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  1. I suggest you watch this excellent video - great idea and it works!! credit to Evolution Stoneware - lovely lady x have fun and merry xmas to all you potters out there.
  2. Actually Pei I had same problem...various firing temps tested but never been able to get a 'fur' look as it suggests, so you are not alone . I bought quite a few at the time so just use them as normal underglaze colours with a transparent glaze on top. I'too would be happy to hear from anyone who has managed to get a 'velvet' finish - tips welcome..
  3. tealeaf reading?......I d ask a potter to use a decal. But yes as the other member said - we need more info on what you have in mind...:)
  4. Yes good point yappystudent, I'd like clarification on this subject too. When potters state their ware is oven safe, microwave safe or dishwasher proof ...? at what temperature makes clay oven safe? any info relating to this gratefully received..;)
  5. Thank you Babs for the prompt reply, so you have actually got a bought one? have you tried making one too? I'm gonna head over to Sputtys thread and read how to do just that.
  6. Thank you so much Sputty, this looks exactly like it. ..:) Hmmm bit far away though so looks like I'll be trying my hand at making one.
  7. Hi all, I am wondering if any of you know where to get hold of a special brush to use when decorating pottery....I have seen it in action on various utube vids but they never reply when you ask questions...ha haa. The brush looks just like a normal paint brush but seems to have another brush in the middle of it that extends somewhat wonder if anyone can help me find such a brush please. I have drawn a sketch of it here. Thank you in advance. donnathepotter@gmail.com Peterson Pottery Studio.co.uk
  8. Hi, What is the correct temperature to fire at to make pots ovenproof and microwave proof. thank you, any advice appreciated. Don
  9. Hi, I am wanting to get a glaze like the image shown on this mug. Anyone know what it is and how to get it please? The middle part I assume is oxide? and the blue / pale white rings, maybe another glaze? thank you, any advice appreciated. Don
  10. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can identify this mug please? More importantly can anyone tell me what glaze this is? where to buy some more or less the same? what temp to fire at to get this look? or if not how to achieve this look. It has a real silky feel, sort of a matt satin glaze I think. Any info would be good. Thank you in advance.
  11. It looks very much like a chamber pot to me...."Chamber" is an old-fashioned term for bedroom. It was used as a portable toilet in the bedroom at night. The chamber pot is also known as a jerry, a guzunder, a po (possibly from French: pot de chambre) or a thunder pot, or a potty. Obviously slip cast with transfer design.
  12. Maybe they sent you the bis bowls to do practice 'designs ' on before going into production? why don't you just ask your company if they have made a mistake?
  13. Anyone in England have any suggestions on heat source ideas?
  14. would love to try the silk screen method but would n't have a clue where to start. Don't you need specialist equipment? I bought a lazer printer last year to try and make my drawings into transfers as a start but I must have used the wrong paper or something because it did n't work at all.
  15. Hi, I am interested to know how you lot keep warm in your studios besides the heat of the kiln? Please don't say electric heaters because they cost a fortune to run. I am usually bulging with that many layers of clothing - I look a right sight haa especially when someone comes in to potentially buy a pot... oops Ottery ...sorry Pottery of course it should read.
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