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Anyone use the Keystone Clay Trap for sink?

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I just ordered the Keystone Clay Sink Trap from The Ceramic Shop ( https://www.theceramicshop.com/product/5945/clay-trap/ ) and I was wondering if anyone else has one. There is very limited instructions on how to install and I'm hoping to be able to do it myself. 


Any help would be very appreciated! 



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6 hours ago, kayrae said:


Any help would be very appreciated! 

Looks very much like the simple but effective  settling bucket type that are sold and made. A picture of the top would confirm that likely two vacuum style hoses are used to slip fit into top of the bucket as well as slip onto or into the existing drain pipes. The small hose with the valve I have seen with an internal dip tube to auto syphon out enough water prior to removal and opening for cleaning. A picture of the top, picture of any hoses and a picture of the top opened up will reveal exactly how it was intended to be used. Have seen lots of folks make these from a new plastic bucket actually for probably less than $20.00. I think I made four of them for a studio at one time so they could  sort of hot swap the new in place.  IMO this style does work better than anything else I have seen.

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50 minutes ago, liambesaw said:

Its just a 5 gallon bucket with two hoses coming out of the top

The style I was describing generally is in the two gallon bucket range mainly because of the height. So for a typical drain arrangement when the p trap is removed a two gallon bucket gives enough clearance so the discharge of the bucket is about the right height which makes fitting under the average sink easier and bucket changeout neater. The high end models will have a very short dip tube on the entrance side so the whole thing acts as a wet seal when the bucket is near full. 

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