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    Three Rivers, MI
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    cone 6 electric, cone 10 reduction, wood firing, all kinds of shino, making paintbrushes and pottery tools

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  1. Troy Bungart

    Pottery Tools

    These are some of the tools that I make and use.
  2. Troy Bungart

    High Fire

    These are some of the glazes that I have been working on. Mostly shino and shino like glazes with a few others tossed in for good measure.
  3. Hello Paul, Thanks for the kind words! I don't think that I have any of this material in that size but I will take a look.
  4. I use a variety of materials when I make my brushes. While I strive for them to be functional I also want them to be unique and beautiful.
  5. Troy Bungart

    Wood Fired

    I do not own a wood fired kiln. I have been visiting wood fired kilns to learn about the different styles of kilns while enjoying the community that comes together to make firing possible. These are the pieces from those kilns.
  6. Thank you for the kind words Frederik. I have been one of those people that just used whatever I could find to make my work. More and more now I feel the need to surround myself with beautiful objects. So, my pencils, paper and tools are changing from what I could find to items that I have sought out. A beautiful object or tool that I use modifies the journey, it increases the pleasure of the act of making. With this in mind I am making pottery tools and paintbrushes with the same care that I put into my ceramics. I expect people to use my ceramics in their daily lives, I hope the same for my pottery tools and paintbrushes.
  7. Hello Cone6, I enjoy making brushes. It is a challenge, not everyone turns out, so it gives me something to think about when I set down to work on the next one.

  8. I just foud

    I just found your brushes- they are real works of art!

  9. Thanks for your kind words Venicemud
  10. I love the fish scale pattern that is revealed as this wood is shaped.
  11. I am a potter and a woodworker. Right now I am doing cone 6 electric and cone 10 reduction.

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