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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for pottery wheels The new Chatham Clay Studio opening soon in Pittsboro is looking for 5 pottery wheels for our community classes to replace those destroyed by the flooding of Hurricane Florence. If you have a wheel that you're no longer using, please consider donating it to us this month, or point us in the direction of cheap used wheels. We will be happy to fetch your wheel(s) most anywhere in North Carolina with our trusty Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Please email pictures, age of the wheel and cost to: ranchopark@gmail.com And please share this email with friends who may be interested in this project. Many thanks in advance for your support of this community effort. Stan Cheren Chatham Clay Studio 919.259.2665 -----------------------------------------------
  2. I received a hand me down seat for a Pacifica wheel, but it doesn't have the pieces that connect it to the wheel. Does anyone have an idea of how/ where to find it? I've contacted Laguna about the parts, but have yet to hear back. It's just a piece that clamps to the front leg of my wheel with a bar that inserts to the front of the seat and two knobs that hold it all together. I don't have room to store it anymore if I'm not using it, please help! Here is the piece on Blick's website: http://www.dickblick.com/items/30002-0100/
  3. I need advice. This afternoon, as I was throwing a piece, a strange noise suddenly emerged from under my wheel, a Pacifica GT800. I unplugged the wheel, unscrewed the bottom cover/plate? and discovered that the turntable turned due to the efforts of four rubber belts, and one was broken. I called Laguna and a very nice man assured me that it was no big deal, that I could buy a new belt for about $7 and that I should be able to put it on myself. Later, I called Laguna again to ask if I could use the wheel with just the three remaining belts temporarily. A new nice man answered and said yes but when I said that I wanted to order a new belt he told me that I should replace all four. My questions: Should I replace the broken belt or all four? Is it reasonable to think that an old (78) lady could replace all those belts? I have managed to replace elements, thermocouples and relays on my kiln but my hands are arthriticy and it looks as if belt replacement might require quite a bit of manual strength. I would appreciate your input and opinions, Joan.
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