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  1. Twice a week when I am trying to catch up and restock, otherwise twice a month(ish), stupid life stuff gets in the way of my pottery all the time!
  2. I feel dumb for not leaving a little extra but long story short, I had to move my studio and must have smashed something against it and weakened the connection. My first firing at the new place and bisque never even made it to temp. How important is that little insulator? I have a connector and could crimp it back on but not with the insulator in place. The resistance shows the element is still good and I could replace the insulator next time I do elements. What say ye?
  3. Demanding customers require high prices. Someone wants custom anything from me, I tell them they won't like the price and are not allowed to complain. -You get what you get and deal with it, and pay up front, and wait 6-8 weeks, filters out the people I don't want to make stuff for anyway. - Private lessons are great for me, but if you won't trim your nails I will ghost you, will not deal with that.
  4. I have used a rubber tool (looks like a pencil with a rubber tip) to smooth out these kinds of bubbles/holes after glaze dries. I've also used a paint brush to dab a tiny amount of wet glaze in the holes.... have to do it sometimes if your finger can't get in there to smooth it out.
  5. This is what worked for me. I use 12 to 17 minutes based on how dense the load is. I also use an offset like Pres mentioned.
  6. I know it's off topic but I just love this statement.
  7. Do you really need 2 wheels to teach a person to throw? I have been asked by 10 people to give private lessons, is there any reason this can't be done with just one wheel? I was thinking I would demonstrate, then they would use the wheel, repeat...
  8. Depends on what is being made. Something like sponge holders I can push 40 at a time, but I no longer have drying issues. I can take pots off the bat still pretty wet, wrap a dozen items on a drywall wareboard, wrap it in cheap trash bag, put a towel over it, and it's good for 5 days. I wrap my mugs like this too, and the handles, so nothing dries out as I am working on it. I throw as much as I can, then work on a dozen or so at a time, but I like to cut all my sponge holders at once, or handles on all the mugs in one go, so I will limit the number to the amount of time I can give in the next few days after throwing.
  9. Well I am not up to the level of many of you but every so often I really like the way a mug works out. I make one or two "experimental" every time I throw a big batch of mugs. Anyway I feel like those that do work really elevate the look of my display and I just wish they would stay around longer for that contribution.
  10. Normally I have no attachment but there have been several pieces in the last few months that I wish would have stayed around longer because they looked great to me and I priced them higher, they all sold immediately and my display is left with the "boring" work. How do you deal with/feel about the ones that are "elevated"?
  11. Broke arm in 3 places 1/20, no pottery in foreseeable future

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    2. Denice


      I am sorry this happened to you,  I hope your surgery goes well.    Denice

    3. shawnhar


      Thanks Denice, one screw and sew a tendon back so it could be worse.

    4. Pres


      Bad break, Years ago my son had one where the rt wrist had to be fused. Glad you are going to be ok, yet out of clay for a while.

  12. I am not an artist so I can't speak to being creatively stuck, but every time I do chores that keep me from potting, like sieve glaze, deep clean, deal with reclaim, etc... I think about all kinds of new things I "want" to do in the studio, lol.
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