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Found 15 results

  1. I work with a stoneware body for Raku. I use a cone 10 body and sometimes a cone 5 body. I add kyanite and grog. Generally, I am hand building as opposed to slab building. I like what I read about paper clay. I see people dipping, pouring. slab building but not sure if it fits my approach. I also like to use texture, and sometimes fine detail. I like that paper adds strength. What about plasticity? I like that it can be used to patch cracks and possibly help mend breaks even on bisque ware. Really? If I had a paper clay made from the same clay I raku with would it be possible to use that on green ware cracks prior to firing? After first firing? That alone would make it very interesting. If both clay bodies share a parent body could I mix the two? Knead them together? Is there a paper clay designed for raku? I was reading some of the articles with Jerry Bennett, he mentioned a fiber that is sometimes used with Raku, can not quiet remember what he called it. I looked it up online might be in the hemp family. Not sure. Very intrigued just not sure how to approach it. I can see how it would be beneficial for wall pieces. Less weight. I would appreciate feedback and insight on what might be possible. Thanks Terri
  2. I've been doing clay for a while now, so not a total noob, but have had my biggest disaster in clay to date. I have to admit I have not done a ton of hand building in the last few years, but have done enough to know the basics. I was hand-building some larger pieces. Scored and slip attachments to sides. (The same way I have scored for ten years without having issues.) I dried them very slowly under plastic, as I live in northern Arizona and things dry way too fast here. They were built with Laguna's Rod's Bod. I built each piece one at a time, during the day, so the slabs would be close to the same moisture. I throw out my slabs for each piece all at one time, by hand, and finish by rolling them between dow rods to get thickness relatively close. I kept extra slabs covered while working on the main piece. The only thing I can think that may have had an effect was that I let these dry in my garage. (We just moved into this house, so I consider this a variable I haven't dealt with before. In my last house, I dried my hand built items inside the house, and had no issues.) My garage is not heated, but attached to the house, so it never got below 45 degrees F. But the temperature ranged from probably 70 F in the day to 45 F at night. It never fell below freezing, though. Everything looked fine, but when they were bisque fired, most of the attachments fell off. (see photos) Could the range of drying temperature have cause my problem? I am racking my brain trying to figure this out. Please help...
  3. From the album: 2017 Stuff

    The final result of my first animal head sculpture. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out--as you can imagine, I was sweating when this piece was in the kiln!! My fella, its intended and current owner, was extremely happy when he got it for Christmas. <3 Sculpted from Clay Art Center (of Tacoma)'s Xtra White lowfire earthenware, painted with Amaco, Mayco, Duncan, and Clay Art Center underglaze, fired to ^03.

    © Me and my fella

  4. From the album: Custom Mugs and Commission Concepts

    I have my share of commercially produced stamps (particularly logos and finely detailed items), but I still enjoy sitting in an easy chair with my feet-up and carving clay stamps to be used on various projects. It is an exercise of patience for me and a learning experience to be aware of when the clay tells me that its OK to carve/cut/trim. I've wondered before if an exhibit of clay artist's bisque stamps might be a fun thing to organize.

    © Copyright 2016 - Paul M. Chenoweth - Nashville, Tennessee USA - All rights reserved.

  5. From the album: Fun Fun Fun

    These are really fun pieces called Yard Birds. Each one is hand painted with fun whimsical floral designs.

    © Pottery by Penny

  6. From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    I made this as a depiction of the loneliness and isolation a rabbit in an outdoor hutch feels. I am a fierce advocate of the House Rabbit Society's philosophy. Rabbits are my life, and it is my dream to see them all in loving homes as members of the family. Cone ten reduction, 13" tall. Heavy as a boat anchor.

    © Sarah Alderete

  7. LeeU


    From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Embellished with bead and micro-dust glitter.
  8. LeeU


    From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Table piece embellished with beads, jewelry findings, and micro-dust glitter.

    © Lee Ustinich-Two Steps Forward

  9. From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Looking through the box back; basis for my stylized logo

    © Lee Ustinich-Two Steps Forward

  10. LeeU


    From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    L is outside of box base; R is the inside of the lid embellished with bead.
  11. LeeU


    From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Embellished with jewelry findings.
  12. From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Embellished with plastic mesh grid and bead.
  13. LeeU


    From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Table piece with single edge of micro-dust glitter.
  14. LeeU


    From the album: LeeU 12-15 Cut and Ripped Slab Pieces

    Table piece embellished with two beads.
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