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  1. Hi all, Looking for advice on making plaster molds for slip-casting a complex piece with multiple undercuts. Any advice or good resources for the following would be so helpful and appreciated: plaster mixing slip recipes making two and three piece molds
  2. Wow, Y'all, I am overwhelmed with gratitude by your insightful responses! Feeling very lucky to be part of this uplifting community. Thank you @Hulk for setting the bar with your awesome suggestions! Great call on the pyrometer! @Pat B. Your husband sure does sound handy! Can I borrow him? haha Thank you for connecting me to Neil Estrick, you rock! @Denice I never thought about having a separate shed for the kiln... something for me to think about and might even be possible. @Callie Beller Diesel So much to consider! Thanks for tuning into my business venture dream. I feel so supported @Roberta12 Yep, the winters can be tough - I made the decision to insulate for sure thanks so so much! extra glaze components sounds like a great opportunity for some fun experimentation
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been throwing at a friends studio for 3 years now and decided to buy my own wheel during the pandemic. I have been taking my pieces to her to fire for a small fee and don't have much firing experience of my own. Since I have a wheel and a decent sized shed... I'm considering buying a kiln and having an electrician to come to set up power in the shed. My hope is to have a small business someday. The shed is basic, no insulation, AC, lighting or power - a perfect blank slate for me to design. Being a novice, and realizing this is going to cost a lot, I'm looking for feedback, tips, things to consider/avoid, and others experiences.
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