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  1. the photo illustrates how I hang my larger Raku wall tiles.
  2. karenkstudio


    alternate firing techniques
  3. I've searched for examples of 3-D printed ceramics online. Many were delicate, aesthetically pleasing extruded coil pieces arranged in every configuration the computer and printer will allow, and I think that's where 3-D printed ceramics is right now. I'm the type of person who likes leave a mark by swiping my finger across a frosted cake. Perhaps some potters will begin to manually alter these as they have done with wheel thrown pieces. I could never build coil pieces like these by hand.
  4. Any thoughts on why this happened. Just finished a batch of wood fired Raku pieces with unique results. On some pieces I leave bare clay areas so it turns black in the reduction, however this time the bare areas have a silver appearance. I use a copper penny glaze and fire beyond cone 08 when doing a wood fire, and had the same results on paper clay and regular raku clay. The results were ok and I may try to repeat the results. Not sure the attached photo shows this very well. The fish head and area around the fish on the tile have the silver look.
  5. Lately I have been watching kilns for sale on face book market place. Several are selling for a reasonable price and according to the pictures they look like they are in better condition than yours.
  6. I have been using a small electric Skutt kiln for most of my raku firing for the last 12 years. I fire to cone 08. This model has "open wires" and so far everything has gone well.
  7. The firing "tree" I use for my wood fired raku is made of steel mesh. It was bent into a triangle shape and wired to the base.  I've used it for at least a a half dozen wood firings.  It has warped slightly with use.                                                                                             I like using a "tree" because it allows me to pull all of my little pieces out of the kiln at the same time.


    1. Babs


      Great idea!

      I guess my idea of raku involved grabbing pots and placing them in various reduction stuff but the tree is a  really practical solution to firing little bits not going down that path. Love it and your bits

  8. https://theconeboxshow.com/product-category/best_in_show/ https://theconeboxshow.com/product-category/purchase_awards/ https://theconeboxshow.com/product-category/jurors_choice_awards/ https://theconeboxshow.com/product-category/2020show/
  9. This was a Post that appeared on my Facebook page. I loved it. and have to credit Fairbanks Pottery Studio for the post.
  10. found the picture of the nova kiln.
  11. I posted the picture of the NOVA kiln. There is no way to gradually turn up the temperature. It's the type of kiln that is plugged into a regular outlet, and was probably intended for glass fusing and china painting. I only use it reheat pieces for horsehair raku and like the fact that the elements are covered. I use a sight cone system to determine temp. I don't think it would be practical for bisque. I've never glazed anything in this kiln. Mine only cost $25 so I thought it would worth having for some of my experiments. The picture of the kiln is in my gallery.
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