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  1. If you want to make them yourself then this is exactly what I would do: 1. Call around local pottery places that have lessons/teaching. 2. Tell them you only want to learn to throw a mug and nothing else in the most kind way possible as not to insult them, and that you have a final project in mind for your wedding. I would just have the handle extruded, this is plenty good and will make them match a lot better than learning to pull a handle on top of this project. 3. After learning to throw a mug well enough to make you happy, show them this picture and then move into glazing. 4. Make like 5 sets of these and then keep only the best one, hammer the rest and thank the teacher profusely.
  2. Is there a good source for news for the pottery world? Like glaze breakthroughs, research, experimentation etc? I really like these things, but I can't locate a good source besides individual potters blogs. I am curious if anyone knew of a good one? I wouldn't even mind a good magazine or two if I could find one that was on these types of topic and isn't mostly advertisements. Thoughts?
  3. This is very nice.
  4. Finally maybe at last back to pottery now that my youngest is 8 months old. Life is crazy!

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    2. Denice


      My studio was in a small building in our back yard when my son was a baby,   they didn't have baby monitors yet but I had this weird radio system.    I would work in my studio and listen to him sleep,  when he woke I would here giggling  and playing.   I knew my time was limited.  I would start cleaning up and head on into the house about the time of the first cry.   He started walking at 8 months old so I really enjoyed listening to him and not having to follow him around the house.     Denice

    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      My son will be walking next month for sure. He is already standing up on his own and balancing!

    4. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      They're intense at that age! The work gets slower, but it still happens. 

  5. Glaze firing 5 pots. First time in months.

  6. Number 2 at cone 6 is a remarkable color. Beautiful
  7. Thanks, but that is outside of my budget! I appreciate all the help though. Love you all!
  8. Yea that was one of the things I figured might be an issue. I guess I will just keep doing it manually, muscles just keep getting bigger.
  9. @liambesaw Congratulations in the most happy way possible during these trying times. I wish you all the best.
  10. Does anyone know of any manufacturers that would be willing to mix in ingredients into their clay body at a commercial level? For example if I ordered say 1 ton of clay, do you think they would mix in course grog and feldspar chips? I am doing all of this by hand and I am pretty certain this is the future of my work, but its a massive undertaking every day to wedge in course grog and grit every single time before I throw. I don't mind doing it, I am getting some big muscles, but I would much rather just open the bag and get to it. I haven't been able to find any clay with these types of additions already added, which makes sense because I doubt any other cone 6 potters want this type of crap in their clay, but I do! Anyone have any ideas? For now I am just going to continue manually doing it I guess. I just love the way the clay throws with the added course grog as well as the grit, it makes throwing it so delicate and trimming it reveals this beautiful madness within as chunks of grit and clay pull away. Then I coat it with my formulated black crackling slip and I can't get enough!
  11. I use the wonderbat system. Works fine. The bats are so thick I don't think its possible they can warp. I have used it for like 4-5 years and haven't worn out any of them or warped a single one. That being said the bats are expensive.
  12. I miss Robin. I never knew him, but he was an inspiration to me when I read his stuff. I am glad his blog is still up, I haven't checked it since he stopped writing. Oh and here is the link to his Mocha Diffusion post. I still need to experiment with this stuff. https://rhrising.blogspot.com/2013/03/mocha-diffusions.html Min your result is beautiful.
  13. Go with Skutt/TS. It is a fantastic wheel and the large splashpan is amazing. I couldn't imagine working without it.
  14. Wife is a dental hygienist and she is home for the next 3 weeks and probably longer! Everyone is struggling. Starbucks just decided to allow 30 days paid time off for all their employees, but I haven't taken it yet. I don't want to leave my coworkers working understaffed and not having the people on the floor to wash their hands because they are in a rush. Times are hard, lots of tough decisions to be made. On the bright side, making pots is great stress relief!
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