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  1. Hi All, I found a used Skutt 3 phase to purchase, but am currently looking for studio space and concerned that I can only use 1 phase. Does anyone have any idea what this would cost for the conversion if necessary? Thank you, Betty
  2. I can't offer any solutions, but feel sad for you. I sometimes use Amaco PC glazes. I bisque to 06, fire to 6, happy with results for the most part. Yes, need to put on thick coats, but also test to see which ones are really runny. Good luck! Betty
  3. Lee, do these shelves not require kiln wash? If so, I think I'm sold. Nice to see how easily they it cleaned up. Betty
  4. After reading what I felt were constructive and thoughtful comments about your website, I decided to visit it again. Maybe someone already pointed this out and/or you are aware of this, when one clicks on the individual pieces, there is neither a description of the product or instructions on how to purchase it.
  5. I can't give you advice on selling, I am a hobby potter, but would like to tell you that your work is beautiful.
  6. If you are going to operate as a sole proprietor, make sure that you have adequate liability insurance. Your personal assets (house, cash, etc.) will not be protected as a sole proprietor if there is a judgement against your business.
  7. Sorce, we've become a very guarded and critical society. I fear that I am often not PC, but who can keep up with changes in acceptable labels. I just hope that people will cut me some slack when I make a mistake.
  8. EarthandWater, I can't give you an answer, but want to say how very kind, and sensitive of you to consider this. Betty
  9. Cath, I vote yes for a table top slab roller. I have a North Star. I don't regret this investment. To move the rolled out clay, I simply place a board over the clay and flip the canvas over. Betty
  10. Ha...when I opened this post, I expected you to say you are in your 80s. You're never too old. I found clay 5 yrs ago, in my late 50s. You will grow older regardless of whether or not you choose pottery, or any other craft. At age 34 you might think that you are "older," but you're still very young. Do expect putting in a significant amount of time, but go for it and have fun, fun, fun! Betty
  11. Lee, you'll have to let us know what you think of them. Betty
  12. I purchased my L & L Easy Fire kiln with 3" bricks from Sheffield. I purchase glaze, tools, etc from Sheffield. I don't buy clay from them because I can purchase closer to home and pick it up in person. I have always been happy with Sheffield's service. Neil gave me some good advice before I bought my kiln as well.
  13. Standard lists 181 and 182 as cone 6-10 clays. The studio where I started my clay journey always fired it to cone 6. So that makes me wonder, when a clay is listed cone 6-10, does that mean it's better to fire at the higher temperature?
  14. Lee, you are not that far from Portland Pottery, right? They have both Laguna and Standard clays. Have you tried either the Laguna 65 smooth or 66 with sand, or Standard 181 without grog or 182 with grog? Both white stoneware. I've used both for slab work. I like all of them. Betty
  15. I stand corrected, Dirtball indicated having enough money to live off of for 1.5 yrs.....oops, sorry. Somehow I missed that Neil.
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