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  1. Keep in mind that gold lustres also contain a strong flux, so if glass is slumping at 018, it may slump extra in areas with lustre. I've never heard of using gold resin lustre on glass. But I'm sure there must be some kind of gilding product specific for glass.
  2. I throw almost everything on a wobbly bat system so I dont even think I'd be able to tell if my wheelhead was wobbly Just another example of me doing everything the wrong way
  3. Sounds like it's working just fine! That's how it works, it never locks into place, but it also will never fly off.
  4. Barium, strontium, magnesium, calcium, they can all make bright matte glazes depending on the colorant used
  5. I emailed them about a replacement splash pan and got a response the next morning, and it was from their technical support manager so I am thinking that if they have managers answering questions they're probably overworked.
  6. Oh it's gotta be at least 15lbs, I never have filled it all the way up though, I just don't do that many handles at once.
  7. It will turn brown if there's zinc in the glaze, I believe it also needs a sufficient amount of calcium in the glaze as well. Best to look it up on their reference page. Http://masoncolor.com/reference-guide
  8. Yep! Definitely you can test the pH of it. Make a slurry with distilled water and a dry piece of the mixed clay and test the water. But as glazenerd said, it takes a week or two to develop plasticity so it may continue to react for that period. Perhaps test it a few times over that week.
  9. Oh mark this thing isn't tiny lol, it holds about twice as much clay as the 4" northstar. They're pretty nice for a cheap unit. I've really beat the crap out of mine.
  10. Depends on how much acid there is to react with it. If there's a lot of acid you can touch it right away, if there's very little to no acid it'll likely always burn you
  11. If you're thinking about that level of fame, that's a handful of people out of hundreds of thousands. The same goes today. Like I can rattle off a bunch of very talented, thoughtful and "famous" modern potters who will likely be just as famous as the leachs and hamadas. But try focusing on the micro level, a potter may not be internet/worldwide famous, but they are well-known in their immediate area. And really that's all that matters. We don't look at 500 year old pots and go "oh that must be a Dorflenberger", no, it's just a beautiful pot in a museum that says the equivalent of John
  12. I'm not surprised, they've had a pretty awful reputation online for the past few years. https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/sparks/profile/ceramics-supplies/big-ceramic-store-1166-5004754/complaints
  13. You can, I haven't had any issues with shearing though, which is what the taper is supposed to solve. I make my own dies for it, though he will make custom laser cut dies for 30 bucks, just send him a picture or 3d render.
  14. I'm up near seattle, but I know laguna operates out of LA. Laguna Clay 14400 Lomitas Ave, City of Industry, CA 91746 (626) 330-0631 https://maps.app.goo.gl/pVd6Z8Risdu81tEZ7
  15. Can't paint it, I have the non stainless one but I use a red stoneware If you use porcelain get the stainless one. The barrel is super tight so you'll scrape the paint right off on the first go.
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