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  1. dropped my bison trimming tool that I have had and used for 9 years. :(

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    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      I know! I emailed him immediately, but it looks like his etsy shop is closed and his facebook hasn't been updated in a while. I am guessing maybe he is out of the business or has moved on?

      I saw a lot of people on Etsy are now selling the same type of tool, but his craft was so good. Hard to accept moving on! :(

    3. Roberta12


      The handle fits my hand so very well.


    4. JohnnyK


      I'm guessing that the carbide broke when you dropped it...how many pieces? If you have any welding experience, you may be able to silver solder the pieces back together and grind the joints to the original cross-section. Otherwise consider taking it to someone that does have such experience...

  2. Joseph Fireborn

    Dreams 2024

    Woke up at 3AM, have had this cup in my head since then. Finally sketched it just to get it out of my thoughts. Top part is unglazed with my black crackle slip, sprayed with wood ash mixture lightly to sheen versus too rough of dry feeling to the lips, but still will be tactile so that you know what you are drinking from. Inside glaze is a high iron glaze like an oilspot, but slightly oversaturated and crystallized as it cools, sheen but satin not to take or distract the eyes from the eruption of the cylinder. Bottom half of the cup is a cracking pinholing glaze, sort of like my surface experiments but safe in the hands, tactile but not sharp coning into the surface of the black cylinder. raw clay foot allowing the pinholes and cracks in the white glaze to match so that it isn't flawless design but purpose.
  3. Good to know. I might just find a corner in my garage and neatly organize everything. Still haven't decided on what to do. I dislike selling things because I am not a haggler at all and that process annoys me greatly.
  4. Not sure I am out forever. I am just building 2 businesses and I have 3 kids, by the time I am done working I am pretty exhausted. I thought I will just keep this, but its been 3-4 years since I have touched it except a few times when I had a moment. I just figure I won't get to it for another 5 years maybe. I guess I could just move it to a corner and let it sit, but I worry about things locking up and control panels not being used for several years etc.
  5. Yea. I guess I will have to get on my wife's facebook and see what I can find out. Seems marketplace is the way to go.
  6. Hello. I haven't been in this thread part of these forums before. If this price check is against the rules then please just remove the post. I wasn't sure where else to ask it since I haven't been here in a while. I am probably going to be selling my Studio soon but the main 3 items are my kiln, wheel and slab roller. I wanted to make sure I knew the going rates so I can offer a fair price to myself and the potential buyers. L&L Easy18-3 with an upgraded digital controller. It has been gentle used with probably 500 firings, half of them being bisque. Although I don't know the true amount because I replaced the controller. The elements look pretty good and the last firing was 2 months ago and it went smooth as expected. Thomas Stuart Legend Pottery Wheel 1/3HP - Still in perfect working order. Shimpo Slab Roller 30x50, the table one. - I really appreciate any feedback regarding what I should start at for these machines.
  7. Thought I would let you know I found a doctor in my town,  only one doctor in a town of half of million that does SRT-IG radiation treatment.   All the other doctors want to slice open a flap and then do facial repair later.   I am to old for that and I don't heal well.  Insurance won't cover it but we can afford to pay for it.  Right now stuck at home too cold and icy to go out,  it is suppose to get down to -3 later this week.  Denice

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Glad you found someone to do the treatment you want to be done. I wish you all the best! Keep in touch.

  8. About to mix glaze for the first time in 3 years. Excited and terrified at the same time.

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    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn


      The firing was subpar; as to be expected I presume after 3-4 years of not firing consistently. I have dismantled my pottery studio and it is all sitting there unused. I am debating on selling it all. I just don't have the urge right now, but I know I cannot replace it for the price I will sell it for, so I haven't.

      I am terribly sorry to hear about your cancer. You are on the right path, search for only the best doctors. I went through years of cancer treatment and if it wasn't for the best doctors in the south east I am pretty sure I would not be here typing this message for you today. I wish you all the best and I know if anyone can beat it, you can.

      Much love!

    3. Denice


      Thank you for the pep talk,  I am going to start calling tomorrow, I tried Friday and everyone was closed.  What I am going through is nothing compared to what you had to endure.   I  wouldn't sell your equipment,  stuff it in a corner.   You will be wanting to get back into it in a few years.   I sold my kickwheel  after I bought a used Brent.    The man who bought it  was around 45 years old,  he had done pottery in high school.   The day he purchased it he just found out he had been appointed to a high level security job with the government.   Several months later  I received a photo of a pot and a message that my kickwheel had saved his life.   He said his new job had so much stress that throwing every night is the only thing that kept him sane.  You better hang on to it,  who knows there maybe another pandemic in a few years.    Just a thought,  have you ever considered making teapots,  you can start out with a one cupper and work your way up.   With love Denice

    4. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Everyone's journey is different. Doesn't mean it isn't hard to endure. Don't compare and contrast, just focus on you and your plan.

      Kiln in a corner.

      My wife said the same thing and she is a brilliant woman who I always listen to. So for now it sits in a corner. The kickwheel story is sort of the same story as mine. My hands were badly frozen up and I had nothing during the day, so it sort of saved my life in a way as well.

  9. Pour inside, spray outside. I will say spraying is a labor of love. Takes a lot longer to spray a pot than dip it, and it can be difficult to get consistent results. Dipping is definitely a better method. I need to embrace it more.
  10. That article is amazing. Book marking that. I don't know if I will ever have to do that, but if I do. Wow.
  11. That glaze does not have any Gerstley Borate. There is no way it would look like that unless you under-fired it. The fact that you can put another glaze on top of it and it is still mostly on the test tile means there is definitely no GB, unless that other glaze on top has absolutely no frit in it? So if you wanted to replicate that glaze and figure out what it is, I would do this. 1. Since you said you had a few unlabeled bags, I would mix up that exact glaze but missing the 50% GB. 2. Figure out how many cups you want to use, so say its 10 attempts to figure this out. Measure out 100ml of glaze with the mystery recipe but don't include the Gerstley Borate. Instead leave that out. But use the same amount of water you would have used if it was in there. 3. Measure out 10ml with a syringe into each cup, making sure you stir well before each one. I use a milk frother for this... 4. Take your 10 mystery attempt materials that look similar to Gerstley Borate that you might have used instead. Put 50% weight(the missing GB amount) of the mystery chances into each cup. You will have to do the math on this to figure out what this should be, but it isn't difficult at all. 5. Glaze a test tile or a little test dish or whatever you want in the 10 mystery glazes and make sure to record everything. 6. Fire it all on the exact same schedule with the same load mass that you did for the first tile. 7. Pull out the results and keep any of them that look similar to the original tile, go from there.
  12. Just things like epsom salt and soda ash. As far as effecting the glazes for sure depending on the amount you add.
  13. Mostly things to change the viscosity for brushing and some flux to make the slip adhere better to the greenware underneath after firing.
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