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  1. Congrats on you sales! As far as masks go, I will say this, we have a gift shop in a small southern gun totin conservative town, and my wife kicks people out of our store every day, "my doctor said...." nope, sorry you cannot be in here without a mask. We are the only store with a sign and the only one requiring masks, and it has not hurt our sales, people tell us all the time they came in BECAUSE we are requiring them.
  2. I'm with Mark. All the math in the world could not make my last mugs hold 20 oz. Theoretically, 1lb 5oz of clay should have been just right, in reality, they are only 16 oz.
  3. You need to find out what size breaker and wire you can have at your location for the kiln, that will determine the size you can get. I had to install a larger breaker at the main box and pull larger size wire for my Skutt 818, and it's small. I'v e learned to live with it, but sometimes I wish it was bigger, large bowls and planters SUCK to fire in it cause it only fits 3 or 4. But... I am really glad I started with that size, I destroyed a lot of pottery learning to get the glaze firing right. Save your mistakes and fire them again with the new stuff spread around, that way you don't l
  4. Anyone done this? Any tips to avoid catastrophe? Special ramp or cool down needed? My friend wants me to melt some bottles of various shapes and sizes so she can make an art window type thingy.
  5. I thought I would maybe move to one of the bat systems, but thought I would try some regular old cheap square bats first. I use a "bat gripper" that is wet, wet the bottom of the bat and put it on, then throw like normal, no warping yet after a couple hundred mugs. I do use the "other" side every time I use them again though. After using these for a while I can't see a need personally for the "bat system" that has the square cut out. https://highwaterclays.com/products/square-masonite-bat-9
  6. Thanks Min! Not sure I knew you can use vinegar!
  7. Thank you to to everyone for all the great responses! I know it has been a hot minute since I originally posted this but I finally got to try out the "brushing" on dipping glazes. I had some bisque pieces that were pretty much seconds to try it on and was super happy about that since I am loath to lose more of my big bowls. I'm really stoked about this process and will make some test pieces to practice with, it's a bit of a learning curve as the glaze thickness and the brush seem to have a big impact, but the biggest thing is having a squeeze bottle with a small nozzle so you can control the
  8. You can "cheat" by dipping in a light color base glaze 1st, then spraying the darker glaze on, this way it doesn't ruin the piece if the sprayed glaze gets thin in spots, like behind the handle.
  9. Blasphemy! Everyone knows you can't brush on glazes meant for dipping! Doesn't that cause some kind of catastrophic reversal of the magnetic poles or something?
  10. I started a new topic so we don't derail this one any further: https://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/21553-glazing-big-bowlslarge-objects/
  11. How do you do it and what tools do you use? I struggle with it, all my glazes are in 5 gallon buckets and the big bowls don't fit. I have a cheap paint sprayer and have had some success with that, but it seems to waste a lot of glaze and it's hard to tell if there is enough coverage. I have a large soft plastic tub and have tried that, but I don't have enough glaze to fill it up so that the bowl can be completely submerged and I have to do part, turn then do the other part, which leaves a line where the 2 dips overlap. Iv'e tried pouring in/over but that leaves lots of drips for me, I can
  12. I DESPISE making big bowls, the throwing part is great, the glaze failure rate for me is heartbreaking. I can fit 24 mugs in my little 818, if 1 or 2 fail, no biggie. The kiln will only hold 2 big bowls and at least one always fails, they don't fit in the glaze bucket, I suck at the pouring method, crawling, pinholes, too thin, drips if I try to mix colors, it's always something. We did sell a bunch during the holidays and I am down to 2 left, and I have 2 bisqued that haven't been glazed because I dread the failure.
  13. I don't know what Georgia O'Keeffe had to be stressed out about, but apparently she took up pottery at 85. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/sothebys-georgia-okeeffe-rarely-seen-pottery
  14. I only have like 9 tools, there is no need for organization, lol. Sponge, wire, needle, rib, trimming stick, then after the wet part I just have a 2nds mug with a knife, paintbrush, scratchy tool, trimming tool, and a needle tool that stays out of the wet stuff. I have some more 2nds mugs with other tools but I rarely use them. I have a plastic bin or 2 with tons of stuff I never use. I'm down to only making mugs and spoon rests though, I stopped making anything that doesn't sell, and gave up on trimming the bottoms of the mugs as people don't seem to care.
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