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Found 8 results

  1. I'd like to up my game and break into "making more than the cost of the table", so I'm here for some advice. I've signed up for the application to a few small holiday fairs, and as a ceramic student I've got maybe $100 if I can get someone to loan me some money. I've been doing my school's "get rid of it before you go home" fair for a few years, but I haven't done anything at those other than put the stuff on the table and say hi to everyone who passes. Questions What kind of work sells well? What kind of setup can I throw together in 3 weeks? I've got some "eh it'll do" work (last year) and some "hey that's good!" (this year). Pricing advice? the fairs are at my school and a coffee shop, I’m not expecting big spenders, just your general artsy holiday crowd. studio turn around is about two weeks from bone dry to glaze fire, so small and quick is good. supplies I have freebie card reader from Paypal sign saying I have said card reader and can take X card car (SUV and I can fold the back seats down) old work that isn't terrible (images on request) one of those utility shopping carts Permission to use school materials (glazes etc) as long as I’m not working on “to sell” work during class (private studio time is fine. “Make More Work!” Is the school motto) stuff I can beg/borrow my dad who has a wood shop and is willing to help me make things if they aren't very complicated (my skill level, not his.) Possibly an assistant (my brother. Not lots of help, but some.) Maybe stuff from the house if I can promise to bring it back in one piece. limits the fairs I signed up for sell 4 foot and 8 foot tables. no booths here. I’m moving next year to a masters program, and I’m not sure they have a ceramic studio near there (I'll look but I'm not hopeful). I'd rather not make anything huge and/or costly and then have to store it in the meantime. thank you in advance for your time and help.
  2. I remember reading something about pricing that really caught my attention but I've lost track of it. I THINK it was posted somewhere in this forum but can't track it down. It talked about how certain numbers seem to garner more buyers than other numbers - like maybe odd numbers over even or something like that? I think it also talked about how the cents in the price affected potential buyers (like $.99 or $.49 or again, something like that). Does this ring any bells? Thank you for any help.
  3. Hi, my name is Celinda and I'm new to this forum. My dad is having a rough time financially right now so he's having me sell some of his items on eBay. One of the items is a beautiful native american vase by Robin Sanchez Aragon. I was hoping some of you nice people Ceramic Arts Daily could tell me if I have it priced correctly or if I'm way off. I read the FAQ & it says I can't put a link to my eBay listing, so instead I'm posting a picture of the piece & the description. I've priced it at $345.00 based on another piece by her that is going for 429 Euros ($455) elsewhere on the internet. I'll thank you in advance for any help. Here's the description: Thank you!!
  4. Hi all! I am new to the forum...I have been lurking for quite some time but decided it was time to participate I searched at length for a similar thread and couldn't find anything, I hope I'm in the right place! I have recently started making some marbled clay pieces, and the reaction I have gotten from my customers have been really positive so I am hoping to have a decent amount of them at my next sale in two weeks. I am struggling with the pricing of the pieces, and I haven't been able to find anything similar in my area to get an idea of what is reasonable. My initial thought was that they need to be more expensive than my other pieces as they are alot more work (the process of adding the stain into the clay, making sure not to spend too much time with it on the wheel so the colours don't meld together, etc) and because they are more of a "specialty/artsy" piece, and because I don't see many (any in my area) people doing them. Maybe I am way off and just am too invested in them and think they are worth more than they are!! That's why I am here, I wanted to hear other people's experiences and opinions. I am using a white porcelain (P300) fired to cone 6, electric. So if I would regularly charge $30 for a medium sized serving bowl, what would you suggest a reasonable price increase would be (if any) for the same piece marbled? Or a $20 mug, or $50 vase? While we are on the topic of pricing...I made a large bowl the other day that is bigger than I usually make and I see large bowls go for all sorts of prices... this one was made using approx. 12 pounds of clay, is around 19" inches across and 6" tall. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on pricing something like that, that is generally too big to be functional (most people tell me they use them as centerpieces or on their coffee tables) along with using a marbled clay? Here is a picture of it (sorry it's not a great picture but gives you an idea!) I have attached a couple pictures of the pieces, so you can see what they look like. Those were the first two pieces I made so I'm not quite happy with the pattern in the clay, and that it's a bit muddied in places. I've mostly worked the kinks out there, but the new pieces aren't out of the kiln yet! Thank you in advance for anyone that might be able to help me out!
  5. I set up a Poll, hopefully it works... Ahh...the polling software has changed since I was away. After reviewing the options, it is easy to pick a lot of options. Try to only pick your "go to" pot, your absolute favorite(s) to make.
  6. Just watched Chandra de Buse making some lovely spoons. Quite a process for a spoon, and what a lot of handling. How so you make your spoons and how do you price them?
  7. I am putting together my first wholesale line sheet. I am just curious what other potters have for their payment "rules". What do you use for your wording? I am accepting credit card. Do you do ½ payment before you make the work then charge the other ½ with shipping? Do you just charge the credit card when the order is done? Or, do you charge up front? I do plan on carrying some inventory, but there will be orders where I need to complete all of the work before shipping.
  8. A little background: in the Misleading Representation post I got some sound advice from GEP (Mea) and John that I shouldn't change my prices according to venue as they said it is unfair to customers. Here are my questions: How does one go about figuring out pricing then? If it is unfair to change prices, how did you understand where your pots fit into the market and price them without getting your hands dirty selling your work and realizing that certain pots don't sell well at certain prices? John, since the beginning have you always sold your cups for $100? Mea, have you always sold your pots for the same price? Did you have backlash from people if you did change your prices? This isn't just for John and Mea, I am asking for anyone who sells work to answer these questions, all opinions and experiences are wanted and valid. It would be helpful to know if you are coming at this question as a professional or a hobbyist too. I find that I am ever more confused with pricing as time continues. Although it is embarrassing for me I want to get it out there that I change prices way too much because of this confusion. I must admit I also have a very hard time figuring out if my work deserves a certain price point or not. Have you come to these conclusions and what did you conclude? Thanks in advance to whomever answers these questions as pricing in the ceramics world can be embarrassing to some or in the least intimidating. It is one thing to put your work out there for the world to have it judged, but a whole other monster to actually put a price tag on it.
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