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  1. Yikes! - I have 6 or 7 5 gallon buckets full and I thought that was a lot, lol. I am procrastinating reclaiming that much....sigh....
  2. I did the same thing once in my Skutt 1018 and the cone 6 glaze turned out fine, firing time was a bit longer due to some heat loss so it took longer to reach temp, but otherwise no issues.
  3. I had 3 glazes for almost 3 years, just added a fourth. It feels like the combination of these 4 offers plenty of variety for buyers. I have a green, white, blue and black. Even just the time dipping in the bucket can change the blue dramatically. - I do have 5 or 6 pints of brush on glazes I use sometimes, to add a bit of variety, but mainly just the 4, and I mix them over each other, half one color, maybe just the rim on color, etc...
  4. Just checked and mine was turned on.....shady af! Thank you Callie!!!!
  5. Thanks all for the feedback! I may have to rethink the whole stamp thing. Will try the sock! Would not have thought of that.
  6. I ordered a 3" stamp thinking I would be able to stamp the bottom of my mugs instead of my wife signing them by hand (she has drafting experience and her script is awesome). She had been writing around the outer edge with our name and the store name, so I scanned an example of here writing for the stamp. I can't seem to get the stamp to show up very well, even when I have just pulled the mug off the bat, it's like I need support inside the bottom to keep it from giving. Anyone have a solution for this? I thought of making a bisque disc on a stick type thing, where I could put the mug down over and have some inside support...
  7. Aha! Bill I think you may have figured it out, 86f in the studio while I was throwing, at the old house I was inside with the AC.
  8. So.... I've been throwing with well water for the last few years and we moved, now we have city water. I got in an hour and a half of throwing the other night and my fingers were all wrinkled from being water soaked. I don't remember this ever happening with the well water, even if I spent 4 hours throwing. Does "soft" water or the chemicals in municipal water cause the wrinkles?
  9. So true, that giant molded non-removable splash pan would suck in a class environment unless you connected a drain hose to the hole and literally hosed it out after class, they are a pain to clean when really messy. They do keep the mess pretty well contained though, which I really like. Anyway it was not what I would have chosen, the cost made the choice for me.
  10. Bailey pro 50r wheel and Skutt KM818, both for a thousand bucks, I've spent more on classes.
  11. I would loose my "shirt" and respond very poorly in that situation. Many years ago "they" came after us because our patio furniture was too big for our little back concrete area and the legs of the chairs were barely in the grass, that was the last time I would ever deal with "they", who also challenged the activity of "children playing in the parking area".
  12. I literally filled up the splash pan with water for the 1st month of throwing, sometimes more than once in a session. 3 years later I can throw 20 mugs and there is not enough water to cover the bottom of the slash pan, my bats don't even get soaked. One thing that made a difference was slowing down the wheel as soon as I started feeling the "drag" of less slip, now I throw right on the edge of the drag, all the time. My pieces are never wet enough to create large amounts of slip, but it takes a while to learn to throw "dry" (ish) like that, I ripped a lot of pieces, still do sometimes. especially thin ones. The thick layer of slip you create from lots of water is causing the rings of clay, you are pulling the wall, but moving the slip up, try using less water and slow down the wheel. I practiced every day for about 6 weeks before the frustration went away, and I mean practiced. I would sit down and throw maybe 25 cylinders (a bag of clay)and wire them in half to see the thickness, then throw them in the bucket. If you are "making" something, you aren't practicing, imo.
  13. Sounds completely normal, or at least the same thing happened to me, don't worry too much about it. It does take a minute to learn how to manipulate the clay, I mean really control it, push it. squeeze it, coerce it. 500lbs of clay and you will start loosing the frustration. I would say you need to separate these into different issues and work on each one individually, in order. Don't move to the next one until you have conquered the previous step. I would buy a bag of practice clay that has no/little grog, and have a bucket to put it all in, since it's practice clay and you can reuse it. Start with centering, slow down the wheel if you have been going fast, focus on each part of your hand, what it does when you apply pressure, use your fingertips to pull the bottom in center, use 1lb of clay or less. Look up "coning", do this 10 times or something, do it a lot, then knock your clay ball off center and do it all over, center the same ball of clay 15 times, use as much water as you need. Try to center using one hand, but keep it in the same position you normally have it, then try centering with the other hand, same thing, keep it in the position you normally have when centering with both hands. This will give you a better picture of what each hand is doing while you center.
  14. I plan to have an open studio sale type thing, but will miss this year due to the move and having no inventory left. We are going to make it Labor Day weekend and have a big party at the same time. Lots of food, games, tents, cots and what not.
  15. Thank you Neil, my 1224 has some rough spots and you answered my unasked questions perfectly! I would have never thought of pinning the brick pieces back in place.
  16. It could be for that hallucinogenic "hiawassa" tea, put leaves in top, pour hot water over, serve in crazy little cups.
  17. Seems like it is literally form over function, more art than practical and is just "technically" functional. I'm fine with that, I make some wacky mug handles every now and then that fall into that category...........
  18. Maybe it's function is to bewilder, lol. I don't get it either. Ford Pintos were "functional" as well.
  19. Haven't made anything in like 6 weeks... moving sucks!

    1. Min


      "moving sucks!"

      That's the understatement of the year! 

    2. shawnhar


      I am so far behind on making pots.... of course sales were great at the store so I have no spoon rests, sponge holders  or mugs left, and have not started my 50 mug order.

      I couldn't take it and went out last night to at least get it up and running temporarily so I can make greenware, will get the kiln going next week.


    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      My next move is 6 feet under

  20. Most of mine I got off cragslist for cheap from a restaurant, the only ones i have bought were firehouse subs cause they are a dollar. If a handle breaks I wrap it super tight with duct tape 5 or 6 wraps.
  21. Yes, it is called candling, run the kiln at 200f for 4 hours and they will probably be ready, depends on how thick they are though. I blew up a piece that was thick doing that. If I really need to fire wet I will put them in the kiln and do 8 hours at 200, then start the regular firing. I can do this with items I made the day before and they will be fine.
  22. Mine is really loud as well and I was really bummed about how loud it was, but as far as bothering the neighbors, i would say there is NO way someone could complain about that level, our HVAC is WAY louder than that and it runs all the time.
  23. Yep, scrub it off with a sponge and let it dry overnight, as long as it hasn't been fired again, you can scrub it off as many times as you want and start over.
  24. How funny, I just watched one on doing sutures, between the two of us, we might be able to maim someone for life!
  25. Heck no! I have never painted anything, but I saw a utube video and thought it would be super cool if I could do that on a pot, or at least get close to the idea of it. I "painted" both of these with a toothbrush.
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