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  1. Between the OT at my day job and working my wife's new store, haven't had much time for pottery. It's calmed down now that the holidays have passed and I can get back to throwing again. Need to restock badly. Wife sold all my big bowls, berry bowls, spoon rests and most of the mugs, being behind is awesome! Just unloaded the kiln on my lunch break today, only one fail, yay!
  2. Congrats Liam! Don't forget to have fun!
  3. 2 feet of snow... ya'll are crazy! Feels good to have something on the bench, life's been busy, wife sold her store, we opened a new one in a nearby small town and I've actually sold a few things there already, tried a booth at a local shop that rents booths but it's not done much better than the rent. We had to practice like 30 hours for a gig at a friend's party, that was awesome, made people cry, felt good to nail it for a change. Anyway, uggg, you don't throw for a while and for me anyway, let's just say the first few mugs will have carving around the bottoms, a couple might not make it due to thin bottoms, and I felt a bit rusty, lol. Sure does feel good to spin some mud though, nothin' like it.
  4. Just wanted to follow up and say thanks to everyone. Ran the clear through the 100 mesh screen and removed all the "sand", worked great. I feel like maybe it was mostly dust from bisque.
  5. I tried sieving it but the clumps are so small it only catches a few of them, going to order a 100 and see what happens.
  6. Thanks, not sure what to do about the glazes now. They sat for a month without being used, does glaze go bad in that amount of time? Also wondering if I can get a 100# screen and smash the little bits back into the glaze?
  7. I can rub them off, not out, they are little solid rocks, not air. They appear after dipping, and after dry, can be brushed/rubbed off. the clear is Nepheline Syenite 24% Wollastonite 6.4% Gerstley Borate 16.8% EPK 8% Flint 32.8% Strintium Carbonate 12% Bentontite (optional) 2% The Turquoise does the same thing, it is Cornwall stone 41% Silica 16.5% Strontium Carbonate 12.5% OM4 ball clay 10% Whiting 10% EPK 5% Lithium Carbonate 5%
  8. I am having trouble figuring out what to do about these tiny spheres in my glaze, they are smaller than the sieve I have (think it's 80#) and not sure what is causing them or how to deal with it. It seems the minerals are separating out and hardening into tiny little balls. They will mess up the piece as they don't smooth over or melt well and leave a bumpy pinholed surface. This is my clear but I have seen the same thing in my turquoise glaze as well. Anyone seen these before and/or know how to deal with them?
  9. Only if they are super thin, otherwise it's just "tink", which I guess is technically a ring, but underdeveloped.
  10. These are tiny, small as your pinky, not enough room for the waveform to develop, so no ring no matter what material.
  11. Sponge holders and berry bowls, just loaded the kiln with these and some 6 lb bowls.
  12. I thought they would make pretty poor test tiles as well, and also think they look like little clay roof tiles for a doll house! Sadly, I cannot ask the person that made them as they are no longer with us.
  13. I finally received the box of kiln furniture from the person I got the kiln from recently, and there are several hundred of these packed in little boxes. They have been bisqued and have a hole in them. Are these just test tiles for glaze, If so, why the hole?
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