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  1. Why is a "for profit" show or promoter a bad thing? Not trying to start an argument, just don't understand the thought behind this. Show promotion is just another way for a person to make a living. And not for profit or non profit does not guarantee a quality show.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this. I've been reading the forum for almost 5 years and have posted questions just a couple of times. I'm a hobby potter who hops on the wheel about once/week. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate and enjoy this forum. You are a group of incredibly generous, supportive, and respectful artisans/artists/crafters/individuals. I appreciate your insight and support for one another, and enjoy reading your posts. Wishing all a safe and happy 4th. Betty
  3. Thank you Neil, much appreciated. Very useful info! And your work is beautiful. Betty
  4. I'm assuming one needs a subscription to read the article? Used to subscribe, but let it expire. Betty
  5. Hmmm....never heard that before. Thank you, I will try that. Betty
  6. Aah....good point. Thank you everyone for your responses. Betty
  7. Thank you Pres. I guess I will have to come up with some sort of assembly that can be easily added & removed from the wheel since I'm at a members' studio. However, I'm not a great engineer. Maybe one of you retired or semi-retired potters would like to produce one for sale?
  8. Thank you Mark and Benzine. I'll have to figure out a way to design a catch basin. My apologies to Brian Giffin, creator of this product, I realize it's Giffin, not Griffin Grip.
  9. Hi Everyone, I purchased a Giffin Grip and although I like how it secures my pots for trimming, I find the splash pan is useless for catching the clay scraps, so they wind up all over the floor. I work off of a Brent wheel. I am in a member studio and had to sweep up my mess, which I know is not suggested. I tried to just sweep up the scraps & not stir up any residual clay dust, but that's hard to do. How do others catch the scraps? I don't want to go back to the "wads of clay anchoring technique". Thank you, Betty
  10. Hi All, Does anyone have a pic of a mug or pot that has been smoothed out, or shined up with a diamond pad? Thank you, Betty
  11. Kristen, how timely, thank you for sharing the article! I am a fan of your work, it's beautiful. Betty
  12. Thank you everyone for your responses. I assumed that compensation would be all over the place. This is a good info, a good starting place. Betty
  13. I apologize, not sure I did a very good job of asking the question because it seems to have taken a turn in a different direction. I am interested to find out how much, or how, an instructor is compensated in either a private or community studio for teaching for example a six session pottery class or a workshop, not someone who is donating their time to a non-profit or philanthropic organization. Rather, a working potter/artist/instructor who either makes their living off of or supplementing their income with teaching. I'm assuming there are folks who are active on this forum who either teach or own a studio who have this knowledge. I am trying to gather this info for a project and in hopes of incorporating it into a business plan. Thank you, Betty
  14. Hi All, Doing some research for a project and wondering if anyone can provide insight please. How are class or workshop instructors in private or community studios typically paid? Is it typically a percent of revenue generated from the class or workshop, an hourly rate, or some other method? I'm am not referring to instructors who are employed by the studio but rather those who teach a class or workshop here and there. And maybe there isn't a standard or a "typical" method to compensate? Regarding travel and/or lodging, does the studio pick up or reimburse for any travel or lodging? Thank you, Betty
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