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  1. My studio is full of clay right now, I have a off white speckled, Speckled buff. Standard red, Death Valley red and yellow. These are my clay's used for coiling , the coils are smoothed and Indian designs usually Mimbres or Anazai are applied using stains or glazes. At least half of the pot is not glazed so the color of the clay and texture is important. I also have a buff throwing clay that I have been using to improve my throwing skills. I recycle my clay, it is part of my process. I went to college during the hippie era and was taught that all of mother earths offerings such as clay are precious and need to be recycled. I was also taught to evaluate a piece before you fire it, think about someone finding that pot hundreds of years from now. Is it worthy of being around that long, because it is fired it won't disintegrate and return to the earth. Denice
  2. You have had your first lesson in kiln ownership. I would sell this kiln and go ahead and invest in the kiln you want and get your wiring done for it. They sell really well on Craigslist in the city I live in. Denice
  3. Do you have the kiln in your house,? I use to e-mail with a beginner potter, found out he had him kiln in his house when he nearly burned his whole house down. He gave up pottery when that happen. Denice
  4. I think you should have a name that draws the type of clients you are wanting. If Girl Scout and church groups are your target you should come up with something like TON OF FUN PAINT YOUR OWN. If you are going for the crowd that drink while they paint pottery when they get off of work something like UNWIND AND DESIGN. Then you can have a sub title describing what to expect, something as simple as Pottery Painting. At first glance someone might think that Sadie's Ceramics is a store where you shop for ceramic gifts. Denice
  5. I had a Paragon for 40 years, give them a call they are always very helpful.
  6. When I bought my used wheel I had trouble with the foot pedal, I finally decided there must be something wrong with it. I had a kick wheel for 40 years so I wasn't familiar with the problems electric wheels can have. I looked up the symptoms on the internet and found out it needed adjusting and how to do it. My husband found me in my studio taking it apart, I showed him what I was doing. He said go for it, so I fixed it. I try to fix things myself before I bother him with it, he can fix or build anything but it is nice to fix some things myself. Denice
  7. I have also used a Critter spray gun for 22 years never had any trouble with it, always has a perfect spray pattern for me. I tried my husband HVLP it worked but I was anxious the whole time I used it. It worked better than the Critter for spraying a 2 foot by 2 foot pot, the pattern was thick and covered a lot of area. I decided to stick to my Critter for smaller pots. Denice
  8. The type of kiln you start with depends on your work, if you do small batch functional work you might want to start with a smaller kiln. What cone do you want to fire to? Your electrical panel will also determine how large of kiln you can use. The Skutt KM-1027 I believe takes a 60 amp breaker you may not have room in your panel for it. Small kilns take smaller breakers, there is also some low fire ones that can be plugged into a 15 amp outlet. Do you have a garage or covered carport close to your electric panel box ? I would have a electrician come out and check your electric box before you pick out a kiln. You can get some literature on site requirement and wiring from the kiln manufacture, you can probably find it online. Denice
  9. I would take a class or two that involves slip casting molds to help decide if this is the direction you want to go. The molds are just the beginning when it comes to the equipment you will need. If you decide to work with molds you might find a forum that does mostly mold work. Denice
  10. I was 12 years old when I fell in love with clay, didn't have much opportunity to work with it until I was in high school. I really ran with it , I did good enough work I won a lot of awards and a art scholarship. I have piddle with many other area of the arts, it would probably take all day to list them. I always came back to clay. There is so many different areas in clay to study I decided to focus on C5/6 oxidation firing. Richard Zakin 's first C6 book had just come out with his philosophy, formulas and theory, after reading it I knew that it was the future of clay at least for me. Denice
  11. My husband hadn't been to a doctor for 40 years and he has colon cancer in his family. My scope came out clean as a whistle the nurses were coming up and asking what kind of diet I had. I told them I love any kind of fiber. Time to get out to my shop and start throwing more molds. Denice
  12. I am throwing molds for casting glass in, I need around 65 of them and I am at the half way point today. My shelves are over loaded, I need to do a bisque firing. Stuck at home my husband had colon surgery a couple of weeks ago and has two more weeks of recovery to go. We got the biopsy yesterday no cancer but has the DNA for colon cancer so he'll have to be checked every year. Modern medicine is amazing they can cut something out with a Robot, stitch it up and send you home the next day. I can't even make a pot in that amount of time. Denice
  13. I have bottles of old glaze that are dried up, some of them had never been opened. You can rejuvenate some of them with water others are history, good luck with your purchase. Denice
  14. I don't know if my electrician wires in a heavier wire to make it works I just know it works. He has a bachelors in electrical engineering and is a master electrician. Since I have manual kilns I never leave them or sleep when they are firing. I had a friend who had a new computerized kiln she turn on when she went to bed, she got up the next day to her low fire pots melted everywhere and the board was fried. She sold these kilns at the local ceramic supply store and knew how to operate it, she doesn't sleep through a firing anymore. Denice
  15. My 24 amp Blue Diamond shares a 50 amp breaker that my Skutt uses. I had a qualified electrician do all of my wiring in the studio, he has wired several studios for me in last forty years. You can get a new plug in that matches your four prong outlet or a new plug and cord. You can also buy a new outlet that matches your plug. You might need a electrician to do this for you if you are electrically challenge. My husband can do small jobs like that but he hires out the more complicated jobs. Denice
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