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  1. Hello Lindsay, My first (and only) kiln is only 2.7 or 2.9 cu ft and it's just too small. I wish I had purchased something maybe twice the size, but not much bigger. I am a hobby potter and don't produce very much, but my kiln is just too small. Maybe it's because I don't fire often, so I have full loads, but I can never fit everything in that I want to glaze fire. Betty
  2. Thank you for your response Neil. It is flashing slip which I dipped . Do I have to clean off the bottom of the pots? Since it's slip, it won't stick, right? I know that the best resource is the studio where I am having my worked fired, but they are not there on weekends. Betty
  3. Hello All, I have the opportunity to participate in a soda firing, this will be my first experience. I'm wondering if anyone can give me any tips on applying the slip? What tips or techniques have worked for you, or what hasn't? Thank you, Betty
  4. Hello Nabila, I recently took a weekend workshop with Tom Hoadely https://thomashoadley.com who does beautiful nerekomi work. I believe that he spent time in Japan although I think it was years if not decades ago. I only know him from the workshop & it was just two days, so I can't facilitate any connection between the two off you, but maybe if you reach out to him via his website he can point you in the right direction. Betty
  5. I don't have any tips on how to approach the owners, but I feel your pain. I was in a similar situation. I felt very torn because there weren't any alternatives, no other studios locally that had membership. I didn't say anything because I felt like it would fall on deaf ears and I was there for not just use of the studio, but to be with other potters. Good luck with this issue.
  6. Clay and Comfort, I feel your pain. I echo what Callie said. I started playing with clay four years ago and kept giving up on throwing. I took several classes with several different teachers and it seems that they all had different ways of throwing and different tips. I finally found what works best for me, which is to use a sponge to guide my right hand/outside hand. Betty
  7. My Giffin Grip loosens, I've learned that I need to tighten it every so often. I have a Shimpo VL Whisper Wheel and someone said that the Giffin Grip can be a problem with this wheel. Personally, I would rather stop & tighten it than trim without it. I know that my response didn't help to solve your problem...sorry, but unless someone has a solution, it might just a be a matter of recognizing that you have to stop and tighten it every once in awhile.
  8. Hello Pres, I have a question for you, or for our viewers. If this topic has been discussed ad nauseam then I understand if you skip it, but it's something I think about. Question: To wedge or not to wedge? Do you wedge clay when it comes straight from a bag or pug mill? If you do wedge, why? Maybe you wedge for the following? a) It's what I was taught and I can't get my instructor's voice out of your head? b) I'm a little OCD, I can't sit down at the wheel until I've repeated my wedging "x" number of times. c) There is scientific proof that one must wedge! d) Nope, don't wedge, waste of time and my pots turn out beautifully! e) Other...please enlighten us.
  9. Genius! Thank you for sharing. Betty
  10. I am not a very experienced potter, but have been learning on mid range, cone 6, so that's what I buy. I have stayed away from low fire because I've read repeatedly that low fire isn't as durable as mid range. I imagine it might be durable enough because a lot of well known potters use it. Betty
  11. Thank you for the link to the interesting article Min. I chose to try out the standing wheel at the studio. I am taking a class there and there are only two more. I have my own wheel at home, I just need to find the Goldilocks position for myself. dhPotter, thank you for sharing a picture of your setup. Betty
  12. Min, I like your hand control. dhPotter, can you please share a picture of your set up? I have been throwing standing up recently and find it throws my back off balance and is uncomfortable. It's not my wheel, it's at a studio where I am taking a class, so I don't have any options for changing the set up. But, as someone who has a very long history of back problems, I find that this set up without accommodations for my uneven posture just doesn't work for me. Is anyone else willing to share picture of their set up?
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