funny yet annoying. Even letting it stiffen up does nothing to get it remotely workable on the wheel. So any potter that can throw this any sort of height I would pay to see a video of.
  3. I like their brown bear…doesn’t seem to bloat as much as many other dark clay bodies I have tried.
  4. I could be wrong but that question is usually why when you replace TC or elements you replace them all. It would drive me bonkers if I had a multitude of different aged TCs.
  5. I would look into trying different bat setups so you don’t have to worry about this. High quality bats that you take care of, store properly clean etc will not have the issues you have. Even plastic bats would be better. my .02
  6. Seems like it would be really hard to judge how close or dense to pack things in with a front loader, especially in the back of the kiln? Being able to look down see space, rearrange etc from a birds perspective just seems a bit easier. I say all that but my next kiln would be that Hercules if I could thing just looks so well built and solid.
  7. You could try the drop and soak firing schedule…
  8. Do you use a talisman rotary sieve? That is one of the better tools in my studio that saves me god knows how many headaches when glaze making.
  9. So glazes for eclipse came out great for me, if not amazing for me. I will say I have never had much luck with any mattes on dark clays…unless being super rough is ok with you, every glossy glaze I have turned out great. Still blows my mind the difference a clay body makes on a glaze. The cons to eclipse are it does not fire very smooth like brown bear which just begs to look and admire a well done foot and exposed clay. Eclipse has a much more rough and rustic feel to it. That said it throws incredible which makes sense given the former. Super slow 04 bisque and glazed to cone perfect 6…I should probably test them at 5 given almost all of them suggest they should be but so far no bloating or anything for me on either of those. I am sure the black ice will look stunning and my guess the best out of all of them but it really irks me how soft it is out of the bag and what I am having to do to prepare it to even try. Not to mention it is laughably expensive. Clay should come ready to use IMO. I do want to test standards dark body as Neil suggests, I just wish it were a tad darker. hope that helps, will post some pics later as well.
  10. I have way too many but they all seem to sell so…until that breaks I will keep the variety. It does make the glazing process a bit longer…I think I have 12 glazes now.
  11. Depending on the audience I broke down and finally made a “made in Kauai” stamp as it gave me chills on how tacky it felt. Unreal how much that stamp alone sells a mug haha.
  12. I myself have started playing with dark clay bodies as the come out so stunning. I bought a few bags of eclipse from SPS that I am firing right now actually. I never tried the midnight black but they say this is what replaced it and it is “improved” compared to the old midnight black. Or is that not the case? we shall see how glazes come out but as far as throwing it, it’s wonderful and super easy to throw thin etc. Wet it comes super red and fires to black and might be the messiest clay I have ever worked with. Hoping for some nice results. I do like the results of brown bear but it is pretty annoying to throw vertically…but it takes my glazes fine and the end result is spectacular. I do have a few bags of black ice porcelain to test as well but from how soft it is and the effort to get it to a workable state plus it’s insane cost I can already tell you it will not make the cut for me.
  13. Totally agree Neil…which was the genesis for making a topic about it. I am going to give it some time and see what evolves naturally but I totally agree as well and want my body of work recognizable and associated with me very easily. I see your work and it’s automatic that is a Neil ware, and that is something invaluable. working with galleries has actually helped that with specific asks of what I make, sets, collections etc but the markets of tourists are what get me going in every direction as they don’t frankly care who the artist is per se, they just want xyz that they got in Kauai.
  14. Ya I agree and thank you for the responses. I think it is just engrained in me that having over x glazes is too much along with limiting your body of work. Maybe I am just in that having fun exploring stage still and it will most likely hone itself in. And your right variety sells…still blows my mind how many times I almost leave certain pieces at home thinking who would want that…of coarse those are the first things to sell! price increase is certainly something on my mind but I personally feel they are already a bit high or I should say in the mainland they would be for sure. I am in a very very unique market where it’s always tourists and for quite a few of them price is not a thought in their head…they just walk up with a piece and a credit card. Then again some scoff at a 40-45 dollar mug. That said materials and being in a potter in Hawaii is absurdly expensive for materials, electricity etc. anyway thanks all I think I am just overthinking it.
  15. As far as the full time job, i am working more and harder than any job in my life, I am basically selling out at every market I attend, in quite a few prominent galleries and cannot keep up with demand. I have all but ignored online sales so far as it goes so far locally fast enough. All wonderful problems to have. So I suppose it’s full time in the sense that I do it to make my living pay the bills and then some and it has been going very well from a financial aspect…relatively speaking for ceramics I suppose that adds to the question…maybe I could keep up and be doing better if I was a bit more honed in/disciplined on my body of work, glazes etc…
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