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  1. nicky, whatever you are thinking just add to it the possibility that nobody would want to drink from an unglazed cup. the feeling on the lower lip would be discouraging to most people.
  2. lady, try Carla's Clay. it is not open on monday but will open tomorrow. Oldlady
  3. white clay, little loafers from highwater, cone 6 electric.
  4. just mixed my good clear glaze with robins egg for the first time. no idea of the exact color but i am afraid it might come out too close to the cerulean blue i already use by the look in the bucket. is it really a greenish blue or not? cannot find a color chart right now. i am looking for a middle sort of sky blue without green tones. anyone know a good mason stain to give me that?
  5. sister, you might want to just bisque the pieces and use Stroke and Coat colored glazes. fire to cone 6 if that is the temp you want, and they are finished. you will have to cover the entire piece to get a glossy finish which means using white S&C as well as the colors you choose.
  6. looks fine to me. are you being too fussy in trying to match this piece to your imagination? you already know you are fussing too much.
  7. rolling bakers' racks with drywall shelves. self explanatory. too bad there aren't very many old refrigerators with wire racks in them. i have about 18 and have not seen any more of them for years. they are wonderfully useful for carrying pots after hot waxing and glazing to the kiln. cannot use when the work is fired because the metal marks the foot. or foots?
  8. no comment on your problem, i just love the bears.
  9. let's hope it doesn't come to that!
  10. ldb, just a question. do you have access to a cone chart? a lot of people get confused about glazes because of the zero. i read you question and the answer from denise twice but i am not sure you have those numbers firmly in your mind.
  11. the problem could have been the mud tube that some wasps build in stored machinery. fortunately, the wasps in my kiln room chose a rafter and not my kiln.
  12. hello, and welcome to the forums. the advice you have been given is excellent. get info on what guild meeting genboomxer will be attending and go together. guilds are great. each one is different because they are run by the members themselves. some are great at one thing and the one down the road is great at another. you will benefit in some way by being a member of a guild even if you think you are too much of a beginner to understand everything at the meeting. you will be among people who have been where you are now and i have never met an unfriendly potter in a guild. use the private message here on the forums to contact any member to ask questions of that particular individual.
  13. not part of the discussion but i tried the website and the English translation. you might want to suggest that the company employ a translator who is a potter. the descriptions of the equipment is not understandable unless being read by a potter who has seen similar items being used elsewhere. i do not know what a "wash and gush out the glaze platform' can be but the "embryo drawing machine" is a potters wheel.
  14. look for " bead trees" in the search function.
  15. andros, i think English is not your first language and want to make sure you do not end up with a pot whose lid will not come off. plain wax is used to keep glaze off of an area that should not have glaze on it like the foot that will sit on the kiln shelf. it is also used in decorating a piece so colors can be applied and separated or to use areas of fired clay without glaze as part of a decoration. in addition, wax with alumina in it is used to keep the body of a pot and the lid of a pot separate so the lid can be removed when the pot is fired with the lid in place on the pot. firing the two together insures that the lid and the body will fit together later. the area of the pot and the area of the lid that will touch when put together should not be glazed.
  16. motox, never touched air dry clay but it's name suggests that you must make everything perfectly the first time or lose it. shrinkage happens with real clay too but this sounds really bad. have you considered real clay? is the problem that you do not have a way to fire real clay? are you interested in becoming a potter or just trying to make one thing?
  17. mirjam, may i ask why you want to do this? what is your ultimate goal?
  18. a simple siphon is the easiest to clean and has no tiny parts to drop off. to clean it between colors, just dip the end into a bucket of water and spray until clear water comes out.
  19. jess, are you wetting the pot a little while before applying the glaze? dry bisque sucks all the moisture out of the brush before it makes a complete stroke. quickly dunking the piece in water before you prepare the glaze, brushes, clean area is probably enough time to let it work.
  20. where are you? if you are in a city big enough to have a paint your own pottery business, contact the owner and ask for some help. you may find that the molds are old and the detail is worn off so you may not want to use some of them.
  21. annie, did you make the glaze or buy it? if you made it, did you sieve it or only mix it up? before you reglaze the rough ones, try sanding the gritty stuff off first. whenever you ask a question, you will probably be asked several to narrow down the possibilities. and we LOVE photos of whatever you want to discuss.
  22. dear nerd, to find the article above in the future, it might help to correct the word "Chemistry". it is almost impossible for me to find anything, whatever the spelling.
  23. where are you in the world? are there pottery schools nearby where you can ask to try the various wheels and ask opinions? brents are noisy and from reading posts here over 9 years, seem to need tweaking, adjusting, fixing often. or maybe there are so many of them out there that the number of fixes needed reflect only their commonness.
  24. setting up a studio will be fun. i have a shed, 10x16 feet, in the backyard. you might look at it in the photos under my name. click on my avatar, find profile and look at Albums.
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