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  1. Last day at the physical therapist, still need more healing time to have a decent grip but I think I can handle cleaning my studio. I have a mural to make in the near future so I will spend time sketching. My studio is hard to warm up on really cold days so having a design project is good. I have a feeling that winter is about over in Kansas, dandelions and new grass are popping up all over. Denice
  2. I have been using a dual Skutt pyro for 15 years, it is easy to use and makes holding and down firing a breeze. My kilns are old enough I have a metal rod that I use to push the metal button back in, then I gently lower the trip arm. Most holds are no longer than a half hour so you don't have to babysit the kiln very long. I go out to my studio when it is time for it to click, the temperature drops quickly so you need to be close by and get it turned back on. Many glaze formula's will give you the temperature and length of hold you will need for that particular glaze. Denice
  3. The temp you will be firing to will eliminate any mold. I would scrub your cover and take a wire brush to the rusted areas, you could hit it with some high temp engine paint. Denice
  4. It sounds like you kiln needs a check up, maybe some new elements. If I have a load take over 12 hours I start checking my elements, all of your elements can turn red but still need to be replaced. They are worn out and not producing enough heat, every time I buy a used kiln I plan on replacing the wires. Denice
  5. When I built my current studio I put in a ceiling exhaust fan, a window and down draft vent. I thought I would work more in my studio while I was firing . My old studio wasn't so well ventilated so I would just check the kiln and work on household chores throughout the day. Ten years later I am still doing chores while I am firing, I decided I liked the routine of cleaning and firing. I am not a great housekeeper so having a routine keeps my house in livable condition. Before you spend the money on a overhead hood consider your upcoming lifestyle changes. I was offered a hood f
  6. I peeked in on the liner tile firing this morning, they looked great. I am going to have my husband help me unload the kiln tomorrow. I loaded it myself and made my hand that I had the surgery on recently swell up. Ice pack took care of it, but I am going to try not to push it for a while. Denice
  7. It is just a bisque so you can let is run awhile and see how high you can take it. Let the forum know what temperature you got your bisque fired to, maybe it will be fired enough that your students can go ahead and glaze while you fix the kiln. Bisque can always be refired, students can be pretty understanding when equipment breaks it happens to everyone. Denice
  8. I was sorting some bisque test tiles the other day and ran across some liner tiles that I had a made years ago. I am pretty sure the clay is C5. I am going to glaze a few and fire them in my test kiln. I haven't had low fire clay in my studio for at least 30 years, who knows how long they have been in the bottom of the box. It is better to be safe than sorry. Denice
  9. That's what it feel like to be retired, I had my husband retired as soon as we could afford it. The company he worked for was going to kill him. His boss retired so he had to cover his work, the hazmat personnel was fired another job for Stu. Millions of questions to answer from amusement ride owners and government officials and when he had some time he could do his actual job of technical publication, writing the huge manuals that went out with each ride. He has been retired for two years finished restoring a rusty 74 Challenger last spring . January he started working on a man c
  10. I need to look into making french presses, my son will only make his coffee with a french press. He is somewhat a fanatic when it comes to coffee, he orders green coffee beans and roast them himself. If he asks you if want a cup of coffee just say no, it will be a couple of hours before he is finished making it. He had me make him two part shaving mugs that held hot water in the bottom and the shaving cream was made in the next layer. The hot water kept the shaving cream warm and this made it easier to shave a heavy beard. I made him musical pots when we was in high school and a
  11. If I ever get my hands working again I would like to start throwing, my ultimate goal would be making teapots. I have always found them to be challenging and I like pushing clay to its limit. Denice
  12. When I roll a slab this size on my Bailey the first slab through is much thicker, it is easier to handle but it is still heavy. My final thickness is a half inch, I don't like working with thinner clay when hand building, A practice roll will tell you how much you will need. I am guessing around a half of bag. Denice
  13. Our family just mail a memorial flag box with my father in-laws World War info and memorbilia , he was a navigator with a troop carrier unit. He was stationed in England and in honor of his group they have opened a museum. It cost $60 to have it packaged and $240 freight, it was probably a 2x2x1 foot package. Minimum insurance on it, hard to price memories and the additional insurance was outrageous. Denice
  14. Marc C found one for me on EBay, he knew I was still using a kick wheel and needed to switch to a electric. Bad knees was slowing my kicking speed. It was a pick up only in my home town, even told me a fair price to offer the seller. My local ceramic supplier often has used wheels, if you watch govt. auction sites you can find wheels and kilns. I know a potter who bought a nearly new Skutt 1027 computer controlled for 300 dollars at a nearby govt air base auction. When he picked it up they offered him two more for the same price. He is kicking himself know for not buying them. H
  15. It is tough to find a used kiln right now because of the pandemic. I don't know if they are having estate sales in that area, my last kiln I bought was at a estate sale. It had been only fired once, they had managed to break the kiln sitter. Cost me $50 for the replacement part. You need to be the first one there when the sale opens. Denice
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