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  1. @neilestrick Thank you for simplifying ....... Did not realize shrank at glaze stage too:-)
  2. @neilestrick Am just starting out with porcelain Difficult ...........but love the feel .With your experience have you found a “ white “ porcelain Am using Audrey Blackman ( tho translucent) not white I fire up 1240 c Have also tried Aneto which has an blue ice hue Kind regards Nicky
  3. @CactusPotsThank you for your input Getting back to shrinkage Clay shrinks whilst drying Shrinks in one firing & bisque firing Is there more shrinkage at the glaze phase ? Trying to figure out shrinkages Just opened kiln happy with results ...... aside from shrinkage Thank you Nicky
  4. I’m wanting to do a test firing of a new porcelain body . Thought of just doing a one fire to see results Am wondering if there is a HUGE difference in results of one firing and bisque & glaze Thankyou Nicky
  5. I thought so too ..... but know it’s not “ chattering “ as Have experienced that too :-)
  6. I trimmed some small mugs using porcelain clay ( always a bit of a struggle for me !!!) But today noticed some became almost” impossible “to trim Am trimming without a foot ..... But found that the bottom of the mug started a “ ripple effect( if this the right term ) which continued less than half way down “ Am wondering is this due to 1) not being well centered for trimming ? 2 )Not following the inside shape Or due to some other reason ?? Kind regards Nicky
  7. @Magnolia Mud Research Thank you that is what I meant re measurements Again blisters is mayb not the right word as they are solid I have posted a picture not sure if you have seen it As I pass thru an 80 mesh They are much larger I’m very careful on mixing and measuring So don’t think the problem is there :-) I Might have to resort to commercial Kind regards Nicky
  8. @neilestrickHi Neil thank you for your input I did weigh things out 20 % slip 5% stain :-(
  9. @CactusPotsWish I could help As I said just mixed stain with porcelain clay body
  10. @JohnnyKBlisters are solid Ive just mixed same porcelain body with black stain and water And sieved thru a mesh sieve
  11. I have made my own black stains with the same bodies of porcelain I’m using ( Audrey Blackman & Parien )They fire up to 1240 degs ( one fire ) My problem is the stained surface ALL have blisters Any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue ? Is there mayb something else I should be adding aside from porcelain body stain and water ( which I then pass through a mesh sieve) Commercial stains seem fine Would appreciate input Kind regards Nicky
  12. Hi Babs .... yes I got the beads into top loader kiln Absolutely dry Hope the kiln gods are kind Fingers crossed as you say :-)
  13. Loaded kiln for one fire porcelain to reach 1240. At around 350 degs realized I had forgotten to put some beads that I meant to fire So opened kiln gingerly ..... Will this seriously affect the rest of my firing Yikes !!!
  14. @oldlady Yes dried sandwiched between two drywall slabs for a day or twoThen wrapped in thin plastic kept sandwiched and then lifted the weight but still kept wrapped in plastic Worked perfectly !!! So happy :-)
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