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  1. 22 inches might be ok for your slab roller, what about putting it into the kiln? is there room for your fingers to lower it into a top loader if that is what you have?
  2. special orders are always a problem. whatever is in the client's mind does not translate to the potter. by the way, your location is not something to be afraid to mention, the country is enough so someone does not feel foolish recommending an item that is not available where you live.
  3. just read this whole thread. daleann, did you read the dates of the previous posts? it is hard to realize that the date matters. amber has not been using this website since last october. if you want to send her a message, she may be notified about your post.
  4. being one of the single firing potters, i will suggest that for MY work, single piece, no handles, additions or extra thick work, single firing with sprayed on glaze works much better than bisquing and firing a second time. i make pots to sell and simple pieces do that very easily. the more i handle a single item, the more it costs me to make. if you look at my albums you can see what i mean. i make it, dry it, sponge off rough cut edges, glaze it and fire it using the standard kiln slow glaze on the controller. no long detailed handling necessary. hate firing bisque.
  5. callie, i have pantyhose on lots of items that i use to press a shape into clay. pantyhose on a large bowl allows me to use it lots of ways. as for wearing pantyhose, NEVER! lots of little things work with those knee high kind.
  6. is a UK wadbox the thing nomis is looking for?
  7. they can smooth a large slab all at once so you can cut many things at the same time. also known as a wallpaper smoother to remove bubbles as they form under fresh wallpaper.
  8. do i understand you want something to support the center of something only 1 1/2 (approximately) around? how tall? is it spherical or an elongated ? cone 10 is really hot, mark is the expert there. this is where photos are worth 1000 words.
  9. not long ago one of our members mentioned just moving to LA. if you search maybe you can find each other and a way to work together???? i know the post mentioned Los Angeles but the search terms are very fussy on this website.
  10. sohaib, i tried to find the meaning of the word used in your post, "folle" does not translate from Arabic. it means "madwoman" in French. is there an error in your entry?
  11. there is a book from the UK on raku that shows many different ways to make a raku kiln. it showcases some really beautiful pieces that are very different from the usual raku work i see at craft fairs. live too far from the big galleries to know what there is to see but the smithsonian show has gorgeous work each year. search out the work that interests you and contact the maker. potters are usually very helpful and generous, if they do not want to help, let them make that decision. nobody gets an answer to a question that is not asked.
  12. tiny, i think you are worrying unnecessarily. i cannot imagine why you would sieve an entire 10 pound batch of clay. did it somehow get contaminated with something you wanted to remove, somehow a bowl of sand or sometthing fell into the open bag? there are so many things we have to do that inventing a chore like that seems overkill. did anything actually remain in the screen when you finished the sieving?
  13. you might want to talk directly to Mason's tech person(s). check the number on the label and refer to that during your discussion, call them, they are really helpful and want to be.
  14. hailey, perhaps because you are so anxious about it, you should talk to a doctor who specializes in lung disease. surely, there is someone in your area who has a realistic view on the subject. a frank discussion with that person or a group of people could help you reach a point of acceptance that will allow you to continue with clay. if you can accept that crossing a street is dangerous, climbing a ladder is dangerous, doing almost anything is dangerous in some way, maybe you can learn to accept that risk is part of everyone's life. take steps to correct anything you can. keepin
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