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  1. When the Coronavirus spread first started I was getting ready to start on tile project so I had taken a count of the different types of clay I had and weight. I also went through my chemicals and glazes to see if I was low on anything. I was going to do some testing and hate it when I am in the middle of mixing a glaze and missing a chemical. This has turned into a much longer shelter in, our county closed down a week ago and now they are talking about the state. My husband and I are in the almost 70 category, he has mild diabetes and I have MS so we have to be vigilant a in avoiding exposure. Thankfully we both have plenty of projects to keep us busy. Denice
  2. I use the canvas that you can buy with a Bailey slab roller, they are heavy and don't wrinkle. When I smooth out the canvas texture with a soft rib I usually find a bubble or two. Denice
  3. No bears here, there is a private zoo a half mile from us with exotic animals, we will have to take a drive and see what animals are out and about. We often see a group of camels running across the fields, their size and strength is very impressive. The heron rookery by the creek is full this year, nice to have them back, they disappeared for a couple of years. The deer and coyotes are still playing hide and seek, I think the deer are winning. I see some hungry looking coyotes around, I have to keep a close eye on my dog. My husband loves to cook, so far he has made a loaf of farm type bread and a loaf of raisin bread. The raisin bread wasn't sweet and didn't have enough raisins any suggestions would be appreciated. We are trying to help keep some of the food places in business while everyone is sheltered in. Went through a drive thru at a chicken place the other day, haven't done that since we gave up fried foods twenty years ago. IHOP is delivering in our neighborhood so we are going to order a dinner from them. We have never had a meal there so that will be a whole new experience. Ordered groceries on line for the first time. we can pick them up Monday at noon, good thing I didn't need them this week. Denice
  4. I don't have any snow views but I do have a field across the street full of wild life. It is turkey mating season, the male puts on a nice show but you can tell that the female is the boss. I finally finished glass casting done, it is time to start assembling and mortaring everything in place. That will have to wait until better weather. My husband has started working on the basement, it is unfinished so wiring, plumbing, framing and sheet rocking needs to be done. He has finished the storage room and wood working shop and is working on the bathroom now. I need to make some more tile for the shower, he changed the design and made it larger. I have the clay and glaze ready, I just need to start rolling and cutting. We are lucky we both have plenty of projects to keep us busy during the next three weeks of shelter at home. Denice
  5. There are a lot of potters who drive to Wichita and make a day of it, usually they have a relative that lives here. My ceramic supplier does add some freight to the clay he sells, it is less than what I would pay for it. I ordered a 25lb block of Flinthill clay recently from Kansas City, it use to be carried by my supplier. I needed to replace a broken lid, it cost me $25 for the clay and $25 for the freight. I tried to talk my husband into taking a little trip to KC but he wasn't interested. Denice
  6. Johnny K are tided my supplier is about 15 minutes away in traffic. There are only two ceramic suppliers in Kansas, I am lucky to live near one. I may pay a little more for my supplies now and then than I would on the internet but I want to keep these guys in business. Denice
  7. I usually make my own glazes, I will buy premix if I need a small amount for a special project especially if it is a difficult color to obtain. My son wanted a set of mugs that was a bright orange, I wanted to make sure they would be food safe. After a little research I headed for the ceramic store and found the perfect glaze. It is not worth the time and effort to mix and test glazes for a one time project. Denice
  8. Your clay wouldn't be vitrified unless you fire it to the cone it vitrifies at. It would be hard to glaze a vitrified pot and then you might have bad glaze fit and liquid food particles could seep into hairline crazing of the glaze. You need to do some testing, the crazing can occur several months after the firing, take your time on the test you don't want anyone getting food poisoning from your pots. Denice
  9. You have to seal it, it will wash off or stain your hands when you touch it. Even refired you can have some stain rub off if you don't have some flux in the stain. Denice
  10. I am going to try throwing again today, I tried a couple of days ago and it did not go well. My hand doctor told me it could be a couple of months before I get completely healed. I hope my hand will cooperate today if it doesn't I think I will start coiling again. Tried using my slab roller and couldn't turn the wheel with my right hand had to use my left hand and arm. Wish me luck! Denice
  11. I candle any suspicious pieces overnight in my kiln and finish firing in the morning. If you are uncomfortable leaving a element on low you can always put a piece in your oven at the lowest temp. Denice
  12. Paul glad you are back and getting healthier, post some pictures of your new studio we would love to see it. I haven't done much in my studio since the end of last October, I had surgery on a flip middle finger and carpal tunnel on the same hand. My hand doctor said I was very slow at forming scar tissue so he has given me another month before I am totally healed. Back to the foot ring discussion, I like a foot ring on everything but I have made mugs without them because of the design and flow of the mug, a foot and lip can add a touch of thoughtful design but not always the correct treatment. Denice
  13. I would take my kilns into my local ceramic shops to have them repaired, new elements ect. My husband could of done it, if he wanted to but he was always too tired and stressed from work and would only repair what was necessary around the house. Now that he has retired he has worked on all three of my kilns, and practically rebuilt our refrigerator and wonders why he wouldn't tackle these jobs when he was working. He wrote technical manuals on buses, amusement rides, and airplanes so he had the knowledge to repair anything. His hobby is rebuild and restore old muscle cars, I always understood how he wanted to spend what little free time he had working on them. Denice
  14. Your wife may never see you again because your busy trying to fill the kiln make sure you keep your date nights. Congratulations Denice
  15. That would floor could easily catch on fire, a kiln stand would fix your problem. You could probably have someone weld up one for you if you can't find a used one. Denice
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