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Found 4 results

  1. Ok folks, this one is a weird one. My spouse scored a pottery wheel for $150, it needed work but for being sold as a Brent it was a heck of a deal. Once we got it home, I started digging into it and seeing what it needed. As best as I can tell, the wheel, motor and table is all from a Pacifica (the wheel is 13" diameter, the 4 belt drive system, orange table top with a particle board underside), and the controller and pedal are Brent (I can't make out a model). I ordered new belts and got everything cleaned up, but now that it is running, it seems to be spinning much slower than it should be. I'm don't really know how to start troubleshooting this, and I can't seem to find motor specs for older Pacificas on what voltage they want. Does anyone have any experience running different companies motors on Brent controllers? Thanks!
  2. Hi friends, I acquired this older model Brent wheel, It has no serial number or tags. I am leaning towards it being a model B, and it has a 12" wheel head. The problem that I've encountered with this wheel is that the fuse holder broke. I wanted to replace it but upon opening the control box I was at a loss, since I don't exactly know the model of it I am hesitating in trying to find and buy a new fuse holder for it. Does anybody have any suggestions to what type of wheel this might be? And if possible would anyone know about the schematic for the control box? Thank you so much in advance
  3. I was bequeathed an old Brent pottery wheel that has not been used for some time . I would like help in determining the model so that I can order parts, etc. where needed. Although I was expecting it not to be in working condition, I was surprised upon plugging it in and turning it on that the motor and wheel head ran quite smoothly. However, I suspect because of its evident age and use (or abuse) that parts will need to be repaired or replaced. This is the problem, I cannot find or determine the model number or approx date of manufacture (there are no model/serial number plates attached). There are some clues to its age and model, however (see pics): it has a yellow gold-color plastic deck (not steel) with perimeter ridge; the 12-inch wheel head (with bat pins 10-inch apart) has a flange beneath it to house a splash pan; the belt drive has a 4-ridge-3-groove belt; not sure of the motor HP but could be 1/2 HP; the motor housing is a blue-gray color; the foot pedal looks really old and instead of having "brent wheels" written on it, it is marked "robert brent" in the same script; the controller has no markings (perhaps worn/scraped off) and is in very dodgy condition. I am assuming that at a minimum the controller and foot pedal should be replaced and probably the belt too. The wheel head seems in reasonably good condition and there was not any unusual or aberrant noise when it ran. The top speed seemed a bit slower than I would like but I assume that this could be the fault of the pedal. I think the bearings are still OK. Would appreciate any info on age and model. Pete D
  4. Hello, I am looking at a used Brent ie wheel (1/4hp, centering capacity 75lb) that is a low price. <$200. I inspected the wheel with my limited knowledge. Wheel powers on and spins fine without noise at correct speeds that vary with pedal position. Great! However, I am able to stop the wheel with some effort using my hands when it is spinning at low-medium speed. Does this matter? Should I be able to totally stop the wheel from spinning with my hands? Can you diagnose this issue, suggest a likely fix? I have googled as much as I can. It seems the issue could be anything from simply reseating/replacing the belt to replacing the motor ($270). I would love your input about whether I should by this wheel, and whether the issue is diagnosable/fixable. Esp from wheel mechanics experts! Please consider that in Dec 2020 Brent ie, B, C, CXC retail for 1400, 1350, 1450, 1550 respectively, and used wheels are scarce/pricey. In my city I have seen three brent Cs of questionable condition go for 700, 800, and 1100 on facebook marketplace/craigslist. --I don't wanna hear how you got your Brent C in 2006 for a nickel and a handshake, haha... Thank you in advance for availing me of your generous expertise!
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