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  1. I have taken clay classes at two schools that had electric and gas firings, one was a college the other was a arts school. Both suffered from complaints from the city, fire department and neighborhoods that were several blocks away. The city and the fire department was always coming up with new rules and regulations for the kilns and firings. They were trying to make it so difficult to fire gas kilns that the schools would eliminate them. I knew that I would always live in the city limits and would be better off going electric, Richard Zakins book had just been publish on oxidation f
  2. I would have to test one full tile on a big flat cookie so it if melts at a higher temperature it wouldn't run all over the kiln. I have done some reglazing of tiles and dishes, you can get a lot of pitting, I had some dishes that the glazes started popping off about a year after I glazed them. They were sitting on a shelf in my studio and just starting popping glaze sharp shards everywhere, I ran out of my studio until it stopped. Denice
  3. Both of those items are very hard to find used. I built my extruder from a magazine article from Ceramics Monthly, you can find a lot of info online about building one. I built mine because I wanted to find out if I would use one enough to put out a lot of money for a new one. I use it but not a lot, after several years it needed some repair, by then I had some ideas on how to improve it. I have used it for 15 years. The only way I could save money on a slab roller was to buy the roller unit from Bailey and build the table myself. My husband built it out of 2x4's from the instru
  4. I use 1 inch stilts under a shelf that has split in half, I want to make sure I have enough circulation for my Enviorvent to function well. The bottom is always a little colder so I don't mind starting the load a little higher in the kiln. Denice
  5. I had studio in a basement once, it had a small sink in a low cabinets. I could only fit a 5 gal bucket under it, I put 2 plastic dividers in it so there would be be three settling areas. The first one had the hole towards the top, this was the section the sink drain tube went into. The next hole was a little further down on the divider, the last settling area had a PVC pipe that was glue in towards the top of the bucket. I ran this pipe over to a floor drain, I would check it by running some of the water into a clear glass, if it was getting some residue in the water it was tim
  6. My enviorvent motor wouldn't turn on one day, so my husband started taking the motor out to see what the model was. He was going to get a new one from Graingers, when he got it out he found a big wasp nest inside of it. He cleaned it out and it worked like new, I put a fine mesh screen in a new vent cover outside to keep the wasp out of it
  7. I had a new sculptor professor, I was told that the one who just retired didn't tolerate clay students in his classes. He would find some way to get rid of them. The printmaking teacher I had met before, I went to apply for a four year scholarship that had just become available. I went to get the forms from his office, he told me not to bother. He was one of the judges and he wouldn't ever give it to a woman. WOMEN aren't serious artist. Denice
  8. I have done some marble throwing in the past. I use a red clay and white clay with the same shrinkage rate, cone and made by the same company. Both clay's have to have the same moisture content. I would put a half of block of each clay in a plastic bag for a few days until they felt the same. That isn't a very scientific method but I never had a problem with splitting or cracking. Denice
  9. When I attended WSU it had the reputation of having one of the best ceramics programs in the US. Sad part is that is the teachers in the arts program were the worse of all of my classes. I had one teacher that didn't want me in her life drawing class because I was older (40), I was a waste of her time. Another teacher and I got along great until she found out I had taken a throwing class from her current husband. He was a professor that slept with students. I did end up proving that a older student wasn't a waste of time. I had to take oil painting from her, my first painting was pick
  10. I remember the days of sculptor professors frowning on a ceramics student in his class. Even when no clay was involved he didn't think ceramic students belonged in the class. I was the best student in the class, I worked hard, met the goals and deadlines I wasn't like the other do nothing students. I had another professor in printmaking that would only give me a B, he told me that he didn't think that women were serious students especially ceramic majors so a B was the best I could expect from him. Their are so many ways people can hurt you, brush it off and keep working with the mate
  11. Oh hip surgery! Let me know how it goes, I will need to have it done sometime in the future. My hand doctor is finding out how slow of a healer I am, he wants to do surgery on my other hand that I had worked on over 2 years ago. I want this surgery to heal up before I agree to more surgery. I had a friend that had both hips replaced at the same time, he had polio as a child. I think hip replacements were new at the time, I don't think they would do both hips together now, to hard to do PT. Denice
  12. I make my own tiles, I used Laguna Red terracotta until they had a problem with the talc in it and it caused problems with my glaze. I started making my own clay after that. I am getting ready to make a sculptural mural, it will be stoneware. I fired the 04 Laguna clay to C1 to make sure it was totally vitrified, used a C1 Majolica glaze on it. Can the tiles you are looking at be fired to C04, they would be more durable to bumps than 06 and wouldn't change your underglazes colors. Denice
  13. I clean up and reorganize between projects, I started cleaning my studio before I hand my hand surgery. I go out their and move a few things around but my hand doctor wants me to take it easy. He even cut back on my physical therapy to once a day. I will see him again in a couple of weeks I hope I am ready to get back to work. Denice
  14. I have made 6 exterior murals with Mayco and Amaco underglazes, they were fired to Cone 1. Some of them are ten years old about half of them are in the sun, no shade. I haven't had any trouble with the glazes fading, but I have had trouble with the grout. I used a gray epoxy grout that turned yellow within a year, a epoxy grout won't be necessary in Florida. I was lucky the yellowed grout went well with the colors of the tile. Just be careful using a heavily pigmented grout it will fade. Denice
  15. I don't fire other peoples work either but I do recommend my local ceramic supplier who does. Denice
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