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  1. It can take years to formulate a glaze like this, some potters will share the formula's, others won't this is how they make money. Even if you get the formula it would still be difficult to recreate. Application methods, firing schedule, thickness of clay. type of clay and how good of job you did when you made it. Denice
  2. Glazing a large jar or vase I spray, if I am making a set of dishes I dip. The last few years I was making coiled, smoothed pots with Mimbres designs on them with a lot of naked clay on the pots. I brushed the designs on with very small brushes. I am starting on a sculptural mural, I am planning on using under glaze, clear glaze, mat glaze and naked areas. I haven't got that part totally put together, the glaze will be brushed on. Denice
  3. Slab work is usually thicker than thrown pieces, when ever you have explosions it comes from moisture. If you live in a humid area your slabs may not be totally dry, sometimes Kansas can be humid for days. Often setting a piece in the sun would finish drying it, if my kitchen oven was big enough I would heat it at the lowest temperature of the oven. If it is large work you can candle it over night in your kiln. Candling on a manual kiln is putting one control on low overnight and then continue with the firing in the morning. Denice
  4. If you make your own glaze, you need to make up test samples of some different formulas. Purchased glaze cannot be easily change, trying a different brand might help. It is probably the clay, if you are firing C5/6 glazes you need a clay that is C5/6 not one that can fire to 7,8,9,10. Denice
  5. A couple of years ago I threw away a Paragon that was 40 years old that looked like the same model as yours. I had maintained it well, but with heat and age the bricks were crumbly. When I took the jacket off the bricks broke and crumbled into a million bits. I wouldn't buy any replacement parts until I take the jacket and see how well it holds up. When you buy another kiln get one that comes in three sections, they are much easier to work on and move. Volunteer to help with firing a electric kiln, tell your professor that you are wanting to learn how to fire them. Learning how to load one will also save you a lot of headaches later when you load your own kiln. Denice
  6. I have use Duncan Clear glaze many times to rescue a glaze that I put on too thin. It fires from C04 to Cone5/6, Duncan has three different types of this protective clear glaze. The gallon I have is very old, Duncan only had one type of clear to select from years ago. You would have to do a little research to figure out which one would work the best on a salt glaze. Denice
  7. I would have to say no, I have seen to many disasters where a low fire piece was stuck in a high fire. The person swore it was high fire clay, I have fired a few pots made with my clay by friends and neighbors, but I am usually unhappy with glaze applications and do some clean up before I fire them. Denice
  8. Booth looks great as usual, did you sell out! Denice
  9. 1,000 gram batches are much more accurate and easier to make. I never considered myself a math whiz but I managed to hold my own. When I got my degree I had to take college algebra, it didn't click with my brain. I decided to treat it like a history class and memorize it, I nearly got a A, I had to take a state test and got the same grade. My husband and son are math people, they tell me that they feel like they were born understanding it. Denice
  10. We take a show car to car shows all summer unless it is miserably hot. A few years ago the temps really went up and it was 105 in no time, people were lined up at the food truck. We thought it was to hot to eat and had a couple of bottles of water for lunch. The next day we heard that everyone who ate at the food truck got food poisoning. Denice
  11. You can find smaller trucks at estate sales that can carry a ton. You have to get to the sale early, when we bought our Dodge Dakota we found two other small trucks at estate sales. They were already sold but they gave us a good idea what we should pay. Most of the trucks and cars at estate sales have low miles. Face book is also a good place to find a bargain. Denice
  12. I have never done a art festival but I did Home Shows for 15 years when I owned a wallpaper store. We couldn't have coolers at the show so I would stick a couple of bottles of water, banana, granola bar and a yogurt in a big purse. We weren't suppose to bring food into the booths, they wanted you to buy everything from the snack bar. I would buy a bottle of water and eat my lunch at one of the snack tables. No one ever said anything to me, you can't eat snack bar food for three days. Denice
  13. When I was in high school our pottery teacher would have us buy a styrofoam ball or head, We would build our clay work on it, when it was firm enough, we would pour lacquer thinner on it and melt the styrofoam. The problems the students would have was working to thin and waiting to long to melt it, both problems cause major cracking. You can make a round sphere by covering a balloon with plaster. You could make the first half making sure to leave some notches so you can align it later. When the first half is set up vasoline the edge and notches well, place the plaster side down in the bowl that is supporting your balloon and plaster the other side. Denice
  14. I am glad you decided to wait on your kiln project. A few years ago we had a potter on this forum wire a kiln into his Victorian house with old knob and tube wiring. His house nearly burned down the first time he fired it. His neighbor who was supposedly a electrician did the work. Finding a good electrician during the pandemic would be difficult. Denice
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