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  1. @oldlady Admittedly my glazing skills have a looooong way to go yet Hadn’t realized how difficult it was I’m just trying to make some sample pieces But yes agree re rims Thank you Nicky @Marcia Selsor As I’m using water etching technique unfortunately some spaces need to be sanded But def Agree should be avoided as much as possible esp as I have emphysema Thank you for info tho Nicky
  2. @Bill Kielb Thank u for your input Had not thought about glazing over the rim ( that’s how new I am :-) ) And my first time glazing only the inside Tho admit still pondering if utterly necessary But I could do half and half to see results Thank you
  3. Just to say .... bisque firing went well cups facing up and hardly any warpage Thankyou for imput Am now preparing for glaze firing .I will only glaze the insides of cups I would like to get the satin smooth effect by sanding ( extra work but makes a diff in the feel ) Do I sand before or after glaze firing ??? Much appreciated Nicky
  4. Will be firing a bisque fire of porcelain ware Mugs without handles What is the best way to fire ( thinking of warpage ) Should the rims be facing up or down Wondering if it makes a difference Thank you Nicky
  5. @neilestrick Thank you for simplifying ....... Did not realize shrank at glaze stage too:-)
  6. @neilestrick Am just starting out with porcelain Difficult ...........but love the feel .With your experience have you found a “ white “ porcelain Am using Audrey Blackman ( tho translucent) not white I fire up 1240 c Have also tried Aneto which has an blue ice hue Kind regards Nicky
  7. @CactusPotsThank you for your input Getting back to shrinkage Clay shrinks whilst drying Shrinks in one firing & bisque firing Is there more shrinkage at the glaze phase ? Trying to figure out shrinkages Just opened kiln happy with results ...... aside from shrinkage Thank you Nicky
  8. I’m wanting to do a test firing of a new porcelain body . Thought of just doing a one fire to see results Am wondering if there is a HUGE difference in results of one firing and bisque & glaze Thankyou Nicky
  9. I thought so too ..... but know it’s not “ chattering “ as Have experienced that too :-)
  10. I trimmed some small mugs using porcelain clay ( always a bit of a struggle for me !!!) But today noticed some became almost” impossible “to trim Am trimming without a foot ..... But found that the bottom of the mug started a “ ripple effect( if this the right term ) which continued less than half way down “ Am wondering is this due to 1) not being well centered for trimming ? 2 )Not following the inside shape Or due to some other reason ?? Kind regards Nicky
  11. @Magnolia Mud Research Thank you that is what I meant re measurements Again blisters is mayb not the right word as they are solid I have posted a picture not sure if you have seen it As I pass thru an 80 mesh They are much larger I’m very careful on mixing and measuring So don’t think the problem is there :-) I Might have to resort to commercial Kind regards Nicky
  12. @neilestrickHi Neil thank you for your input I did weigh things out 20 % slip 5% stain :-(
  13. @CactusPotsWish I could help As I said just mixed stain with porcelain clay body
  14. @JohnnyKBlisters are solid Ive just mixed same porcelain body with black stain and water And sieved thru a mesh sieve
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