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  1. no, that is why i posted it here. i don't think anyone is interested in it anyway.
  2. i do not have a way to send the email from the library which has all the info unless i can forward the email to somewhere.
  3. callie, you know i just do not do computer stuff so i am hoping you might be able to use this info. the Loudoun County Va. library is having an employee of the US copyright office do a live stream on thursday, july 17 at noon. i do not know what that means so i do not know if it is open to everyone. i would send the email to some place if someone wants to read it.
  4. lee, nice job. may i suggest one tiny step further at the exact place in the making cycle that these are? if you move them to touch the long sides and place an old piece of cloth over them all, you can run a tool down the grooves between the pieces to soften the sharp rectangular edges (a rounded pencil eraser comes to mind as the tool) doing two at the same time.
  5. and toss the rest of that particular "batch" of clay if possible.
  6. can you show the entire piece in a photo? i am wondering if the crack could be incorporated into part of the signature. can you draw a box around the signature using this crack as one of the vertical lines? in that case, you would do nothing to the crack except run a Sharpie down it, and finish the square or whatever shape you can do to make it just part of the background of the signature.
  7. funny thing, chilly, there is a brick factory about 20 miles away. they had bricks of all kinds in neat piles all over their many acres. at some point they asked a local potter for help in making new bricks... he did help them learn how to make and fire bricks. apparently the guy who knew how was no longer there to do it. makes me think of Isaac Button.
  8. hobby shops like Michaels and Hobby Lobby might have some substitute for cheap and not permanent lettering. if you are an experienced potter, you might try a lower cone glaze and refire it to a lower temp if it is a mug you made. if it is from a store like walmart, don't try anything above cone 06 and only if you have never put water in it. very risky.
  9. nothing to say about the problem but , FM, just fyi, the "rope" is made of heat resistant insulating fiber(fibre) not ordinary rope. it should settle down after firing it a number of times to look brown all the way around. the individual threads that are woven into the rope will not burn up.
  10. claymanny, the cone is the most important consideration. what is the exact meaning of your second sentence, to you, what is ceramic slip and what sort of "other materials" are you thinking of? plaster molds can be used to form finished ceramic products whether they are made of earthenware, (terracotta is one), stoneware or porcelain. the mold is filled with slip of whatever type you want to use. the kiln is the final defining factor. what temperature, cone, do you want to use and is your kiln able to produce that cone without straining? once you have that decided, your search for a proper slip that will provide the strength you want is the next step. you really need to know a lot of information to make this decision. where are you getting your basic information, a class, books, you tube, something else?
  11. do not do it is the reasonable answer. how do you imagine the center has, or will have, dried when it is fired? of course it will explode. what is it supposed to be? why would you do this?
  12. dan, order cobalt carbonate. cobalt oxide can leave very tiny deep cobalt specks in the finished glaze. with ball milling, the oxide can be better behaved.
  13. you are using a website of Ceramics Monthly magazine. it contains what is submitted by whoever wants to submit something and that the editors believe in publishing. the pottery field is so broad and world-wide that i wonder if anyone could keep track of even a small part of it. since ceramic is used in various industries the research done to advance that particular industry will be discussed within just that industry. i think it is just too big for anybody to tackle.
  14. fireworks have started in the neighborhood. dog is at my feet in 4 different places so far, hard to walk. he is under the desk right now and if i move 5 feet he will follow me. cat streaked by into the studio where there are nice dark places to hide under the tables, slab roller, corners with buckets between her and the scariness. it is a shame that they don't speak english so i could explain that it will be over soon and it is only noise, not monsters.
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