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  1. Neil, it’s the look of the glazes that I don’t like. I am going to do a little experimenting with my bisqued pieces, try underglaze first & then glaze. Well see. Rockhopper, yes noticed that Amaco samples are on buff. The Amaco site which shows layering doesn’t give a lot of info on number of costs for each. Although this craft can be very frustrating, it is the complexity that keeps me engaged. Have a great day everyone!
  2. Thank you Liam, glad to hear I can mimic the speckled clay with manganese. Of course, test, test, test. I have about a dozen pieces bisqued to 06. Wondering if I can brush on white underglazes & then brush on Amaco glazes to get the same or similar look of glazes on B Mix. Is this something that some of you know won’t work, or should I do some tests? And if I try that, should I layer glazes on right after underglazes dry & fire, or should I add underglaze, bisque again then add glaze & fire? Maybe I should have stayed quiet as I’ve done for 4 years.
  3. Liam & Johnny, thank you both for the suggestions. I think I’ll try both & decide what I like best. They both sound like good options. I bought a speckled underglaze a few years ago that I think would have worked great, but think it has been discontinued. Does anyone know of a speckled underglaze or how one might add something to an underglaze to make it look like speckled clay? Liam, if you are willing to share PC layering on B Mix, that would be great, thank you. Betty
  4. Hello Everyone, Before I post my question, which is my first to this site, I'd like to say how much I enjoy and appreciate this forum. What an incredible wealth of information, and such a supportive and generous group of potters. My question/issue......I am using Laguna #50 speckled clay w/manganese and have tested some Amaco Potter's Choice, brushed on. The results have been less than impressive. I made 30+ test tiles of various combos and there weren't any that I like. I tried the same combos on B-Mix and like them. However, I prefer a speckled clay, but that's because I like the appearance of the speckled foot & bottom. Has anyone had success with brushed on Amaco Potter's Choice, Celadon, or High Fire series on Laguna #50 or a similar speckled clay? I did a lot of Googling, but can't find any combos, and I know I will still have to test regardless of recommendations. I am a member at a studio and have access to their glazes where I can dip, but it seems that once someone comes up with a nice combo, everyone else starts using the same combo. I'd like my pots to be glazed a bit different from everyone else. Thanks all. Betty
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