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  1. Hello, I usually bisque my clay at 980C. I am thinking of changing to a heavy grog clay for bigger sculptural pieces. So, the higher the grog content in the clay the hotter the bisque temperature? Than you!
  2. Thank you both. I was thinking to apply a manganese wash over a commercial black matte glaze to try to get some more visual interesting surface. But I wonder how to apply the wash on top of the unfired glazed pot... Maybe spray?
  3. Hi! How do I apply washes to enhance the look of a glaze? Could you recommend any good online tutorial or have any tips to share? For what I have read this world be a possible process: ·Bisque fire the piece ·Apply the oxide wash with a brush or sponge and wipe off excess ·Let dry one day (or longer if needed) ·Glaze as usual Could also be done on top of the glaze? Would not the glaze be "washed away"? Thank you so much!
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