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Price Check - Kiln, Wheel, Slab Roller

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Hello. I haven't been in this thread part of these forums before. If this price check is against the rules then please just remove the post. I wasn't sure where else to ask it since I haven't been here in a while.

I am probably going to be selling my Studio soon but the main 3 items are my kiln, wheel and slab roller. I wanted to make sure I knew the going rates so I can offer a fair price to myself and the potential buyers.

L&L Easy18-3 with an upgraded digital controller. It has been gentle used with probably 500 firings, half of them being bisque. Although I don't know the true amount because I replaced the controller. The elements look pretty good and the last firing was 2 months ago and it went smooth as expected.

Thomas Stuart Legend Pottery Wheel 1/3HP - Still in perfect working order.

Shimpo Slab Roller 30x50, the table one.


I really appreciate any feedback regarding what I should start at for these machines.

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2 minutes ago, Hulk said:

Although the market for used pottery gear may have softened a bit, looks to still be very strong.
My only suggestions would be a) peruse recent listings (new & used) - same as buyers would do - and price accordingly, and b) keep the wheel, if you've a place for it to wait 

Yea. I guess I will have to get on my wife's facebook and see what I can find out. Seems marketplace is the way to go.

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Sorry you can't hang on to your equipment,  if anything I would sell the slab roller.  When my son was in his teens he wanted to play the drums,  so we bought him a nice set.   We knew other drummers and they said at one point he will quit playing but don't let him sell him drums.   They said he would want to drum again someday,  twenty three years later and he went back to the drums.      Denice

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The wheels sell well-I would ask 1/3 off new as a starting point-quality wheels really went up in price so find out what anew one costs to start with

The kiln well its all depends on condition-same deal-harder to sell than a both your other items due to size 

Slab roller is a easy sale as they are hard to find used-very hard really

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12 minutes ago, Mark C. said:

sorry to hear you are out of clay making

Not sure I am out forever. I am just building 2 businesses and I have 3 kids, by the time I am done working I am pretty exhausted. I thought I will just keep this, but its been 3-4 years since I have touched it except a few times when I had a moment. I just figure I won't get to it for another 5 years maybe. I guess I could just move it to a corner and let it sit, but I worry about things locking up and control panels not being used for several years etc.

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A corner might be good.  Clay is such a therapeutic way to manage all sorts of stress, life events.  As we have all witnessed the last 4 years, prices have gone up and up and up.  If you decide to go back to clay, your cost outlay would not be as steep.  I hope you can find a corner.  As @Denice suggested, maybe the slab roller?  If it takes up a lot of space?  Your life is crazy busy right now, but it will change.  We had 3 kids.   We get it.   Best of luck to you Joseph. 


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