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  1. That is a great idea, my husband does some wood working. He is one of those people that can fix for build anything. I have been thinking about making a new set of dishes, my old set glaze is getting fuzzy from a million tiny scratches. I have a appointment with the hand doctor Thursday hopefully he can do the surgery soon. My neuro told me that my nerve test came out really bad and I needed surgery as soon as possible. Denice
  2. Ten pounds was my limit, with my bad hands and wrist it is probably 5 lbs now. I am mostly a handbuilder so the amount of clay I can or can't throw doesn't matter. Spiral wedging was the method I was taught first, now I do the slam method or just work out of a new bag of clay. Sometime little bubbles pop up, I can handle them. I am hoping after my left hand surgery I will be able to throw again. Denice
  3. I find that grinding the area with a stone on a Dremel tool, just roughing up the surface makes a big difference. I just did that to some small tiles that had a stiff glaze. Denice
  4. Listen to your gut, if you have a bad feeling about the job don't do it. If you go ahead make sure you have good business insurance. When I had my business I had a job that my gut was telling not to take. I was replacing another artist, I did a couple of small things for them and they decided to go back to the original artist. I was so relieved, I heard later that they didn't pay for anything, owing the artists thousands of dollars. I had the same opportunity come up later with another couple, I had the same bad feeling so I turned it down. I found out that eventually the whol
  5. You can work with your glazes and the kiln to get maximum results from the kiln. You can put C5 on the bottom and C6 on top, some glazes are happier in the middle. My Skutt is the same way, my vent system didn't make that much difference. I couldn't reach the bottom of my kiln (getting old) so I filled it with old kiln bricks and then put a split shelf on them. I was careful not to block my vent holes, my kiln fires very evenly now. I know it waste some space but I have never been happier with my old Skutt. Denice
  6. Thanks Marc for the info, my rehab guy just gave me exercises and argued with my doctor on how aggressive I should do the exercises. I just received a call from my neuro referring a surgeon to me who just does hands. Denice
  7. I have a hot waxer for feet and hands, I was just wondering if it sped up the healing process. I just got back from my nerve test and they were pretty bad the doctor thinks I should have the surgery right away. I want to wait until January, I guess I will have to speak to a surgeon about this, maybe he will give me a steroid shot. Good news is that my last MRI showed no new signs of lesions or damage from my MS. Denice
  8. Marc how do you use hot wax to help your wrist surgery, I am still having problems with my last surgery and my stiff finger is starting to curl again. It will be a year in November since my surgery, my left hand is now causing me trouble. I am having some nerve test done tomorrow by my neuro to see if it is MS or carpal tunnel that is bothering me. Denice
  9. I use the same mix, it works great!!!! Tony the Tiger I had some sugary cereal last night I think it is messing with my head. Denice
  10. I had the same thing happen about 10 years ago with 400 decorative tiles, I was using the same Laguna clay and glaze that I had been using for years, I was lucky another potter found out that Laguna was getting the talc from a different pit. I made up my own clay that didn't have talc in it to finish my project, I didn't trust any of the wet package clay at this point. Denice
  11. Hulk your high cubby reminded me of a newly thrown pot sitting high on a shelf in a outdoor drying area at a local pottery class. The pot was had a tunnel wrapping around the pot, the maker was furious and demanding to know who ruin his work. The teacher pulled the pot down and found a large worm eating its way through the clay. The potter felt pretty foolish that he had thrown such a fit, he decided to fire the piece and see what happens. It was the last day of the class so I never found out, it probably cracked up. LOL Denice
  12. I don't even like lending tools to my husband, the only way I get them back is to hunt for them in his garage. Now he has a new woodworking shop in the basement so I it will take longer to find them. He will go in my studio and get a tool without asking, what really bothers me is that he will take tools that he also has but can't find them. He doesn't want to bother looking for them so he takes mine and promptly misplaces them. I try not to complain, I am lucky to have a husband that can fix anything. Denice
  13. The shelf I bought is made for outdoor grill use, If I want to use it in my oven I will have to cut it in half. It looks like a core-lite shelf but the box said it could only be fired up to 800 degrees. I only paid fifteen dollars, I can cut it in half with my new tile saw, found a 10 in Goldblatt tile saw including the blade for $430 at a tile store. It was 800-1000 dollars every where else, I don't know why the regular price was so much less at Floor and Decor. Denice
  14. I bought a pizza/bread baking stone for my son several years ago, I found it in a closeout of outdoor grill accessories. This would be a good time of the year to buy one, my son's wife decided to go gluten free so I stuck it in a closet. I need to make a loaf of bread maybe I should give it a try, it can be used in a oven or on the grill. Denice
  15. I made some small ornaments several years ago, I cut small holes in the Christmas tree ornaments and then filled the holes with transparent colored glazes. I mixed up a small batch of porcelain clay to use because I wanted the ornaments to be very white. I also made some that looked like old fashion candies and filled small open areas with the low fire glaze. Most people think they are some kind of stain glass ornament on the tree until they get a closer look. Denice
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