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  1. I'm on the wrong side of the pond so I never have seen one.
  2. staining can be seen on bisqueware for severalk reasons coming from a bisque-in a gas kiln it can ahppen from flame lick or hoter temps on one side that the other. Usually not seen in electric kilns. The other is your said you wiped with water Sio I suspect thats the issue. Its not a problem and should cuase to issue with the glazing . It also can happen when the inside glaze can leach thru the body and leave a yellow look to the outside-again no big deal. John after about 100 years the inside diameter of a galvanized pipe is diminished but about 85%. by rust build up. Time to move up to more modern copper or pex pipes. I threw out all my galvo pipe about 40 years ago and put in all copper.The sawzall is your friend on this job .
  3. Also make sure the mold is really dry before using-this also makes for issues like this. pour slowly as noted and let drain longer before taking mold apart. Welcome to the forum
  4. A GG is just another tool like a screwdriver-but more like a screw gun in the right hands. Learning to use one is the same deal-some folks never can use a power screw gun and stick to screwdrivers. I can use both but it was a learning curve with a screw gun .Same with a G.G. The orginal OP just needs to learn the ins and outs of a GG
  5. Short of new husband? Bill covered the other idea above well- as to the new husband find out 1st before marriage if fumes will bother him in house? And if he will support creative works I can expand this list if you need that.
  6. let us know the outcome of the Amaco repair. Brents are a solid wheel-my favorite. On another note the Brest wheels go from 0-240 RPM so thats the range you want to shoot for with the amaco
  7. Do your research on who is the top notch hand surgeon in that area (KC) and go get a thourough work up (X-rays) and consolation 1st. If you are like us we live in an isolated medical community.Hand surgery is done by lesser experts with poor outcomes.You need to go to where this is done every week-like a teaching institution or a very highly rated private practice. I would suggest two surgeons (thats what I alway do (my trips take 12 hour drives per trip) so a 4 hour is no big deal twice. Ask about prodecures-differences-otcomes -recoverey times etc-same questions to eack person .Then read up on the exact procedures. Then pick the surgeon with the tecnique you like the most. Thats assuming they all are 5 star surgeons .Check out thier ratings as well online. You only have the one chance to get it right as second time around surgerys are far lesser outcomes
  8. Those two salts are complety different-epsom has magnesium in it not sodium chloride . I asume your asking becuase you are using epsom in a glaze as an additive-which in these small amouts will not hurt your fiber kiln
  9. I think figuring in the cost of your foot pedal and new motor and maybe a gear box I'm thinking a new wheel may have been cheaper ?Or at least a better design as no mater what this will always be a gear box driven model. You need to decide on how much to throw at this old wheel $ wise My guess is you are in so much now you want it not to be waste of $
  10. (Shockingly, there are a lot of event goers that don't seem to care. ) Same is true for many promoters This is true in many parts of the country I voted on our board ( last week for our local show) to not have the show-the vote was unanimous - we put on a show on a 3rd weekend in Sept (not a flea market)-it was going to be our 47 annual. We realized we could not do it safely for the community. Its all about the safety of the community-not profit or greed The other side is weather one wants to go to a puplic gathering-I myself do not want to attend. There are just to many stupid people who are clueless. On a side note business is picking up sales wise in the suoer markets-one of my gallerys is now open for 3 customers at a time in the large store with one way isles. In our county you have to certify to be able to open (meet certain requirements in retail) Masks are required for all employees and business can impose a mask wearing rule on the patrons in that business but thats up to the owners.All responsible businesses require masks around here.
  11. The ring on the floor fell off so thet means the band was either to loose (you need a screwdriver to tighten it up snug) or that screw tightening fell off (rusted out) which is another fix-we need a photo of the place on band that has the tightening screws to answer this
  12. Gearbox ratios come in all types-I never have used one so you would need to figure that out. Why not call Amaco and find out what that gearbox is (they may still have records of that) then you have a starting point as you know its not fast enough. Also get the right shaft sizes one that gearbox as well. My thought is you want a gearbox for the higher speeds as the lower ones you can skow the motor down with your foot pedal. And yes once you know the Amaco specs, simple math will tell you which direction to go. Your new motor is a bit slow (1075) so you need one that will mimic a modern wheel. While you are on the phone with Amaco ask them whats the high speed max RPM of a newer wheel-then you want a box that does that rpm and the lower speeds are from your foot pedal adjustment if that makes sense.
  13. The part hanging out is fine-mine hangs a foot some of the fire. A mullite shelve can handle this with zero issues-red hot on one end cold outside on the other . its the advancers that do not like uneven heating
  14. That sound is not a happy pot-the glaze is to tight or to loose or body same deal-bad fit. Pot can come apart over time or shiver glaze in time or settle down. They all point to issues that are not right.
  15. Since you have had one work before with no issues-whats the differeance now-the wheel -the bat its on?? you or the GG? whatever it is Its most likely operator related As I said get rid of the Bat (just another out of round issue) and try the setup again (aligned the grip feet to wheel head) like you do when its new. Start over and then see what happens. I have usaed one a a whisper before so Iknow its not the wheel.
  16. I'm not on instagram but as you said folks have posted my work there. I was sent that cat clip from a friend-
  17. I may hire one of these guys soon https://www.instagram.com/p/CAgeFnZjx9A/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  18. Learning to tap center is a skill I have used for 45 years -still use it every month even though I own 3 griffen grips Having more skills is better than less skills If you want to really get it here is one driving a stick shift and an auto-you might say well all my cars are auto and I do not need to know that stick shift stuff but wait you are in a small third world contry and all the rentals are stick shift -maybe it even in a new world country .
  19. So I have always said learning to trim comes 1st as its a skill I use weekly -that saids my giffins save me time as a production potter. U still trim pots teh old ways as well depending on the form.That said triming 40 cereal bowls the giffin save about 1/2 the time. so here are some suggestions take your grip apart and clean it-I lube mine with silcon spray once a year as it gets sticky and does not slide-spray the bottom piece not the top. Make sure the setup is spot on and set the grip up directly on the wheel head if you can. Spend the time getting it set up right so its dead on true and has no play. Then it should slide easy and the grips will work well. I think its all in the setup (your issue)
  20. So the deal with any downdraft kiln is to keep the heat/flame in the chamber for as long as you can to heatwork the load. Since your burner in on the right side (floor lever is great ) the flame will want to race towards the flue to get out. The theory is get the flame up and thru the load before it exits the flue. I do not think you have enough blockage to keep the flame going up and over the load . More bag wall (meaning higher-way higher ) That flame /heat will just jump over the low shelve and brick and go under the bottom shelve out the flue. I like the floor level flue with the sharpie and the octogon shelve -but that shelve can be a lot wider to the right side(to much empty space) you need to rasie the bag wall (shelve up at least 1/2 the kiln height or more)- to keep the flame/heat from racing to the flue. The brick wall also needs to come way up. Think of the flame as water teryin g to get out the flue. You do not have enough blockage yet for that flame No matter what these kilns fire uneven and you will need to learn to glaze for this. Also get those old coils pulled out before they become a mess. reconfigue and take some more photos for us.
  21. Yes its true pitting on them is always going to be an issue-its the nature of these glazes to flaw.Ceramics is not easy-maybe a slow heat cylce at the end will lay down the bubbles in final melt.
  22. Ok since you are the only one who may have done this conversion-here is some ideas 1st do you know the rpm of the ac motor you took out? next can you find out about that gearbox and the gear ratio from Amaco (still in business-call them)Get the motor and gearbox info from them. with these two facts you can figure from your new motor as you know its RPM what gearbox you may need or what the ratio is for making it go faster. I think changing that gearbox internally will be hard but a new gearbox from a supplier like Graingers is a easy fix. This wheel sounds like you have alot of $$ into it already so see what that new gearbox will cost. Keep in mind all modern wheels do not use gear boxes anymore -its belts and pulleys - for that rpm exchange -small pulley on motor large on wheelhead shaft-is that an option with your new motor and foot pedal?and foget the gearbox? to some degree you are reinventing the wheel so decieding how much more $ to throw at it is really up to you.
  23. Yep those boards will fall apart quickly and will not last very long-they cannot handle any abrasion
  24. Oh come on Neil-UPS simply states that you must pack while standing on your left foot while making sure the barametric pressure is less than 30 millibars and thats not on a Friday after the 3rd Wednesday after a full moon. The peanuts need to be in even numbers not odd and not to mix colors. On a more serious note they rarely ever break pots the way I pack so its a non issue. Many folks do not know how to pack-thats a fact. I spend zero dollars on any packing materials-they are free if just look around.
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