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  1. Imagine if you rolled out some coils, made perfect circles with them and stacked them into a cylinder. What I need to do is throw the cylinder and then make the outside look like stacked coils. I am having trouble finding a tool that will do this, basically a scalloped edge I think. Doesn't need to do all of the "coil" shapes at once just 2 would be fine, heck even one. Am I relegated to making my own?
  2. How would you do it? Is there a shipper you like? I can't imagine I would try to put all of them in one box, omg that would be one heavy box! I have never shipped anything pottery, but I have shipped some astronomy equipment and am aware of the need for a lot of protection, basically you have to pretend the driver is going to kick it off the back of a semi trailer.
  3. I agree with Min and Liam, but I also have to say, my friends want the ones I am not happy with, can't explain it, but if I don't like it they love it. Also, if I screw up one of my green mugs, like drop it in the splash pan or bang it into the table, I just bang it up some more and smooth out the rim, those sell immediately.
  4. I looked into something like this a while back as I wanted to print my astronomy pictures on some of my pottery, but in the process I found, the printer is 15k and you have to use some proprietary commercial glaze formula for the picture to print on it, then bake at 1000f. I could not find any source that would print on my mug, for any cost.
  5. My green glaze gets those blisters if it is too thin. I added some epsom salt solution to my glaze and the blisters went away.
  6. Don't let the bastards get you down. It's your art, it's made of clay, end of story. Every single one of the "wood" artists use "not-wood" coatings and paints, nobody gives them grief about it.
  7. Awesome thanks everyone! I really want to try this, my biggest concern would be the smoke. My wife would kick my butt if I filled the house with smoke, lol. Also wondering if the process requires low fire and green pieces. I would be interested in trying it with unglazed pots that have already been fired to cone 6.
  8. I just saw an amazing piece done by Michael Winser and he said he got the color by putting sawdust in the kiln so the piece became saturated with carbon from the sawdust smoke. How do you think this is done, a sagar? The kiln bricks are not black. Said he is using low fire clay, maybe a big metal bucket?
  9. Ugggg, same thing happened to me. I immediately gave up on trying to make jewelry, such a PITA!
  10. Relax, you are being paranoid. Take a look at Warren McKenzie's work area and note how much dried clay is on EVERYTHING, he's been doing this for 50 years. Not saying there isn't a risk, and you should keep your dust to a minimum, but there is no need to freak out.
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