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  1. I stand corrected, Dirtball indicated having enough money to live off of for 1.5 yrs.....oops, sorry. Somehow I missed that Neil.
  2. I've been reading this post with interest. I think a number of assumptions were made about the poster Dirtball. Unless I missed this, age and amount of retirement funds were not included in the post. For all we know, Dirtball is of the age where he/she will not pay a hefty penalty for drawing on his/her retirement accounts and has adequate funds to build a dream studio, house, etc and live comfortably on the remaining funds. In the original post, he/she asked one question, "do you think a year is long enough to get things off the ground?" Dirtball, please let us know what you deci
  3. Earth and Fire, thank you! I think that's one of the few Potter's Choice that I don't have, but after looking at other pots with this glaze, I may have to purchase it. Beautiful colors Johnny! Time to test, test, test. Thank you!
  4. I stand corrected Robert. I meant to type Amaco glazes, but typed stains. I was working with Mason stains yesterday, so had stains on my mind. I will check out Pinterest, thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Aah Liam, thanks!! I have all three of those glazes. Betty
  6. Babs, no I haven't looked on Glazy.org to try to find this combo, but will check it out. I use stoneware and porcelain and fire to cone 5-6 in an electric kiln. Liam, beautiful colors, thank you for sharing. Rockhopper, I wondered if they are Amaco stains. I have several of the Potter's Choice glazes and the blues featured could very well be Amaco stains. Betty
  7. Hello, I follow a potter on Instagram which creates some beautiful colors. I've reached out to her a couple of times to ask if she mixes her own glazes or if they are commercial and unfortunately she does not respond. I understand that not everyone wants to share their secrets, but wondering if anyone can tell me if they know of any commercial glazes which create these purples and blues. If you don't know of commercial glazes, do you have recipes for similar glazes? Thank you so much.
  8. Johnny, beautiful work and kudos to you! Best, Betty
  9. Hello Anava, Can you tell us where you are located? Maybe someone on the forum can offer firing and also provide info about classes/workshops in your area. Betty
  10. Hello, Is your wheel still available and what are you asking for it? Thank you, Betty
  11. Why is a "for profit" show or promoter a bad thing? Not trying to start an argument, just don't understand the thought behind this. Show promotion is just another way for a person to make a living. And not for profit or non profit does not guarantee a quality show.
  12. Wasn't sure where to post this. I've been reading the forum for almost 5 years and have posted questions just a couple of times. I'm a hobby potter who hops on the wheel about once/week. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate and enjoy this forum. You are a group of incredibly generous, supportive, and respectful artisans/artists/crafters/individuals. I appreciate your insight and support for one another, and enjoy reading your posts. Wishing all a safe and happy 4th. Betty
  13. Thank you Neil, much appreciated. Very useful info! And your work is beautiful. Betty
  14. I'm assuming one needs a subscription to read the article? Used to subscribe, but let it expire. Betty
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