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  1. When I was in high school did our Raku in our class room, we pulled the pieces out of the one electric kiln the school had and put them in a galvanized bucket filled with newspapers and put a lid on it. There was a big sink nearby and they were taken out of the bucket and washed while they were still hot. This is the same teacher you left the kiln on all night and melted his pots all over the shelves. He burned down the clay classroom a few years after I graduated, the board of education had a huge gas kiln brought in to replace the small electric kiln lost in the fire. He must of fired it on the weekends, I can't imagine firing a gas kiln around students during class. Denice
  2. A few years ago I made a large bubbler fountain that was in two pieces and each half barely fit in my kiln. I took all the rings off the kiln, placed the pot on a shelf on the bottom and then put the kilns back together. I did this four times because I bisque and glazed them, I believe it took about a month to dry and it was a little over a inch thick. I live in Kansas and it is humid and dry, my studio is air conditioned that probably helped. Denice
  3. Marc I had decide to live with my right hand for now, my MS is messing with my left hand. It is numb about a third of the day, a common problem with MS, you loose your ability to carry or hold things. I am hoping this is just a relapse, I had one finger with arthritis in this hand it doesn't hurt at all now. I would rather have the pain and full use of my hand. Denice
  4. My studio has the same kiln with a sitter, I have never fired my bisque that fast. I also do a slow cool, I have a smaller kiln that I can start filling while the Skutt cools. I use a dual Skutt pyrometer in my glaze firings to keep track of it and make any adjustments I need to keep a even firing. My smaller Paragon finally died several years ago and I thought I could get along without it. I was wrong, I could produce more pots having two kilns to work from and keep the work flow I was use to. Denice
  5. I would make a new batch and mark your miss mix as clear. I find it handy to have some clear ready to use. Denice
  6. Your kiln sitter probably needs adjustment, I fire three different kilns and they all need adjusting periodically. It doesn't take much for a worn element to affect your glazes. My big Skutt was taking way to long to get up to C6 so I had my husband check my elements. The meter readings weren't that far off from the Skutt chart, I had him replace the elements despite his protest. It started working like a new kiln, he even admitted I was right. This was his first time working on kilns, I had them fixed by Evans Ceramics in the past, he has started working on more fix it projects since he retired. Denice
  7. I did glass casting with recycled glass, I was melting it into bisque molds. I had to do a lot of testing to find the right schedule and firing temperature and annealing process. One thing I did find is that most bottle glass is tempered and will slump but takes a high temp to melt. I use crushed window glass for a blue green glass and cheap clear glasses from the Goodwill store for my clear. The thicker the castings the harder it is to fire and anneal correctly, my castings are a inch thick and it took 21 hours and that was as fast as I could go. Denice
  8. My husband and I are still sheltering in, we are close to seventy and have health problems that put us at a higher risk. We have gone out to a late breakfast several times because the restaurant didn't have any customers. The last one we ate at was pretty bad so we have decided to keep eating at home or carry out. Kansas had moved into stage 3 but several counties were recommended to stay in stage 2, ours was one of them. We wear masks when we are out and do all of the other safety practices. All of the big festivals around this area have been canceled. is is going to be pretty quiet around here for awhile. Denice
  9. If they are plaster you should be able to scrape some easily off the bottom, I can tell if something is plaster by smelling it. The paint on the statues might keep it from having that distinctive plaster smell. Denice
  10. I have been using a Skutt dual pyrometer set up for twelve years, I wanted something I could use in several different kilns. You can't program it like a digital kiln but you can do a hold or a slow cool very accurately. I just finished a project of thick glass casting in molds, I only had one out of eighty that didn't anneal properly, it cracked several weeks after the firing. It took a lot of tests to get the firing schedule right, once I figured that out I knew when I had to be watching the kiln and adjusting the temperature. Denice
  11. I have had sulfur stain change the color on a matt glazes ever so slightly firing to C6. I started cleaning my pots with a dry microfiber cloth and then going over the piece lightly with a sponge and distilled water. The sulfur problem was pretty bad, it was worth buying distilled water at a dollar per gallon. Denice
  12. Kansas City is about a 2 hour drive from Wichita when and if I decide to have another go at getting it fixed I will try to get a referral. Denice
  13. I fired a large bubbler fountain in my Skutt 1027, I made it in two piece. I took the rings off of the kiln and place one half of the fountain on the bottom of the kiln and then put the rings back on it. It was a tight fit on the bisque firing. Layering the rings was much easier on the glaze firing because of the shrinkage. My poor husband had to help me. it was too heavy to lift by myself and we had to do the whole process four times. I apologized to my husband and told him I would try to keep the size of my work under control. He said he didn't mind helping and he knew that I liked to work large and it would happen again someday. Denice
  14. I don't have the same problem but I am the same age. I had carpal tunnel surgery and flip finger surgery last September and still haven't completely healed. My wrist scar swells up and shoots pains into my wrist and palm if i use it to much. My finger is either curled up in the morning or hurting and stiff until it is warmed up. My husband wants me to see another hand doctor. I am going to give it some more time to heal. Denice
  15. Like everyone else I have seen my share of kiln disasters. The worse one was the year I was graduating from college, it was the last firing for the year. A friend had begged the master students to put some of her pots in the firing. Some how she had gotten some low fire clay mixed in, her pieces on the top shelf melted and ran down the pots below. I am not sure if every piece was ruined but it sure looked like it. I didn't have any work in it I had already started working with C5/6 oxidation and usually fired at home. A few month later I came home to find a dozen 5 gal buckets of dried up clay sitting in my driveway. She had left a note saying she was giving up clay. I called her and asked what cone the clay was and she said she didn't know. Fortunately we had a area in our yard that always need fill because of a creek. Denice
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