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  1. Go figure! We tried to give away a worn leather couch a few years ago on Craigslist, no takers. My husband then listed it for $200. and he immediately had inquires, and it sold very quickly.
  2. Oldlady, if you are trying to do what I think you are trying to do, then this is an ingenious solution. I hope that you will keep us posted and show us what you come up with. Betty
  3. Rick, that quite often happens to me, but it's not always the result of high hopes, but instead I just envisioned the results to be different. Betty
  4. I'm enjoying reading everyone's responses. When I thought of this question, I wasn't necessarily looking for personal advice, but rather hoped that it would be thought provoking while at the same time provide insight to hobby potters and it has. Sorce, I agree with your response. Betty
  5. Thank you for the scoop suggestion Mark. Hulk, I get you.....wink, wink. When looking at Glazy, I was specifically looking at recipes that had reviews. Callie, thank you for the suggestion on base glazes. I have visited Digitalfire and will revisit for more info. I took a glaze workshop and helped to mix glazes at a studio, but that was just one time. Thought it was now time to try it on my own, but realize that there is still so much to be learned. I knew that if I posted my question I would get a some great advice. Thank you again!
  6. Love her entrepreneurial spirit! Maybe she'll be on Shark Tank. Betty
  7. Sorce, do you have some favorite recipes from Glazy.com? Are you suggesting I can become the Cobalt Queen? Betty
  8. Thank you everyone for chiming in. I knew that I would receive some sage advice. Part of my reason for asking if I should have a basic inventory so to speak, is to avoid having to take time off from my job and drive an hour to pick up one or two items. I think I will find a few glazes that I like and then buy the items that I need. Betty
  9. Thank you Callie and Mea. I was trying to approach this as I would a baker or cook, find the recipe, and then buy the ingredients, but didn't know if I there were basic ingredients that I should purchase. Betty
  10. Hi All, I'd like to start making my own glazes and wondering if you can suggest what raw materials to have on hand, sort of a basic inventory so that I can make a few glazes. Or do you recommend that I find a couple of glazes that I like and then purchase the raw materials that I need for those specific glazes? Ceramic Monthly provides this list. https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Glaze-Ingredients.pdf And I found this much shorter inventory on a site and I recognize that this list might be based on many of the glaze recipes on her site. Silica, EPK
  11. I would just replace the mug and not ask for the broken one back. Although you will be explaining to the customer that you want to learn from the broken mug, you also risk them thinking that you are placing blame (even if they are the reason for the handle falling off). I bought a mug about 5 yrs ago from a well known, well respected, experience potter and it leaked the first time I used it. He willingly took it back and gave me a replacement, but I felt like he was blaming me, he inferred that I "bumped" it on something. Well I didn't bump it, and although I appreciated him giving me a
  12. It wasn't the size of the pieces, it was number of items that I wanted to fire.
  13. Like you I am a hobby potter. I bought a small L & L Hot Kiln about 4 yrs ago, it's just 2.6 cubic feet, it's the short model, easier to load. So that you can imagine what that means in terms of size, I can fire five mugs per shelf at a time. I think for many people on this forum, my kiln would not be adequate. That's all that I need most of the times, although a few times I could have used something just slightly bigger.
  14. Pottery workshops!!! I can't put enough exclamation points after my response. I am so excited to be registering for workshops. I don't have oodles of disposable income for workshops, but with no vacations, no workshops and minimal work travel during 2020, I can afford a couple of workshops in 2021 that I can drive to. Betty
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