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  1. Another plus about slam wedging is that you wedge up 25lbs of clay at one slamming session. I wished I had known about it earlier in my career, my hand doctor wants to operate on my right wrist again. I left wrist just finished healing from my surgery last November. Denice
  2. I use the slam method to wedge up my clay if needed, what cone of clay are you working with. I work with C5/6 and find that the blocks of clay are real stiff, slamming them will soften it up. I discovered that when you put the block of clay in a 5 gal bucket of water over night it will be the perfect consistency for throwing in the morning. No slamming needed, the open plastic end on the clay should stay above the water level. Denice
  3. I never considered welding my own slab roller. My husband likes welding but isn't that good at it, he decided he needed a better welder. He bought new one a couple of years ago and hasn't used it yet. I took welding in college, my teacher said I was good at it but I didn't like it. Maybe I should start using that new welder. Denice
  4. My big Skutt was my most expensive purchase, it was used but needed elements and a new cord. My Bailey slab roller with the added cost of building a table for it was second. My new AIM test kiln and Brent wheel were about the same price as the slab roller. Best buy for the money was the slab roller, I have used it more than any of the other equipment. I have never had to fix it and it works like a new one, I could sell it easily for the money I have in it. I will probably keep it until I kick the bucket, people will be walking past it at my estate sale wondering what in the heck
  5. If you have snap on lids that are hard to remove you can buy a tool at a paint store that makes it a lot easier, gentle on your hands. I got one as a gift, it is yellow heavy plastic L shaped with a pry type edge on one end. It is made for removing 5 gal lids, they are inexpensive. Denice
  6. It is also great for using to trim wallpaper, hold the smoother against the ceiling tightly and cut along the edge with your sharp wallpaper knife. I have never thought of using it with plaster or clay, I think I have one in storage if not they are inexpensive. Another great thing you will find in a wallpaper store is a plastic and mesh strainer, fits on a 5 gal bucket and cost a few dollars. They make it for painters to pour paint through when they are mixing (booking) several gallons of paint together. Works great for your first pour when you make 5 gallons of glaze. You never
  7. Sit for throwing, mostly standing for hand building, usually up and down like a yo yo. Use to sit a lot because of my bad feet, now that I am older everything hurts so I just keep moving. Denice
  8. I tested a lot of different tiles, I only had the one tile I thought hung on to the glaze. It was probably a C5 or 6 red clay body and looked like it was a typical powder press. The glaze was a satin black. Denice
  9. Did you put any grog on the shelves so the tiles could shrink and slide on it with very little stress. The rectangle you have carved out of the back could be causing it, some clay's are very picky about changing thickness. You may need to change your clay to one that has more body to it and can handle the stress. I made a mural with a clay body that looked like your photo, I tried every fix I could think of I still got cracks from the edges. Next mural I changed clay bodies, I didn't have problems with stress cracks. Denice
  10. Many years ago I did some experimenting with glazing factory tiles and porcelain dishes. Low fire glazes did well on the tiles but the low fire glazes had a problem on the dishes, it show up about a year after I did the test. The glaze looked nice but starting popping off the dish. I had the dishes placed around the room on a high shelf, I was working away when I started hearing this pinging noise. I looked up and it looked like pieces of glass flying through the air, I got out of there. When it stopped I figured out it was glaze not glass from the dishes, I cleaned up the mess a
  11. If you have a return air vent in your room it could pull dusty air into your ventilation system. You could tape some heavy plastic over it and open a window if the air seems dusty. You could also add a extra foam seal around your entrance door. I am almost 69 and have been in dusty situations my whole like. I was born and live in Kansas a dry windy dusty state, I worked in two different dental labs, extremely dusty and I have been working with clay for 50 years. My lungs are in great shape. Denice
  12. The supplier that sells poured green ware would put it in a box and fill it with shredded newspapers. I think newspapers are harder to find so you might drop by a store and find out how they handle it. One time I took some glazed sculpture pots with very delicate appendages on the to a gallery. Instead of trying to pack them I put a egg crate mattress topper in the back of my husbands truck. If they acted like they would roll I would wedge some foam around them. The thicker the egg crate mattress is the more cush you will have. A used kiln was the first thing I bought for my st
  13. I also love buying historical books about art. When I find them at a estate sale it is like finding a treasure trove, they are coming down in price now because younger people just want to look it up on the internet. I have quit buying so many books recently , having two estate sales after my mother in-laws death I realized I need to downsize my stuff. Denice
  14. If I have a interest in a technique that I haven't tried yet I will check it out video's on-line first and make sure it is something I want to delve deeper into. My next step is to start investigating books on-line on the subject. I will start out with one or two books and may order more later. Our local library stopped expanding it's art book collection, they said not that many people checked them out. I don,t mind buying books, no one would write them if people didn't purchase them. Denice
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