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Found 6 results

  1. Can you test the resistance of an element without disconnecting it from the relays. I used the traditional crimp connectors on this kiln. The kiln is a skutt 1227, with new relays, wiring, controls. The elements are the only thing not replaced recently, and I don't know how old they are. I'm asking because my firings have gotten dramatically longer. Like a bisque taking 11 hrs.
  2. Last time I wanted to fire my large electric kiln 2 sets of elements would not heat when turned to high. I have a paragon kiln with the "setter-timer" wired to the set of switches. Fortunately, my brother is a retired electrician and brought his testing equipment, at my request, when he visited. He has never worked on a kiln. After some initial testing, and figuring out how all the wiring was configured, he removed the cover on the "setter-timer" box to examine those connections. Upon close examination, he noticed a dead SPIDER blocking the connection to the 2 sets of elements that would not work. He blew the dead spider out, reassembled everything and when we turned it on everything worked. He said it isn't unusual for insects to cause electrical problems.
  3. I bought a used amaco kiln EX257 SF 240 Single phase and I’m looking for replacement elements. Amaco is 9-11 weeks out on replacement parts and I can’t find any stores online that carry them. Local shops in my area don’t carry Amaco kiln parts. I was told Skutt makes Amaco kilns, have found that other skutt parts work with my kiln - like feeder wires, terminal strip, relay, thermocouples etc. Does anyone know if there would be a skutt compatible kiln elements? Or anywhere that sells Ex 257sf elements? thanks!!
  4. I have a E-23 electric Cress kiln that stopped firing at a certain temp (1500) I did the paper test on my elements and discovered that the top two, middle two and bottom two are not heating up (all others in between heated up) I was able to do a bisque firing without fail but it stopped firing approx 1500 degrees with the E-1 error. Here is the link to the diagram if it helps- https://3fs7rd1xi6sy2zofjv3g0a0q-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/E23ES23ET23ETS23-208-240-VAC.pdf Thanks so much - I have several orders I am trying to complete and could really use some expert advice here Teri
  5. I have an old second (third? fourth?!) hand kiln that should be able to reach up to 1300 degrees but seems to be getting stuck at around 200 degrees less than I need. I managed to do a bisque firing but when trying to do a glaze firing the kiln stopped at 1075 degrees celsius and then started to cool whilst still on. The controller (Ipco 3300) showed 'END' even though it had not reached the temperature I wanted and did not show an error message. I have no idea about the history of the kiln, when the elements were last changed etc etc. I (think I've) checked the controller settings to make sure nothing is set to hinder the maximum temperature. I have read about working out if it is the relays or the elements? I am a total rookie so don't really know where to start. Is this the best first move to troubleshoot the issue? Or could it be something simpler?
  6. I bought a Skutt Km 1227 off of a friend. It’s in great condition but I did a glow test this morning and only the top two and bottom two elements were glowing by the time it got up to 500. I opened up the electrical panel and everything seems to be connected fine and looks to be in good condition. Has anyone run into this before or know what the problem could be?
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