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  1. For general hauling, that will all be local. Not terribly concerned with mileage for short hops like that. The studio build is on hold for at least a year and I've given up on the mixer-pugmill idea. Once I checked into it in detail that turned out not to be nearly as handy as it sounded. We'll see about a much smaller de-airing pugmill - eventually. I might not care so much about pugmills if I can reliably get out and haul a bit of clay when needed. It also turns out that there IS red clay at the community studio, the guy I talked to just ... tried to pretend, shall we say, that there wasn't. Three times. The stuff they have is perfectly suitable for burnishing (and in fact at least a couple of people have in fact used it for just that) so that makes a pugmill much much less useful/attractive. Right now I'm contemplating a way to manage a 1.5 cft test kiln in the garage. Preferably with venting - if I'm going to "simulate" larger kiln conditions it doesn't seem very helpful not to vent. Its brick so not running it out the side and I'm reluctant to run it through the roof for what I hope is a temporary situation. Still cogitating and considering. I have at least 3 other things to run out the roof - 2 bath fans that currently dump into the attic and adding a range vent so ... possibly its silly of me to hesitate to pierce the roof over the garage too. I'm also reconsidering "normal" cars with a suitable roof rack for the odd haulage of lumber type stuff. For internal cargo, my Hyundai Accent was rated for 950 lbs. Since that was the smallest car in their lineup its probably fair to assume that somewhat larger sedans of whatever make ought to get close to the 800 or so lbs (not counting me) I would typically max out at per load. I did load the Accent close to its limit on occasion (mostly hauling tile) and boy did it ride low so I am looking for excess capacity rather than going right up to the max. I used to haul a kayak, skis, and/or bikes on my various hatchbacks and other small cars, but haven't hauled lumber that way since my 69 Fastback that had a solid steel roof LOL! Not the same kind of loads. I grok the loading criteria. Even with a full size truck (I do miss that Ram with the full size bed) I watched the loaders like a hawk to keep them from loading it all on the tail. I'm 100% sure they knew better but more than once at big box stores I've had to insist on proper load distribution and boy did they whine. I just reminded them that there were (2 or 3) of them and one of (5'2") me and if I could unload it all by myself, they could certainly between the 2 or 3 of them properly load it LOL! Real lumberyards never ever tried it on that way. I won't ever again be building an entire house so those kinds of loads aren't in it for me any more but what I do need, I do want to be able to haul. Thanks.
  2. Thanks to the folks actually trying to be helpful. I also need to haul building supplies, animal feed, gardening supplies, and a wide range of things that don't normally fit well in the teensy cars I generally prefer to drive. Anybody ever put a roof rack on a minivan?
  3. Welp I am firmly ensconced in the land of White Clays Only, sadly colored-clayless due to multiple U-Haul screwups, including but not limited to: cancelling my son's reservation for U-boxes at the last minute, after he not only had made plane reservations for the both of us but was actually IN town helping me pack boxes. So he had to eat the cost of BOTH plane tickets back and also now we HAD to sell my car (as opposed to me driving with the bird and then being able to stop and get some clay and him only eating the cost of MY ticket, which had potential until they canceled the non-reservation) Sticking us with a 20' truck instead of 5 u-boxes eg much smaller and I had to leave a lot of stuff - but I was still hopeful we could get some clay on the very back, which is what prompted my last post (made after the first ScrewU-up) Putting retreads on the front of the truck. The first one had a dent in it and was causing a rough ride which my son did not recognize as being caused by other than the fact that it was a big truck with bad suspension. But I am a suspicious type and got out at the first gas stop and inspected that tire and found the dimple. Also I observed tread separating laterally across the tire eg retread coming off. I should have checked the rest of the tires then but seriously. He DID come to get me because I have been so sick for so long after all. Hopefully I can be forgiven for falling down on the job and failing to find the second problem which was: The other front tire was ALSO a retread and it literally shredded off the rim. I have a picture but can't figure out how to get it off my phone onto my son's laptop (mine being lost in a box somewhere) THEN I checked all the other tires and found 2 brand new Michelins with the sprues still on, rear tires on one side. On the other - 2 tires that clearly had at least 3 or 4 times the mileage on the truck itself - truck had around 44k miles when we started, those tires did not have less than 150k miles on them. One of the new tires was a little low which was exacerbating bad stretches of road. If only I had checked all the tires before we left ... At any rate we didn't get any clay. We barely got the truck back in time. U-haul (despite all the delays they caused because first they canceled our U-boxes and then they used junk tires for a long distance haul) threatened to SUE my son if he didn't get the truck back in time. So there was no time to stop for clay. I think NM Clay is mad at me. I did call and tell them after the first tire delay that we weren't going to make it. I had hoped maybe we could make up the time but when the second retread shredded off the rim it was all over. No way. And I am now altogether carless because we had to sell my car rather than me driving it down here. And also clayless. I'm pretty sure we left the 50 lbs of Red Earthenware I still had behind, as well. (No I am NOT unpacked yet, not even started as we are waiting for paint and flooring in the new place) I will say I am SUPER glad we weren't trying to haul my car when the second tire shredded off the rim. My son was driving. It would have been a problem even if *I* had been driving but with him driving it would almost certainly have been an accident in the making. I love my son but long-haul trucking (even in a little 20' U-haul van) is not even remotely in his skill set. Now I've had time to check everything out here I know I can't implement my original studio plans. The cement pad out back is just that - a 3" thick pad with no foundation. He had been assured it was a floating pad that had that underturn that is sort of a mini-foundation, which I could have built a small shed on. It’s not. It’s just a 3" thick 10x10 sheet of concrete. So the small bedroom in this 2br house will now be my pottery studio and I will figure a way to build over the pad out back just for the kiln and a pugmill. That's assuming there is no reason NOT to keep the pugmill (mixing/de-airing sort) in the same space as the kiln (will still be roughly 10x10). IS there any reason not to put a smallish mixing pugmill in with the kiln in that much space? Second question: Given I now need a vehicle - I've typically only ever had either tiny or huge vehicles. My last truck was a Dodge Ram and my last car was a Hyundai Accent. I now need something in between because I can't afford an actual truck anymore. So I’m looking for suggestions for a mid sized vehicle that I can haul 700 or 800 lbs of clay in once a year that doesn’t get horrible horrible mileage and is fairly reliable. I’ll worry about cost later (used vehicles are sky high right now so regardless, I’ll be waiting until prices come back down some). Suggestions for some vehicles typically useful to potters?
  4. So I'm getting ready to move and due to U-Haul trickery, we're doing it in a van instead of in pods. It's a 3 day drive and a lot of it is downhill, but fortunately thanks to bike trail mapping software, I did manage to convince my son that going through CA (and up over Mt. Whitney, the highest point in CA, not to mention going through Death Valley) would NOT be better than driving along Rt 95 past Walker Lake. For some reason that particular leg of the trip freaked my DIL out. So part of this - given that I'm moving into a white-clays only region - is a stop in Albuquerque for several hundred pounds of colored clay bodies. What I failed to take into account is how much space needs to be left in the van for the clay. So ... finally ... here is my dumb question: How much space does 100 lbs of pugged, bagged, commercial clay take up? I've ordered 700 or 800 lbs (my total is less than theirs so there's something extra on there I've forgotten about or they made some other mistake, can't find out 'til Monday). It will be going on to a 20' U-haul truck. WHERE to place that might be an issue as well. Would saving a corner be OK or would it need to be more evenly distributed somehow? Normally loading the truck I'd have put it all the way at the front of the truck right behind the cab but that won't be possible this go-round LOL!
  5. @Hulk Yeah that was my original plan, but then I found out 2x4s are $9 apiece LOL! I don't want to put something that size in my garage. I just want a test kiln - I'll have use for it anyway. No reason to fire up a 7cft kiln just to see at what temp the new clay will preserve the burnishing LOL! Plus other stufz. Plus plus the 2.5/2.6ish cft kilns from L&L seem to be about the same price as the 1.5cft ones. Sort of. The Olympic is .86 cft as I recall and that IS big enough, but @ 1800ish once its kitted out we're into the realm of (slightly larger) kilns. It's big enough, but an eensy bit larger for the price wouldn't hurt either. And I don't know that much about Olympic kilns or kilns this small (or kilns in general for that matter). I'd be good stopping at the Olympic but figured I ought to consider the smaller L&Ls as well. Assuming the way Olympic touts the controller (as far as "matching" ramping up and down and firing and all that to make it look like a bigger kiln) is correct. If its not then I ought to keep looking anyway.
  6. I'm good with putting in a proper circuit for it. I'll be setting it up in my (2 car) garage (I currently own zero cars). That kiln in particular claims that if you get one of the upgraded controllers, you can program it to match the larger kiln cycles. But now that I'm up in the stratosphere for a test kiln (aka around $2k for the kiln properly kitted out) I'm looking at L&L small kilns as well. I'm in the middle of packing for a major move (U-Haul trickery is involved and has made this more complicated) so I haven't had a chance to look much more since yesterday but I'm definitely in the market for a decent test kiln. Is the upgraded controller for the small L&L kilns capable of mimicking the larger kiln firing/cooldown cycles? I'm looking at 1.5cf up to 2.6cf. Mainly because they don't have anything between .5cft and 1.5cf, LOL! There are so many L&Ls in that price range and they all look the same but have different (but very similar) model numbers.
  7. Until such time as I can afford to build my kiln shed I think it would be good to get a test kiln so I can work on nailing down the firing characteristics of burnished pieces. I've burnished in the past but have never been able to fire because the community studios I've worked at only fire at cone 6. Apparently cone 5 is also a thing now (at least in the West) but definitely not 018. BUT if I'm going to have a test kiln I figure it ought to be as capable as possible for when I DO start getting in to firing glazes and such, plus I have a penchant for lots of different kinds of clay and I like to see what I can do with the clay bodies just because. At first I thought the L&L test kilns were way 'spensive, but after looking at various test kilns I'm up into the 2k range or close enough to it that I may have been wrong about that. So I'll be looking at those again. But for now I've come across this Olympic 1214HE. What is weirding me out about it is that it is a 220v ELECTRIC kiln - with a pilot light? Does it really have a pilot light and if so, what is that pilot light FOR?
  8. Well call me old school but words mean something, and functional has a meaning. "Functional pottery" has a meaning and it means that the main purpose of the item is to be put to some use. I'm with Neil, I don't think it fails as a piece of art - that is not the point I was after. But I DO find that it fails as a piece of functional pottery. Maybe some people don't care if something works "poorly" vs something that is actually designed with the intent in mind in order to not just barely do the job, but do it WELL. I am not among that group. I'll bet you dollars to donuts, whoever has that piece now is displaying it. Which is fine. But it isn't actually functional. Given that the artist presented it as a piece of "functional" pottery it is perfectly well within the purview of the observer to judge its functionality, and that set is extremely poorly designed for actual use. The fact that it works as art doesn't change that. The fact that it would perform its alleged "function" only very poorly is a valid criticism. Now if you want to evaluate it as a piece of art, its functionality doesn't come into it at all. But it was not presented in the article I read in that way. It was presented specifically as "functional" pottery. It is a very poor example of that category. The little big-bellied vases could be put to use as say bud vases. But as drinking cups, they're a total fail. No matter how cute.
  9. OK so apparently Hulk and I are missing different things. I'm missing seeing my name posted UP TOP at the right. Now there is a dropdown menu, and where the notification bell and letter (and my name when I'm logged in) used to appear, now there is a link to an RSS feed and a Plus sign that I think is intended for "following" or something. So now I have no way to tell if I'm logged in and no way to see when I have a notification. Sometimes a number appears on the dropdown logo, but it is not accurate. I've had notifications that don't appear there at all, and others that won't disappear from that for hours, unless I reload the page. The notification bell and letter ALWAYS worked and it was always obvious whether or not I was currently logged in. Apparently that dropdown logo is not as sensitive as the old method since it doesn't update properly. THAT is what I'd really like back. It was easy to see, it was right there, it was obvious, and it worked. Now you have to go IN to the dropdown to see anything where the needed information used to be just RIGHT THERE. I, too, do not grok the use of the rocket or pen nib or whatever it is that was added to our profile pictures. The text label was self-explanatory and did not obscure the avatar. BTW I can't find any privacy settings. I did finally find the notification settings, but it is only for individual posts. I can't find a GENERAL setting location. Also I noticed that in Settings > Recently Used Devices, you are showing my location every single time I log in. Is that something other people can potentially see? Because it is creeping me out.
  10. OK so I've been re-reading and apparently I DID get it backwards - CAN and CAD are going to remain separate with separate logins. I totally missed this posting that made that crystal clear. Apologies. My day starts at 4 AM (that's my excuse). So we're sticking with 2 logins then. Which leaves me still with no idea why the Hulk and I can't see our names or notifications without going in to the dropdown, since other people apparently still can.
  11. So I just clicked on a link labeled "HOME" from someone's profile page and it didn't take me where I expected. Given that both CAN and CAD (where CAN is the magazine/technical side and CAD was the forum) are being folded together ... unless I misunderstood that? Then I would expect "Home" to take me to the main site page eg www.ceramicartsnetwork.org Instead it took me to the first tier of the forums, the link for which I would expect to be labeled either "forum" or "community". Is that intentional?
  12. Well sure but that's not actually what I meant. I don't think I ever felt that one COULDN'T post here asking questions; just that as long as *I*, as in me personally, did not have regular access to equipment whether in my own space or some common studio, there was no point in bothering people with questions about how to do things if I then couldn't turn around and put any advice offered into practice. I've careened from one workspace to another, and for many years there was no space at all. My life has been disrupted repeatedly in many ways. I figure at this point I'll be lucky to have 10 moderately productive years left to me. Where "moderately productive" is very VERY loosely interpreted, LOL! Sadly this has been such a long ongoing process for me that I have literally forgotten many of the things I DID once know. So now that I MAY be sortofonthevergeofthecusp of finally being able to work consistently, I have even LESS to offer, LOL! Heck, my memory is so shot by now I can't even remember what the weirdness was between the two sites (CAD and CAN). I am going to have to go back to my old browser and check through my old logins because this one crashed the other day and ate all my passwords so ... there's something funny going on but I'm not sure what. When I login on the forum it does not log me in to CAN, and when I login on CAN, it doesn't seem to make any difference to what's going on on the forum. It has always been that way in at least the recent past (since I opened this account after losing access to the original), but it SEEMS like it shouldn't be doing that now? I mean I got the impression there was supposed to be only one login for both sites now that they are being folded into the one site. I thought anyway.
  13. I totally disagree with the idea that function is determined by the user. Sure you can improperly or even imaginatively repurpose just about anything. What I STILL want to know is what the INTENTION of calling that "functional pottery" actually was. I just can't see the INTENDED purpose and apparently I am not alone in that given that no one has come up with any ideas LOL! I have no idea who that guy is, but if you recognize his work I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a rat's about my opinion (which isn't even an opinion per se, I just wanted to know what you would ever actually USE it for). I'm getting to this so late in life that even if I DID have an articulable "artistic vision" I am unlikely to ever develop the necessary skills to bring it to reality in any cogent sort of way. Again, its not about the aesthetic - its not my aesthetic but I don't find it hateful. I just can't imagine finding it actually useful in any meaningful way, and wondered if anybody else around here could. Apparently not LOL! So I am definitely not alone in wondering what it was for.
  14. I actually have no idea what my screen name was for the original account, but I'm pretty sure there was just the one login back then. NOW I have TWO accounts that are currently active, this one on CAD which does not show me as logged in but does still let me post, and the CAN login that I got later when my CAD login didn't work over there (ever? Or any more? Not sure which). So since they split you needed two accounts - or at least your original CAD account didn't work on the CAN side. Or at least mine didn't. I'll PM you the account details of my current accounts, but the old account was so long ago I'm not even sure which move it got lost in. As in I moved, changed my ISP, changed my ISP-provided email address, and forgot the old one so I have no way to find it again now. And I have done that a lot over the years. I've lived in every part of the country, including not even actually in the US LOL! Pretty sure I either never or almost never posted on the first account - people like me struggling to even find local pottery studios that I could afford don't generally develop skills or knowledge to have much to offer, and there's no point in asking if you're not at least sort of starting to be on the verge of the cusp of finally being able to put together your own studio space. So I haven't posted a whole lot regardless of where I've been (either physical location or which specific pottery community). But for the last several years - since creating THIS account - I've had one login here and one on CAN. This go round, I did the CAD account first, then found out that didn't let me in on the CAN side so I created a 2nd account there.
  15. Wow, I actually did not say I was "upset". I'm just trying to figure out what it is FOR. Apparently its not FOR anything. That is my only issue. Aesthetics are not the issue (in fact if it HAD been presented to me as a decorative piece I'd never have thought about it again), it is how it managed to be classified as "functional pottery". Got any idea about that? If you have to "hold something in your hand" to know what its for, it seems to me its not "for" anything very germaine.
  16. I should have figured that out but I'm still stuck on "Ceramic Arts Daily" LOL! I had noticed several years ago that the one site seemed semi-separate from the other, but didn't know if it had always been that way and I'd just never noticed or not. I have a separate login on Network than Daily so I thought they were on-purpose separated. What will happen to these separate logins now? Will you merge them or make us create CAN logins if we only had the CAD ones? I was on clayart and several usenet news groups and then yahoo groups for various clay related things. Haven't been on clayart for years because they got weird - not all postings were being published, for no particular reason that anyone could figure out, but it was often enough that a bunch of people posted about the missing posts, and possibly some sort of passive-aggressive censoring or other punitive actions that were possibly occurring behind the scenes. I don't think anything substantive was discovered about what was going on, but I left that community thereafter. There is no room in my life for mean. Though I think in that case it MIGHT have been an issue of the age of the guy running it. I'm not even sure if its still around, though I do come across VERY old posts that are archived from time to time. I vaguely remember them having to find another sponsor at some point, to host the newslist. Maybe they lost their last sponsor and it died, I don't know. At any rate I've been on this forum for a lotta years but I'm not sure how many since I've been involved with e-pottery - albeit mostly as a lurker - for as long as there's been an e-clay forum or community somewhere. Definitely before whatever the date is on my current account, since I lost access to my FIRST account, LOL!
  17. What is the CAN website? I have never heard of Clayflix and if that's paid apparently I never will LOL! I have had subscriptions to the various magazines in the past but have not been able to receive snail mail for the last 5 years, so that is all in my past (but will again be possible by August after the move). I don't do email subscriptions any more, they just introduce more opportunities for ever more spam. I don't suppose they are archived anywhere? I am logged in on these forums else I would not be able to post, but no login information appears for me at the top. I presume the PTB at CeramicsMonthlyWhatever are trying to force everyone to log in at one place? If that's the case then they need to fix it so that actually works. If you only want one way to log in, that is the only login method that should be presented, regardless of exactly which page you are trying to log in FROM. One login to rule them all ...
  18. You can just eliminate it if you want. There is nothing new in it. Otherwise - do with it as you please, LOL!
  19. I have a hard time imagining a mug handle so artsy-fartsy that it has rendered the mug not only not all that functional for its intended purpose, but also obscures what the purpose actually IS, LOL! But yeah. It does seem to be more form over function, that is exactly how I feel looking at it, and I'm afraid running across it again only heightened my sense of dudgeon over it being labeled "functional pottery" LOL! I mean it really does appear to be more for display than use, and there's certainly a place for that, but then you shouldn't label it the one when it is better suited to the other. If anybody ever does figure out what its intended function was supposed to be, I'd still like to know. Currently I'm going back to trying to figure out how to make a sake warmer. With or without electrical bits.
  20. There was a link at the top of ceramicartsdaily.org or com or whatever it was that simply said "community". It was located with other links along the top. Those links no longer appear at all when in the forums, not sure if they ever did, but definitely gone from there now, and "community" text link is also missing from the home page wherever that has gone. Autocomplete used to deal with it for me but it now redirects to ceramicartsnetwork.whatever, where I cannot find a forum link, at least not in English. It may be attached to a graphic somewhere but in any case - not where it used to be. I actually just went and clicked every single text link on the new home page and it turns out "community" now lives under "freebies" - a totally meaningless text label - and is now no longer "communities" but "forums". So not only was it moved, it was moved OUT OF SIGHT and had the name changed. A double whammy and poor design choice. I did hover over those links upon finding the changed site, but I was looking for "Communities" since that has been the name used for the forum since the beginning, I'm pretty sure. At least since I've been a member. This is, btw, my SECOND account. I lost access to the first one after a move. Forgot to change the email address and since I typically lurked, didn't notice until too late to retrieve my login. I am using a Windows PC. That logo in the upper left corner - does apparently now take you to the forums. But its not where I used to find that link at all, and inside the forums I only ever had to click on a text link that made it quite clear where I was headed. You know, the typical Forums > Specific forum > Specific subforum type of text link. For one thing, text links are SEARCHABLE. So if you ever forget where a text link is living on a page - you know, because of the millions of pages out there, they don't all always put every kind of link in the same place - you can search on it and find it. You can't search for a logo. Since these forums are only 2 deep I'm sure some tech-head somewhere thought it was totally immaterial to replace these links. I was a software engineer who specialized in human interface design. Clicking on logos to get around may be cool but commonly used text links are still better, easier to find, and there is no reason to eliminate them, especially not when they were longstanding. I have attached a screen capture of the current look of my browser, with me logged in. There is nothing anywhere that indicates that I am logged in. No notification bell or letter. Nothing. Some weird little icons that have something to do with streaming an RSS feed - for dog's sake, who still does that. It is certainly not one of the main tasks that I personally would do, seems more useful for it to be in the dropdown, but whatever. I don't even know what the PLUS sign is for. I did click on it and its another thing I will never ever use and promptly forgot. I will never ever use either of those two links, and I keep clicking on them by accident - because muscle memory, they are where my notification links used to be. Extremely annoying and of minimal use. I'm using Chrome. I have been a member for many many years. I lurked for most of that time because I got fed up with the down voting, and the fact that you were limited to like 4 up votes daily. There was a spate of unkindness and only having 4 up votes per day to counteract the meanness towards some people - well I just got tired of the mean.
  21. Well Pintos actually WERE more or less sort of functional. At least until they burst into flames. At least they weren't as bad as Gremlins - who remembers those any more LOL!? There was a lot of talk in the text that accompanied that article about how he was juxtaposing this'n'that, enough of it that I really had the impression that "function" wasn't seriously considered (the only mention "function" got was a single sentence about making the spout not drip - of course no description of how to achieve that function). One thing that he did to it that makes it considerably LESS functional to my mind was the arching of the top shelf over the cups. He thought it was somehow more aesthetic. While an arch IS visually pleasing in this context ... not so much when it requires fixing it so the top shelf is NOT FUNCTIONAL because it is curved. The thing was slab built. There are other ways to achieve that. I mean, not to grouse TOO much, but I don't expect to see these kinds of issues with pottery that is ACTUALLY functional, as opposed to only theoretically so.
  22. This one's not behind a pay wall: Ehren Tools War Cups
  23. I came across this "liquor set" tagged as functional pottery some time ago. The thing is, I can't see the "function" in that phrase as applied to this. I've attached pictures - apparently I can't place them inline. Aside from the "intentional lumpy pot" aesthetic (and I DON'T mean the rough earthenware stand) ... These don't appear very "functional" to me for any realistic or useful purpose. The tiny teapot seems to indicate sake use, but there is no space in the base upon which it rests for a warming light. Three cups are redolent of "tasting sets" (which I also don't get) - but one teapot/dispenser is not. The dispenser doesn't appear large enough to hold but one serving for each cup, of course that may depend on the serving size. And I have NEVER encountered a cup of that shape - tiny little jars with narrow mouths and big bellies, essentially - that was anything other than a royal pain to drink from. Clearly this isn't functional at all for someone like me, but who is it functional FOR and what is its INTENDED function?
  24. While you're at it I can't find a forum link anywhere anymore. I had to google "ceramic arts daily forum" to find it again. Also I can no longer just click on the forums to get back to the forums, when you are reading a particular post it only shows the forum that post was in at the top so you have to click that, then click a SECOND time to get back to the main forum listing. Why remove capability? I too want the notifications to appear again at the top, and having it tell me it knows who I am right there where I can see it also makes it VERY clear that I am actually logged in (or not) without having to go hunting. I was very glad to discover they had removed the downvoting capability and removed the limit (I think it was only 4) on upvotes per day. But of the things I've NOTICED that have changed this time, I wish they would un-change them.
  25. @Hulk Sadly I'm moving from Nowhere to Not Much Better, but it does get 2.5 times as much rain as here at least. Not exactly the Banana Belt but at least its not the High Sierra Desert LOL! I don't do concrete work myself. I mean I've helped but that was a long long time ago (like over 20 years) and it was freakin' hard labour then. It would be impossible for me now. I'm reconsidering the shed for the kiln - I was going to pay someone to come in and pour a pad but wow. I may just do that pole frame, it doesn't need to be that big anyway and no one ever needs to insulate it. It just needs to stay dry. If a double layer of 1/2" HardieBacker under the kiln will keep it from lighting the floor on fire, then I should probably stick with that. Of course there is the issue of the legs on the kiln stand punching through the board, but I'm pretty sure its harder than that. I could always put tiles under the legs to spread the weight out a little. I mean, I already have to wait for lumber prices to normalize - well, COME DOWN because I certainly don't want them to normalize where they're at now! So might as well do the pole frame, it'd all be work I can do then. I can still manage 4 postholes big enough for 4" posts, LOL! Wood frame is easy, familiar, requires no special tools that I don't already have, and I've done it before. A lot. There is regular hail in Not Much Better, and metal buildings typically don't stand up to it that well. Most people who have those cheap metal sheds also have plants growing through their hail-beaten rooves. Every house we looked at with a shed, if it was metal, it was a guaranteed tear down LOL! Basically proper metal is WAY more expensive than wood, even now. The price of OSB does not concern me given that I do not ever use OSB for any purpose whatsoever, and for what I have planned, I don't even really need plywood. Hardie Panel (the cement fiber version of T1-11) is rated for shear so that makes framing way easier. And its not that expensive even now - less than plywood at any rate LOL! I plan to use it inside the workshop (going on an existing 10x10 cement pad). I can paint it and then just hose it off once in awhile LOL! Dust - not an issue for 100% cement or cement fiber board surfaces. Also - using 2x6 studs allows me to insulate well (needed for beating the heat lest the building be uninhabitable for 6 or 7 months out of the year) AND it makes it super duper easy to frame in windows. No need for cripples and all that, I'll just get windows that will already fit in the available space between studs LOL! By the time I paid to have a proper footing poured and got proper metal (still needs studs, metal studs are stupid expensive and outside my experience) it would cost way more than building with wood and Hardie siding. Wood IS expensive right now, but so is the metal LOL! There are undoubtedly commercial applications for which that might not be true (wood cheaper than metal) but that's not what I'm building. I'm building a 6x6 kiln shed and a 10x10 workshop on an existing slab. Neither would be cheaper for being done in metal. Sure you can build something out of 30 g metal. I could also build using 2x2s for studs and 1/8" plywood LOL! It just wouldn't last very long. But there I go again. I was so close this time. I can't help planning the stuff I can't afford to erect LOL!
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