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  1. ( It may be worth getting a pyrometer and seeing how fast it climbs on a medium setting. Maybe you just need to leave it there and let it slowly climb to extend the firing. For a bisque firing it may be that you never need to go to a higher setting than that.) A digital pyrometer (cheap) is what need to see wahts going on really-you may have to drill a small hole in kiln but its no big deal to install one.
  2. My minimum was $300 a few years ago-I have since upped that number quit a bit to my existing outlets. I will add I'm not taking any new wholesale accounts now Another way to think about this is what can a shop sell your mugs for and work backwards. I just turned down a shop in Seattle asking about wholesale mugs yesterday-small world
  3. My thought is I once faced that same decision and took the year off and became a full time potter and never looked back-I never wanted to teach by the way If you plan on teaching I would jump straight into Grad school. If you do not plan on that path 1 year will not matter.
  4. For wholesale (and thats what this will be) that price can be 1/2 to 1/3 off your retail price -even in rare instances 25% off retail. It all depends -I wholesale to many places and its a mix. One is a high end gallery so the price is about 1/3 off my price-one only adds 6$ to each item (mugs ) so my price is much more about 15% off my price. A few are 35% off retail You have to decide what you can afford to sell them for and still be ok with that.Since this is all new it may take you some time to get to this price. The other factor is can you supply them with enough product year around and still sell at your farmers market? this factor alone is worth figuring out at this point as well.
  5. Kaowool is not paper-so as you found out -not in the clay
  6. If it a bent or worn out wheelhead just replace it-they bolt right on with 3 nuts-If you can post a video we can tell you whats wrong 20 years is not old for a Brent wheel. I have one from the 70s and one from the 80s-20 years is what I call a New Brent wheel No need for a whole new wheel .
  7. If the wheel head is wonky (not running straight as these can do) then even the banding wheel idea is flawed
  8. Mugs are my best sellers-I make 5 sizes and 3 kinds-regular -soup-motion. Spoon rests -sell them by the hundreds-sponge holders -also sell a zillion from there its an assortment of glasses -half glasses pie plates chip and dips candle holders cereal bowls and miso bowls -as well as all size serving bowls (very popular) and huge bowls )no one makes them much anymore utensil holders-baking dishes a few sizes platers round and oval in many sizes -vases- canister sets I make 35 forms and soon will be narrowing it down as shows are going to an end for me in next few years Teapots -flatware are near the bottom as slow sellers These two photos are my 2 shows I did this year-Aug and Oct-I have my 43rd annual xmas show (private in a local shopping center) left to do shows sell all forms other outlets sell a limited variety of forms like my galleries or supermarkets-much more limited selection than a show
  9. Many people buy these and find they break right away and the 150$ spent is down the drain As you said (essentially garbage) and I might add these does not discribe them well enough they are worse than that. You can buy a quailty wheel and if you find later clay and yoj are a poor match sell it for nearly what you paid
  10. Local clay supplier got some Ardvark Nar porcelian by mistake

    I'm trying a box out-Throws like Daves  Porc-throws better than Babo porc-not sure how white yet it will be.

  11. Babs Many fed X large enolopes are tyvec material if you can get ahold of them-plenty large for clay work-free cost adds to the appeal
  12. Any time monkeys are involved expect trouble
  13. You should cover with plastic so the form equalizes moisture . if still cracks rub the crack out with wooden tool or a stick
  14. Cone 06 clay looks to me you thought you only had cone 6 clay but that one is cone 06 Better do a few more tests to find that lowfire clay
  15. Without the wood spoon they wonder what the heck are these?
  16. Babs Tyvek is building wrap for new construction -down under it will be another name Its thin and easy to work with
  17. Well Laguna west is out of some basic clays it seems- I heard today as I placed a small order for a potter friend. with them . I also heard that a minspar shortage was also making headaches for low fire bodies as well with them. I'm not sure if Min has much pull with the spar they named after her but maybe she could lean on that supplier(only kidding Min) I'm a bit slow on the uptake but zircopax has been replaced as well I'm about ready to order a few tons of Daves Porcealin (4800#s) as it comes full pallets at 2400# each They where out of it last week hope its made soon-this will be spring use as my fakll clay is in clay shed now
  18. when throwing lids off the hump they will S crack I found (like honey pot lids) The 100% cure is to tap the center when trimmed and stll leather hard with a wood rounded tool handle a few hard taps stopes S cracks. Not sure where I learned this .I pick up tips like a sponge over the last 5 decades .
  19. Yes as kswan pointed out these days most customers who deal in cash hate change-I use a cash register which adds tax rate and only use quarters for change-round up or down I always carry a few hundred in bills to have plenty of change as well-I use a custom made leather vendor bag around my waist at all shows with a hidden zipper pouch in rear.Great trade years ago with leather workers
  20. Yes is some areas cash is still prevalent-like my home area of Humboldt county-my xmas show is still 1/3 cash or more.
  21. Usually thumping means a flat spot on belt from sitting to long (years unused) New belt will fix that thumping
  22. The ceramic shop is still in business as I just got a part from them
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