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  1. I am going to be setting up a studio in our basement and my husband suggested that I use the double laundry sink as the sink for my work. He says that the washing machine doesn't drain directly into this sink. I thought I read somewhere that this can be a problem. In another house I owned, the laundry would sometimes backup into the laundry sinks in the basement even though it didn't directly spill into this sink. I am also concerned about having clean clothes in the vicinity of a dirty clay sink. Whatever I do, I plan to have a clay trap. I would appreciate any advice others might have about
  2. Thank you for the help everyone. I'll check into the cost of a Bailey roller, and lean on my sweet husband for the table. The roller is the main piece of equipment I want for my studio. I will probably just wait on the extruder. Thanks Denice for that helpful suggestion.
  3. I have been searching for months for used equipment for a home studio on sites like Facebook (Marketplace, Potter's Attic, Used Equipment), Craig's List, Govdeals, eBay, Ceramic Arts Network, etc. I've had no success. Is there a site or strategy I've missed? I would like to get a wall-mounted extruder and a shimless slab roller. I would eagerly welcome any suggestions. Thank you!
  4. Thank you everyone. This is very helpful, and I am eager to get moving on this project.
  5. I am thinking about making a dampbox cabinet from PVC with a heavy plastic exterior, and I am interested in the experiences others may have had doing something similar. In particular, I'm curious what others have used for shelving. It seems like wood would mold and warp and metal would rust. Would hardibacker be a good option? Would I need to make plaster slabs to keep inside this kind of cabinet box? Should I keep the box in a closet, or will it serve its intended purpose of creating a slow consistent drying process anywhere in a studio? Thanks for the help!
  6. Searching for used equipment to start a home clay studio in Minnesota. I'd like to get the sink and other hand-building supplies within Minnesota but am willing to travel out of state for a good manual slab roller (without shims that is at least 24 inches).
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