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  1. I remade a glaze that is pretty different from the original glaze when I first started making glazes, it is the glaze that I use on all my work. It pretty much is completely different in chemicals, however I still credit the original creator by leaving some parts of the name in the glaze. The original glaze was called Folk Art White. I call my version Folk Fireborn White. I feel like there is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due, and it isn't like we are selling glaze anyways so its nice to remember the people who gave us a place to start.
  2. Kids are so busy. I was spoiled with my 9 year old who just turned 10. Now this 1.5 year old is just rampaging everything again. I forgot what that was like. Hahaha.
  3. I will be sure to send you some pictures. ! It has been so long since I threw anything today I forgot how I made my work. Like I could throw stuff just fine, but it didn't feel like mine. Going to take a while until I get back into the soulfulness of my work.
  4. I am investing in time, I get up for work at 3:30AM on a few days of the week, and instead of sleeping in on my days off I am going to just get up on those days too and work in the studio before the kids get up. I have all the equipment I need, I just need more time. Some ideas for my work popped into my head and I would like to explore them!
  5. Tossed out hundreds and hundreds of glaze test. Not worth keeping around. I usually dry out the glaze by taking off the lid and then I will wash out all the test containers if I want to keep them.
  6. Hey LeeU, I always stop by and read forums every few weeks. My life has just been a whirlwind in the last year or so. New kid, new job, covid, and a bunch of other nonsense. I still make pots here and there, but as always everytime I try to get started to go into production mode something else comes up! I am currently working on some new glazes and changing aesthetic from my white glaze black slip work that I have been doing to something similar but different. This thread was good because it reminded me I want to side fire these pots!
  7. Yes basically it depends on what part of the pot you use and how much it comes in contact with the shell, the pot is curved and the shell is curved, so the surface to shell contact isn't great unless the shell is massive. If you want bigger marks maybe break the shell so its more flat. I wasn't after huge marks just some interesting surface additions.
  8. @EliseR Hello. I am just replying here so that it keeps the content public. The results went well. I bought two large boxes of shells that are flat from a dealer that someone messaged me about on Instagram a year or so ago. The shells are nice and stinky from the ocean. The marks turn out very nice, however, the flashing depends on the glaze you use and it's sensitivity to additional flux. Here are some pictures of the marks :
  9. I just open the garage door and listen to the birds lately. I watch my dog lay in the driveway getting too hot, then coming in the garage to cool down, then moving back to the driveway and repeating this all day.
  10. Buzzzzzz buzzzz every week here. Being bald has some benefits I guess.
  11. Yea. I save all my programs under those custom programs. They stay forever and are great!
  12. This group hasn't posted anything in over a YEAR!? I just remembered this thread! I should have some new results to post soon.
  13. As someone who has worked with a bazillion dark clays, almost every single one commercially on the market, find another clay body that has similar looks but is formulated better. It isn't worth the time to try to figure this bisque and results out because of the poor quality of clay ingredients. Honestly, you can search through my nightmares with bloating here somewhere. I did everything humanly possible and they would still randomly appear on my work now and then, it just isn't worth your time. Before you do search for another clay, borrow someones white clay or porcelain/white clay and fire
  14. If you want to make them yourself then this is exactly what I would do: 1. Call around local pottery places that have lessons/teaching. 2. Tell them you only want to learn to throw a mug and nothing else in the most kind way possible as not to insult them, and that you have a final project in mind for your wedding. I would just have the handle extruded, this is plenty good and will make them match a lot better than learning to pull a handle on top of this project. 3. After learning to throw a mug well enough to make you happy, show them this picture and then move into glazing. 4. Ma
  15. Is there a good source for news for the pottery world? Like glaze breakthroughs, research, experimentation etc? I really like these things, but I can't locate a good source besides individual potters blogs. I am curious if anyone knew of a good one? I wouldn't even mind a good magazine or two if I could find one that was on these types of topic and isn't mostly advertisements. Thoughts?
  16. Finally maybe at last back to pottery now that my youngest is 8 months old. Life is crazy!

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    2. Denice


      My studio was in a small building in our back yard when my son was a baby,   they didn't have baby monitors yet but I had this weird radio system.    I would work in my studio and listen to him sleep,  when he woke I would here giggling  and playing.   I knew my time was limited.  I would start cleaning up and head on into the house about the time of the first cry.   He started walking at 8 months old so I really enjoyed listening to him and not having to follow him around the house.     Denice

    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      My son will be walking next month for sure. He is already standing up on his own and balancing!

    4. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      They're intense at that age! The work gets slower, but it still happens. 

  17. Glaze firing 5 pots. First time in months.

  18. Number 2 at cone 6 is a remarkable color. Beautiful
  19. Thanks, but that is outside of my budget! I appreciate all the help though. Love you all!
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