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  1. min is right, the first compressor i ever used was a 2 gallon hot-dog type. i had no idea it would burn up on the first day i used it. got a used 8 gallon one later for only $40 on craigslist. still have it but i do not use it much anymore.
  2. my scott creek is aluminum. i do not think clay of any type is in it long enough to cause or suffer from contamination. besides, even if it gets a little aluminum darkness won't it fire away?
  3. you might contact a local ceramic supply house to ask about shared kiln usage in the area. there are studios normally filled with classes that may be seeing a very slow time with covid. maybe you can work something out there.
  4. good for you!!! having a good time and feeling as though you are accomplishing something is really uplifting. having other people who are also interested is a bonus. happy days ahead for you all.
  5. denise, you might be more comfortable trying a technique i use to make bowls. i think your husband is a woodworker if i am remembering correctly. a woodworking friend made me a series of discs from walnut. they ranged from 4 inches to about 8 inches in diameter and were each about 3/8 inch thick. they thinned at the edges. to make a soup size bowl, i would use about a softball size piece of clay and center it. opening it and making it into a flowerpot shape with a slightly thick bottom is next. when the pot is about 5 inches high, firmly insert the disc that is about 5 inches in
  6. barb, it sounds as though you are an experienced potter and have your own kiln. assuming that, i also assume you know the pieces are thoroughly dry and ready for firing, not too thick, either. i single fire to cone 6 but my pieces are usually the same relative thickness and i have glazed them with reliable glazes that do not run. i use a computerized kiln on the standard slow glaze firing schedule with a preheat first. my large kiln is usually closely packed and takes about 14 hours from turning it on to end of firing. you have not indicated the kind of clay your lucky grandkids
  7. not a teacher but i have worked with some kids and noticed something about them. they LOVE to add water to the color and that thins it out so much that there is not color left on the piece. especially if they are using brushes to apply the glaze. what seemed to work was having a brush in each container so they did not constantly wash out the blue and use that wet brush in the green and wash it out again for whatever comes next.
  8. depending on where you are, $600 seems a high price for a small, used kiln. can you get the owner to photograph the inside so you can see the elements inside their grooves? if they are upright they may have only been used lightly, perhaps for only cone 06 earthenware. if you can find out who used it, that might help, too. perhaps someones' mother or aunt who made china dolls. earthenware china. what else comes with the kiln, shelves, posts, anything?
  9. why was the line of choices above Forums Gallery Staff Online Users recently changed to black type? can it be returned to something lighter, please?
  10. too bad you have not seen mark cortright's beautiful display setup. it has been posted here several times. it looks as though you are not coming back so, good luck!
  11. my pacifica was bought in 1972. granted, i did not use it every day but it is still silent.
  12. check out bailey's wheels. yes, they are a long way from you but sometimes there are sales with shipping included. i dislike brent because of their noisy motors or whatever makes that awful sound.
  13. cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a holly leaf and press it into foam rubber. draw a line with a stylus down the center and you have a spoon rest for the holidays.
  14. my kiln has a metal stand with metal wheels that i use to roll it away. it should be taller but i could not find a way to do that except to add a second one on top of the first. make your own kiln wash using mark c's recipe, it is the best. a lightweight movable table to load and unload would be helpful. pots have to go somewhere while you choose exactly where to put them inside the kiln and while you unload and inspect each one.
  15. hope min gets a royalty for every bag sold!
  16. never thought about that long control panel. ok, maybe i will just raise the bottom shelf so i can reach it more easily, thank you. maybe fix the title to skutt?
  17. neil, i have considered shortening my L&L 23T. would that be very expensive? i would call The Kiln Doctor to do the work, this is just a very preliminary thought.
  18. congrats, brett! i just read this whole thread and see that you said you turned the low, medium and high know for 2 hours each. there have been a lots of posts lately from folks who think their firing should have finished in very few hours. i wonder if they are reading "turn it on high for two hours" and thinking "then turn it off" when it should be "turn it on high and let the sitter turn it off when it has reached the right amount of time and temperature to bend the cone in the sitter"? i see your sitter cone is bent properly so you can't be turning the kiln off yourself. odd...
  19. min, babs and i tried this yesterday. she does not go to the right place or something else is wrong. i have messed up my computer and cannot use it except for here. the page i was on slid down and over to the right so i cannot even try maximize. cannot find anyone to tell me how to fix it. microsoft help said try F11 which made the whole page so big that everything was gone. today i am trying to find some way to fix it but nobody is home. only able to send this because the blue box with subscribe is showing blue and Sub
  20. oh, sorry. click on my avatar. look for profile and find albums under that. the last one on the first page is the slip tests.
  21. you have not indicated where you plan to do all this. if in the US, location is important. are you planning to retail in a shop on your property or some other way? read Dirt roads profile and see what it takes to make an exceptional living. very exceptional. read recent posts indicating how hard it is to find a venue these days, as well. it helps if you are a natural scavenger and plan to find useful things almost anywhere at any time.
  22. nicky, in 2016 i did a series of tests of my slip with stains. i used a white body and made the slip from dry scraps of slabs of that body. you might want to look at my album showing the results. some of the colors come out true to expectations and others simply do not. the series of 11 photos is backwards, start with the last photo in the group and arrow back to the first. this is just to let you know that some of the chemicals in the stains work with my clay and others simply do not. it is not important to me to have a specific color that is always repeatable so i just use the
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