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  1. The wall underneath my cement board is fully fire rated and inspected. That is a fire code in my area for a room like a garage or studio connected to the house. The ducts for heat and airconditioning are fire proof and all of the doors are fire rated. Denice
  2. My last studio had a kiln in the basement for 13 years, the basement had cement walls and floor. I had a fan that was ducted outside I used when I fired, I stayed out of the studio when it was fumy. The fumes never made it upstairs, it was a open area no doors to close. My new studio shares a wall with my house so I have Durock on the walls in the kiln room and the floor is cement. I have a couple of ventilation systems in it and it can still get fumy with a heavy firing. Denice
  3. Throwing the same pot over and over again teaches you control and the importance of subtle details in your pot. One of the assignments in one of my college throwing class was to duplicate a vase by another artist. We were given the pounds of clay that was used to make it and the height and width it was before it was fired. I probably threw it a dozen times before I had one that I thought was close to the original one in the overall shape and design. I had better hand eye coordination when I finished and I thought it was already good. Denice
  4. I have a dishpan in my sink that I wash my hands in and any objects covered with clay. After the clay settles I pour the top clear water into my settling drain and the thick clay goes into the trash. I have only cleaned my 15 gallon settling system once and I had my son carry the clay gunk upstairs. If I get some funky smell coming up from my drain I pour some bleach in it. Denice
  5. My first studio just had a bucket of water, that was alright I just did hand building. My second studio had cold water and I had a garden hose on a utility sink that drained out doors. My third studio had hot and cold water in a tiny sink and a simple bucket settling system where the clear water went into a floor drain. I built my current studio it has a nice large sink, hot and cold water. The drain line on the sink goes down to a settling system in the basement, the clear water drains into the sump pump. I am still very conservative with my water use I guess it is my training from my bucket days. Denice
  6. I was offered a job to teach sculpture at a city art facility, they told me it paid minimum wage. The studio was about 20 miles from my home and in a bad neighborhood, I told them that minimum wage wouldn't hardly pay for my gas. They just shrugged their shoulders and said that is all they pay, so I shrugged my shoulders and said I am not interested. I wasn't looking for a job they approached me. My husband was glad I turned it down a lot of gang killings even one in the studio's parking lot. Denice
  7. My lid was shot so I bought a lid that was only fired once and the coating on it was popping off in huge bubbles. I was going to use the smooth side, it bubbled the first time I fired it. I called Paragon about there lid repair, they said it was perfect for a new lid just follow the directions in the application. I have to reapply it now and then but I don't have any trouble with dust or crumbs falling. Paragon said that the old lids have the bricks moving around so crumbs and dust will still be a problem. Flipping is definitely your best bet. Denice
  8. Does your area have a window and door? I have two larger kilns that are ventilated and a small one that isn't. The small kiln sits near a window and I have a door that I can shut if it gets a little fumy, a fan in the window will also work if it is across the room from the kiln. My kilns are 12 inches from the wall, I have cement board also on my walls. My floors are cement so I don't have to worry about it. Denice
  9. Still down and out with my hand I hope the hand doctor gives me good news next week. Big excitement today was going grocery shopping, my husband scours the store for meals that are easy to make. He use to complain when I bought them but now that he is the cook those meals are pretty good. Denice
  10. My old KS1027 Skutt has always had a cool bottom and a hot at the top. I would just adjust my load with glazes that could handle a little lower temp and put them on a lower shelf and the glazes that could use a little extra heat on the top shelf. Denice
  11. Unloading a kiln later today, my husband will have to unload it for me still on lifting restrictions. It is so hard to stay out of my studio, I have two more weeks to go. Denice
  12. Liam I get the same comments from people asking me not to bring a tornado with me. We left for Orlando one spring and there was 6 tornadoes above the airport. Our flight was late to leave because the passengers were in the basement. We got to Orlando in the middle of the night there was a tornado there that morning. We were having earthquakes for a while because of oil fracking. They finally passed some laws on how the oil companies handled the deluge of water they were pumping into the layers of limestone. We had one quake that hit our house so hard it sounded like a truck had hit it. With oil prices being low the fracking has stopped for now. It is awful what fracking does to the earth, it reminds me of strip mines in West Virginia. Denice
  13. You also have the problem of the glazes not being compatible. I found some cheap plates and decided to try glazing a pattern on them. They looked perfect when I took them out of the kiln, since they were a test I stood them up on a shelf. About a year later I starting hearing a binging noise and a shard of glaze landed next to me, the added glaze pattern was flying off the plates. Denice
  14. Crock pot is a great idea, I was at a estate sale today that had eight of them for sale. Next sale I will pick up one for my studio, I start out with warm water but it cools down fast. Denice
  15. Since you have found out that you like making functional pieces such a tea cups you might want to sign up for some pottery classes and work with some real clay. If you aren't comfortable with doing that you could buy a bag of clay and starting playing with it. Pinching, coiling and slab rolling can give you many different shapes and forms, you don't need very many tools. Plastic Sculpey tools can be used with clay. The ceramic supply I shop at will fire customers work for a price per pound. Denice
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