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  1. Recycled clay is currently drying on plaster bats which have been fine and no issues previously. Right now I have clay which is still quite wet 1 week later….current humidity is 78% so could this be the problem or perhaps plaster bats didn’t dry out enough after last use - I only let them dry for 3 days before using again …? One other thing I changed is that I used a drill bit mixer to get a smoother consistency of clay before applying to the plaster bats. Previously I just hand mixed but wasn’t happy with the amount of lumpy clay. I have setup 2 fans to try and help the clay dry but wonder if anyone else has input or advise. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I wonder if there is a little tool / sanding stone to gently smooth sharp/rough glaze edges as well as smooth over any trapped air bubbles / pin holes…? Been googling for ages but no joy! Ta :)
  3. Thank you so much for your detailed reply and research time- much appreciated. I think I will contact Rohde as you said and ensure it is running as it should. I will give an update once I have spoken to them as it could help others in the future who may come across similar issues.
  4. Hi everyone Hopefully someone will be able to offer advice. Just purchased a new Rohde HMT500 and have noticed that the wheel head takes almost 2 seconds to stop dead after depressing the pedal. This happens when spinning at max speed and min speed. Is this normal? Also noticed that when I'm increasing or decreasing speed on the pedal it almost springs back ever so slightly when I remove my foot ...its not the removal of my foot but more as if when the weight of my foot is gone it springs a bit.....there is spring point adjuster under the pedal so wonder if this is the screw to adjust? Any help or input greatly appreciated!
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