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  1. Uliana


    Very tasty plates!
  2. Min, thank you very much for the reply! Yes, I have the temperature controller. I'm going to change the settings of the program. That topic is very interesting to me, do you know any book to know more about it? Through love for clay I will improve English =) I hope I will be successful, and here I will leave the photos of my experiments.
  3. 11/5000 Thanks Min! The bumps they occurred in the fairing. Is not intentional! Range of this black clay is: 1200ºC-1240ºC My bisque is 1010ºC The faring wis glaze is at 1257ºC I am a beginner in the firing, I thanks for any info on that topic. Most of my glazes in that clay rich in iron and manganese get pitted or bubble.., although in white clay I don't have this problem! I don't know why? how can these defects be avoided? It may be that I need to add something in glaze ? I am thinking about Bentonite ?
  4. Uliana

    Mea's pots 2016

    Very beautiful dishes, please tell us a little about your work . Which glaze or slipware did you use?
  5. sorry.. Yes, I'm talking about glazes, the good translator sometimes translate incorrect. 18/5000
  6. Thanks for answering. I don't understand why enamels react so differently in the different types of body. And how can I configure the enamel with different paste. I kiln in an oxidizing atmosphere / cones 8-9 1. 100*c/h - 500*C - 0:00 2. 5h - 1070*C - 0:00 3. 3h - 1257*C - 0:20 4. End Clay I use for high temperature: 1. White chamotte refractory paste (gray refractory paste 0-0.2 mm) SiO2 ox of silisio 63,92 Al2O3 ox of alumina 26,48 Fe2O3 ox iron 1,06 TiO2 ox titanium 1,52 CaO calcium ox 0,14 MgO magnesium ox 0,18 Na2O sodium ox 0,24 K2O potassium ox 1,60 MnO manganese ox <0,01 L.O.I ….. 4,26 Plasticity (Atterberg) L.L …..…34 I.P ……..16 2. Black chamotte refractory paste (black refractory paste 0-0.2 mm) SiO2 ox of silisio 41,62 Al2O3 ox of alumina 30,17 Fe2O3 ox iron 13,86 TiO2 ox titanium 1,49 CaO calcium ox 0,28 MgO magnesium ox 0,62 Na2O sodium ox 0,22 K2O potassium ox 1,37 MnO manganese ox 0,36 MnO2 manganese ox 2,79 L.O.I………7,37 Plasticity (Atterberg) I.P.........22
  7. Cheers! I thank you very much if anyone can consult. I don't know why in the black or red ceramic paste (which I have high temperature), my faldespatico base enamels do not cover this clay. The enamels come out with bubbles.., although in white clay they work well for me. I understand that black clays contain ox iron and manganese..
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