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  1. It's the perfect hobby for people who prefer to stay busy. Always something to do, or learn, or clean.
  2. Unfortunately there is plenty of zinc in lots of glaze recipes, it's pretty unavoidable, and frankly one of the lesser evils eminating from the kiln. Instead fire in a well ventilated space and stay away from the kiln and vapors.
  3. Could be gas from the red clay body dragging a bubble through the layers of glaze.
  4. They've been Dremeled, if you look closely at the first picture, you can see the cross section of glazes. White on top, then temmoku, then clay body. I know the look oh too well, as I have a couple of glaze combinations that also run off the piece.
  5. Your dryer plug has 2 hots, a neutral and a ground. Your kiln only requires 2 hots and a ground. You can change the plug on the kiln fairly easily and just leave the neutral off.
  6. I'd say most production potters still glaze fire with gas. Hard habit to break
  7. Good to hear it's not tripping with a 60 amp breaker, I wouldn't worry now as long as the wire is appropriately gauged and the kiln is working. Glad we could help!
  8. Nice! I've heard of some using sodium metabisulfite as well with good result (and slightly less dangerous
  9. Remove all of the old plaster and use a durable plaster like hydrocal
  10. That's some larger grog, I think you may be surprised how fine 30/80 is. 30 mesh being the largest size, is half a millimeter. You can make any color and size grog by smashing vitrified clay, and then dry sifting (outdoors, upwind, with a respirator) to classify material. The thicker you mix the slip, the better the particles will be suspended
  11. Yeah I don't get a discount on that one because it's imported and it's like 25 bucks a box or something crazy like that. I'm sure it's worth every penny though, every thing I've seen and read about using those Australian/New Zealand ice porcelains has been top notch. I might have to spring for a box next time I reload.
  12. You could dump a reduction material into your raku kiln if you're wanting that but can't get it to reduce. I've seen anything from sugar to oil to charcoal used.
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