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  1. Hey, quite a lot to chew over here! - Thank you all for the advice so far. I am certainly going to leave my old website up Callie as it serves as a presence and local people know it now. Thanks Mark C for the shopping cart suggestion, I'll have a word with the web host and ask what's involved etc to make that happen... I've had no end of trouble trying to make a 'shop' on Facebook after making a business page but that's another story - It's been months and I still cannot get access to it let alone login to see my personal page. Apparently it's a gray account? I will certainly look into Weebly and Shopify thank u (Neilestrick)- it feels more reassuring when recommendations comes from trusted friends, rather than reading all these reviews which are probably and more often than not - 'paid to write' again thanks and hope others take something from this too. Donna
  2. dondon

    Chip&Dip1 sm

    love the colours - what are they please?
  3. Mark, it would cost a fortune to deliver it back to them. Ill just have to use it for modelling heads, animals etc.
  4. Ahh thank you Min...so if I bisc fired higher? would that make a difference..? the clays I've been using are stoneware (1120 - 1280 and the other 1150 - 1280 firing range....I usually bis at 05 or 06. Also re:- ' getting a clay that fires to under 1 1/2 - 2% absorption' ? how besides doing the soak test do I know or find this out? I probably sound a right idiot for asking but that reply actually makes sense and I wish I'd asked the supplier before I just took delivery of 250k of new clay..
  5. Ok everyone, hope someone can explain why my stoneware and indeed earthenware vases filled with water and flowers seems to 'sweat' and leave a damp patch beneath? Even some of my mugs leave a mark too? I' d rather not glaze the bases then have to grind away the splinters of stilt that's usually razor sharp after firing, I quite like the contrast of the clay and glaze, especially with a nice foot rim so is there any other way to prevent this please? what am I doing wrong or not doing right?
  6. Liam, how does the dental plaster trap work? can you explain please?
  7. I suggest you watch this excellent video - great idea and it works!! credit to Evolution Stoneware - lovely lady x have fun and merry xmas to all you potters out there.
  8. Actually Pei I had same problem...various firing temps tested but never been able to get a 'fur' look as it suggests, so you are not alone . I bought quite a few at the time so just use them as normal underglaze colours with a transparent glaze on top. I'too would be happy to hear from anyone who has managed to get a 'velvet' finish - tips welcome..
  9. dondon

    Peterson Pottery Studio

    portrait sculpture, architectural and small stuff. Please do not use my images without permission. Thank you. Donna the Potter.
  10. Thank you x I have only got the one...I found it in the street as a chick, days old, amongst some pigeons!! who promptly flew off as I drove up leaving this sad little thing. I thought at first it was just a sparrow fallen from a nest but low and behold it grew and grew and turned out to be this beautiful fluffy silkie chicken we call 'Chips'
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