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  1. Most of mine I got off cragslist for cheap from a restaurant, the only ones i have bought were firehouse subs cause they are a dollar. If a handle breaks I wrap it super tight with duct tape 5 or 6 wraps.
  2. Yes, it is called candling, run the kiln at 200f for 4 hours and they will probably be ready, depends on how thick they are though. I blew up a piece that was thick doing that. If I really need to fire wet I will put them in the kiln and do 8 hours at 200, then start the regular firing. I can do this with items I made the day before and they will be fine.
  3. Mine is really loud as well and I was really bummed about how loud it was, but as far as bothering the neighbors, i would say there is NO way someone could complain about that level, our HVAC is WAY louder than that and it runs all the time.
  4. Yep, scrub it off with a sponge and let it dry overnight, as long as it hasn't been fired again, you can scrub it off as many times as you want and start over.
  5. How funny, I just watched one on doing sutures, between the two of us, we might be able to maim someone for life!
  6. Heck no! I have never painted anything, but I saw a utube video and thought it would be super cool if I could do that on a pot, or at least get close to the idea of it. I "painted" both of these with a toothbrush.
  7. Thanks Bill! It is progress, I was just hoping for more I guess, lol. I thinned out the underglaze glaze a bit and was able to better blend, but lost a lot of saturation. I have some polypropylene glycol ordered and look forward to trying that. Thanks Neil! The technique I am trying to use requires the underglaze to be put on after bisque. This one was more "landscapey" for sure, but the orange and darker blue were much more muted than I hoped for. Gonna keep trying for sure. This was a class project and different clay, also fired in the class studio kiln since the piece was too
  8. I tried and failed miserably, none of them worked... well..."kinda" worked... but the glazes ran like crazy and got on my shelves, will never try it again.
  9. I am totally spoiled by having my kiln right next to my work table and shelves. The vent takes care of the glaze fumes and I can even work while the kiln is running or use the heat to dry work, it's great.
  10. THIS!! times 1000 percent. I had 3 full loads of mugs that were all ruined until I figured out I needed to dial the kiln firing in before firing my "real" pieces.
  11. Thanks Bill! I am looking forward to trying out new tricks!
  12. Thanks Min! One of the biggest problems I had was drying too fast, preventing me from blending/fading/feathering.
  13. How close can you get to an oil paining using underglazes? Iv'e never painted anything, except maybe in art class in high school but I don't remember doing it, I'm sure we must have at some point. Anyway I've been watching utube videos and "attempted" to recreate a landscape(ish) feel on a test pot, mostly sky. Some of it went pretty well and at a distance it looks really cool, but the underglazes don't mix and blend like the paints do in the videos. Can you add things like oils or mix them like (one color on one side of the brush, another on the other side) type techniques, or is i
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