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  1. as the worst user of the internet, let me tell you the one thing i really hate on websites. the assumptions. the owner of the website assumes the reader knows when it was that the information was posted. sample, "sale this saturday, come early!" the owner also assumes that the location is known by everyone so no address, city or even state is posted anywhere. you know you live in Greenville, South Carolina but do you know how many Greenvilles are in the USA? and the sale happened 3 years ago.
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! so wipe out my post and forget it.
  3. lee, you might want to research the old posts about firing pennies. i know your tape is different but...................................
  4. it might be tempting to pile a lot of bisque pots in large containers but remember they will feel heavy when loaded. pack smaller boxes with arrows facing up so you handle them gently as they will be moved several times before unpacking. putting towels or blankets among the pottery as you pack will give some wiggle room with soft things to bounce off.
  5. nice green glaze, huge area, aren't you happy with it all???
  6. a bailey wheel on the left? love the lights, what kind brand name?
  7. sure moneymakers, though. see your batmobile in the background and is that a CANVAS covered wedging board in foreground?????
  8. if readers will look at the last album page, 4, and last photo, that is the start. use back arrows all the way to the first, actually last, photo. i have had the same problem so i recognize the pattern. you need to add one more photo, your wife, dog and self smiling in front of the whole fabulous place.
  9. i can't post them so imagine an entire screen full of clapping hands!!!!!! GREAT JOB!
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